How To Make An Aries Woman Jealous?

Are you seeing your Aries woman stray away? Or Are you having an attraction problem in your relationship with her? Worry no more because in this article we will show you how to properly play mind games with your Aries Woman! We will help you by making your Aries woman jealous!

To make an Aries woman jealous you must show to her that there are plenty of women interested in you. The more competition the more she’ll be tuned in to ask for your time and attention! Also, show her that you can be as wild and daring as her and she’ll surely be jealous!

Your Aries woman is one fiery woman. The firestarter of the zodiac signs is the very first sign in the zodiac wheel. She is fiery, impulsive, passionate, ambitious, energetic, wild, and adventurous! This woman’s spirit knows no boundaries and fears no challenges!

She is the leader type, often admired for her embodying a strong woman archetype. The Martian energy of an Aries woman is strong and this means she can be wildly lustful and passionate when it comes to love and relationships. 

Although seen as a woman with a big ego or obnoxiousness, the wild and carefree heart of an Aries woman doesn’t care much about the negative opinions of others. To her positivity will only bring you great success.

The masculine energy of an Aries man combined with her femininity makes her incredibly powerful!

This also means that your Aries woman can be harsh, insensitive, and hurtful to the point that she might seem like she doesn’t care about you or the relationship anymore. The Aries woman is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars.

You must always remember that your Aries woman can only play enough of certain mind games.

The secret to a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with her is a relationship that is passionate and exciting. A relationship where she can feel you are investing time and attention for her. 

If she does not get that satisfaction in the relationship she will certainly move on from something else. It could be at her friends or someone else. Remember to fully give her the romantic and sexual excitement that she needs and she’ll be infatuated with you!

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Aries woman, let us know the signs that your Aries woman is jealous! How does an Aries woman express her frustration and jealousy? And what can you do about it?

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How does An Aries Woman Express Jealousy?

The Aries woman is aggressive and loud. She will fiercely express her jealousy. Her anger runs shallow and hot, unlike other zodiac signs who are used to having their anger repressed. An Aries woman expresses her jealousy with pure anger and this can come in any form such as a physical altercation or an argument.

She is aggressive and this makes her intimidating. Her rage is instant and like wildfire, it catches up.

Her anger can be likened to such because her outbursts never last long. Also because she takes jealousy as a protection against her hurt ego she will be expressive about her frustration on her social media, with friends, and family.

Whatever it might be the way your Aries woman will handle her jealousy and anger will be a childish way. She is after all the infant sign of the zodiac being the first in the wheel. Her anger towards you might be explosive but it will only last for a few minutes.

After that, she might regret the decisions she made when she was angry.

The most volatile out of all the fire signs. An Aries woman’s choice of words and actions is predictable. She might say things to hurt you because her ego is hurt that you are showing someone affection more than her. This anger is often a result of neglect in the relationship.

She will tell you directly what she feels about the situation and she will do it in the harshest way possible. She does this because she is blunt and straightforward and she will not let her emotions be tossed aside. she will let you know exactly how she feels and it will be your choice to properly communicate with her or match her level of fire.

When fighting or arguing it is best to fight fire with ice instead of fire with fire. Instead of being as argumentative as her. Try to be as chill about the situation as possible and not let your emotions overflow. Talk with diplomacy and this will ultimately fix whatever problem you have with your Aries woman.

Overall, An Aries woman’s jealousy starts with a boom! She will be explosive and expressive about her feelings and sentiments towards you and the person she’s jealous of and she will be expressing her frustration in a very masculine manner. Watch out for her dangerous temper!

How to Make Your Aries Woman Jealous!

Withdraw your time and attention from her

The first key step in making your Aries woman jealous is that you must show and prove to her that you don’t need her to be happy you are perfectly well and contented alone or in a relationship.

Start withdrawing your time and attention from her this will make her notice your time and presence even more.

Whether you both see each other at work or you live under the same roof together it is best to withdraw your presence from her and talk to her less without feeling agitated or feeling the need to compensate for her. Do your thing! And do what makes you happy!

You must show her that you value your time and attention and that if she doesn’t appreciate that she is of no loss to you.

This is an important foundation that builds character out of you. Help yourself to become the most detached, independent man she’s ever met and she’ll be needing your time and attention in no time!

While withdrawing your attention from her it is best to pay attention more to your needs and subconscious wants. Prioritize the things which will better your body, your finances, and your mental health. Hit the gym and get that thing you’ve always wanted to buy! You need some pampering too!

Impress other women

Subtly do this, don’t show your flirting directly with other women because this will indicate that you’ve lost love for her, and remember she will never chase a man when her pride is at stake. Instead, subtly show her that there are other women interested or attracted to you.

For example, you can leave your phone open for her to see and let her see the number of women hitting you up or adding you as their friend. You can even try to show off your body in your latest story or even try a sport you’ve excelled at!

Whatever it may be the more she sees that you’re a prized man the more she’s gonna be jealous of other women circling on you!

Do daring things just for the fun of it

Do the craziest and funniest things in the room or party and do it with effortless swag! When you show that you are having fun you are showing to her that you are just as exciting and fun as he is and this is incredibly attractive for your Aries woman! 

The more daring the things you do the more you will seem like an Alpha male to your Aries woman who is looking for a man just as daring and adventurous as him! This is why you need to loosen up when dating an Aries woman! Enjoy the fun and embrace it as it is!

Do not show any weakness…

Be a strong and confident man along the way! You need to prove to her that her decision was right in choosing you as a partner and that the problems you’re facing are just a phase! Still, be masculine and dominant around her to make her feel feminine.

Also, it is important to attract her with strong body language, whether you like it or not your Aries woman is deeply attracted to men who exude strength and power. You also need to remember not to be too attached, clingy, or emotional with her as these traits can be very off for her.

Spend time with friends and family

Outdoor trips along with nature are a great way to truly bond with your friends and other family! The more you pay attention to your happiness the more she’ll notice it and she’ll have no choice but act upon it!

Traveling with your friends and family or you alone is a great way to make your Aries woman jealous!

It shows her that you do not care and that she is not the source of your happiness! If you’re out of budget just do it in a way where you can still show her you’re traveling and having fun without her try exploring the random spots in your town and city. 

You can check out the new coffee shop in town, visit the museum, mall, or library or go to this nice spot in the city! The main key here is enjoying your own company and showing that you are just as fiercely independent as her.

When the mind games are over, it is best to talk to her

Mind games and making her jealous will give her enough time to recollect her own inner desire toward you. When this is done you must properly talk to her afterward and tell her what’s making the relationship rocky. When answered angrily try to understand and let her express her sentiments before talking.

When both of you can properly sort things out you can resolve whatever is bugging the both of you in the relationship!

Making An Aries Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

The Aries woman is the first sign of the zodiac wheel and that means she is an initiator. Her fire element and cardinal nature can make her impulsive and this means her jealousy will turn outwards. She will express it towards you and the person she’s frustrated with!

Your Aries woman is deeply jealous push her too hard and she’ll become spiteful and menacing. Although it is safe to say that jealousy is a natural emotion that we all feel, your Aries woman feels it and actively expresses it outward for the whole world to see.

Whenever your Aries woman is jealous she will do things just to spite you. She will be aggressive and will try to actively fight or argue with you. If this is the case then it is a pretty good sign that she still deeply cares and that proper communication is best to tackle things with her.

Talk things out with her because, at the end of the day, this is the only thing that can ever resolve whatever’s hindering your relationship from moving forward. Remember that your Aries woman will only get jealous for a moment, once she gets tired of fixating on you she will move on instantly.

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