Does an Aries Woman Cheat?

Do you think your Aries woman is cheating on you? If yes what could be the reason? Don’t worry as we’ve got all the answers here! In this article, we’re going to show and tell you the ways and reasons why an Aries woman would cheat on you in your relationship. 

Yes, The Aries woman will cheat if she deems her partner to be weak-willed, if she senses that she can emasculate him and be more of the “man” in your relationship, more often she will look for an extremely masculine guy who can make her feminine, she can also be impulsive making her do irrational things.

The Aries woman is the leading woman of the zodiac, extremely fierce and full of raw power and energy, she can be a great leader in her jobs and social groups, the Aries energy gives her an independent and adventurous streak, making her extremely driven on looking for the thrill and excitement of life.

This woman has a lot of passion and zeal, you’ll never see her coward away her emotions, she will say it t your face and tell it how it is, she is blunt and can be sharped-tongued, but for the most part, her inner passion can make her extremely attractive and sexy woman throughout.

In terms of love, she seeks the thrill and excitement, she’ll most likely love a guy who’s even braver than her to seek out and try new things just for the fun of it, she can be showy and emotional, this woman doesn’t repress her emotions, she releases it with full power!

There can be several ways why your Aries woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why an Aries woman would be most likely to cheat in a relationship than any other zodiac sign.

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Let’s jump right in!

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Are Aries Women More Likely to Cheat?

The Aries woman can be loyal but is capable of cheating if she feels she has the reasons to; for the most part, if she feels she’s emasculating her partner and she feels she’s leading more rather than being the woman in the relationship, the temptation of trying out new things with a partner can also make her cheat.

You can most certainly tell and distinguish an Aries woman in a relationship, she’s tough and she knows it, she doesn’t let her man’s opinions go inside her, she can’t be tamed or manipulated, anything that does so makes her furious.

Many Aries women are capable of cheating on their partners if they deem him not worthy of their love and affection, they can have a hard time thinking, and the thought of having a new fun more adventurous lover who can understand them can make them cheat in an instant.

As such being a strong and independent woman, she can have a hard time being controlled by the traditional norms that the guy in the relationship should lead, almost certainly, she will have no problem with that, however, if she deems the relationship unworthy or boring, and if she can sense that the guy she’s dating has no backbone, she’ll have more reasons to cheat on her partner.

Being an infant sign, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac wheel, this can make this sign incredibly childish, this sign doesn’t live in logic or wise decision making, making an Aries woman impulsive and childish, she will explore every possible thing and nobody can tame her.

She lives by following her emotions and she expresses them clearly and loudly, so if she meets someone fun, sexually alluring, someone who can awaken the fire inside her, she’ll act upon it in an instant, although she might have remorse doing it later on. 

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The energy this sign outwardly express is of seeking the thrill and adventure, she will surely cheat if she’s given the chance to do so, the impulsive nature along with the need to feel and experience things is a number one factor making her more likely to cheat.

Why Do Aries Women Cheat?

There can be several reasons why an Aries woman would cheat on you, let’s first state those reasons – she wants a “better” man, she’s being manipulated or controlled in a relationship and the constriction gives her a reason to find another partner, she can cheat just to prove she can

To start, one of the reasons that an Aries woman cheats is that she deems her partner to be weak and effeminate, not in the physical sense but more on the vibes and energy the partner puts off if she feels she’s the one leading, the one making up time and giving things to make the relationship meaningful.

Remember that as much as she wants to be strong, she also wants to tap into her femininity by assuming the role of it, as such she wants a partner who is brave, confident, strong, and sexually attractive, she wants to also be cuddled, if she feels like she’s the one doing all the work, she may get frustrated and seek for it in another partner.

And in those fleeting moments of thinking about what could go wrong, her lustful impulses could play out, getting the best of them, and boom, she succumbs to it and does the craziest things with a different partner!

Another reason could be that she feels she’s being abused in the relationship, if she feels she’s being constricted of her individuality and freedom, being manipulated and controlled in many toxic ways, she will most likely look for emotional support from her friends or other potential partners.

It may not be sexual cheating, but an emotional one, and it can grow leading to worse and worse until the relationship becomes crippled and shattered, last but not least, she can have more of her underdeveloped shadow traits expressed.

In this case, it’s not the partner’s fault for making the Aries lady cheat on her, instead, she is crippled by her impulsivity and need for the thrill, she can be lusty and will be experimental with romance and sex, and she will be wild and adventurous, like a jezebel spirit, with no remorse.

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How to find out if Aries Woman is Cheating on you?

Aries is the stereotypical HBIC, outspoken and confident, unafraid to voice out her opinions no matter how offending they might be to some, an obvious sign that an Aries woman is cheating on you is if she’s becoming less and less sex with you, almost treating you as his girl best friend.

She will treat you more as a person she knows rather than a person she’s gonna be intimate with, she can be aloof in her dealing with you, and she will most certainly go out more with her friends, this can be a bad sign that she’s having more fun with other people than you.

You have to understand that she is ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression and sex, as such she will have a lot of energy and libido, making her extremely passionate about her lover, if you feel that she’s becoming cold and detached, it usually means she doesn’t find you attractive anymore.

You will feel her sexual energy when she’s passionate about loving you, in this part, if she’s cheating on you, expect that you will never get the passion she used to give to you, this is a terrible sign that your hunch was right all along…

Another obvious sign that she’s cheating on you is that if she’s becoming more domineering and loud for no reason, she’s almost as if like you’re dealing with an Amazon woman, both of you will get into roughness and sometimes even violent arguments.

She will lie about her whereabouts and will be secretive, she will hide her phone or any potential traces of her cheating on you, she will be extremely mean and might make you seem foolish for trying to find out.

Overall, if you feel that the relationship is not working out, and she’s not putting any more effort to have fun with you romantically and sexually, then there’s a high chance that she’s already opening up to breaking up with you and potentially meeting a new partner.

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep an Aries Woman’s cheating heart? 

At the end of the day, it is your heart’s desire that should truly win the argument here, ask yourself, is she worth it? Do you love her? Do you want her to still be your woman? Are you both compatible in terms of your personality and life goals?

If most of the answer is negative then it is best to just cut the cord and move on, however, if you love her, you gotta make her feel alive for the most part, match her energy, be sexually dominant and attractive, appear to be the man in the relationship to truly win her.

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