What Body Type Does a Pisces Woman Like?

Pisces women are indeed known to be hopeless romantics among the zodiacs present. They may be really careful in choosing who and what they really want. It may also be hard to catch their attention just by physical appearances.

If you have come to know all about a Pisces woman and her types, characteristics, and how you can catch their attention, you are on the right page!

A Pisces woman is attracted to someone who has charming eyes, sexy lips, soft hands, and neat feet. A Pisces woman has an eye that speaks and a lip that is kissable. She always has a thing about hands and feet as this is one of her kinks.

Aside from these specific ideal types, she is also attracted to someone confident.

Head on to the next part of the article to know more about a Pisces woman’s type in a relationship and how you could possibly get their attention. Just continue reading!

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A Pisces Woman in Bed

A Pisces woman is someone who is strict when it comes to her sex life. Hookups, one-night stands, and dating don’t have a chance on her. She only makes sure she gets in bed with her only boyfriend or husband.

Not with anyone else. They are used to knowing the person’s emotional state before allowing them to get on with their physical contact. This is kind of her way to protect herself.

In bed, they don’t want to talk about what’s turning them on. They just want what is about to happen and just go with the flow. They may act shy at first, but once she feels comfortable, then you are good to go. Teasing and foreplaying would be best for them to start up the mood.

And once you’re finished, you don’t want her to be left alone because they might feel used or much worse. Staying with her after making love would help her a lot.

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What Body Type Does a Pisces Woman Like?

A Pisces woman is attracted to someone who has charming eyes. An eye that clearly shows calmness and joy. Because by looking at it, they can absorb the peace and calmness within them. Eyes are indeed the windows of our soul, and just by looking at them, we may know what the person is feeling.

Also, they admire sexy lips. Plump or expressive lips that look sweet and kissable. Pisces women love to be kissed because it’s part of their love language. Seeing their partner’s smile should make her smile as well.

Moreover, having a smooth hand plays an important role as well. As they are into physical touches, they tend to hold hands more often. Also, they love neat feet, proper hygiene like perfectly trimmed toenails is a must.

It only shows how clean you are as a person. It’s kind of weird right?  But Pisces always have this hands and feet thing.

A Pisces woman is not really choosy in picking their types, as long as you are true to yourself, and you show her your intentions and that you are really committed to her, then she is not gonna make things complicated.

She also loves it when you are confident enough with who you are. She does not want someone who is insecure.

Ways to Attract a Pisces Woman Sexually

Be clingy

A Pisces woman gets attracted to someone who is clingy. Someone who puts their hand around them. Touches in their hands, shoulders, and neck, sitting closely with her, wrapping your hands around her makes her want to start kissing you. Also, by wearing something sexy, you can easily grab her attention.

Being shirtless, with only boxers on, walking around her room makes her want to pull you.

A Pisces woman tends to emotionally connect to someone easily, and spoiling her with affection and clinginess is the best way to attract her. When you are away from each other, you can still express your clinginess by texting her at random times of the day.

You can message her with lots of compliments and make her feel appreciated and valued.

Be bold and straightforward

They like being straightforward. If you want her near, tell her to come to you. If you want to make love, tell her directly. Let her know that you are in the mood to do some dirty talks and dirty moves. Speaking up may be appreciated much since this may also serve as transparency for both of you.

Teasing her with giggles, bites, kisses, touches, or even dirty talk can make her jump to bed with you. Telling her what you want to do, and what positions you want to try, will allow her to process it and be prepared before having sex.

Communication is the highlight of grabbing a Pisces woman’s sexual attention. It will serve as a start, bridge, and end.

Showcase your intelligence

Intelligence is not just in school or at work, but in day-to-day situations. Someone who can make good decisions, someone who strives to do everything in its best way, someone who has definitely clear intentions, someone who has dreams and goals to reach.

Also, doing your best in your field makes her want to marry you as soon as possible.

Being intelligent does not only mean being book-smart. You also need to show her that you are street-smart and are ready to save her whenever she needs you. Make sure to show her the life skills you have, and this will definitely turn her on!

When you have the advantage of hanging out in her house, then you might want to step up and impress her by maybe offering to do the dishes or doing her laundry.

Ways to Keep a Pisces Woman Hooked

Surprises always win a Pisces woman’s heart. Simple gestures like “good mornings”, preparing her breakfast, walking her home, helping her carry her things, giving her random letters, or even simply patting his back makes her feel loved and cared for.

They see and appreciate small efforts, and that’s what matters the most to them. They usually check on your actions, service, and responses. From there, she can tell how good you are and how sincere you are in pursuing her.

A Pisces woman is someone who overthinks too much. They are usually sensitive in a way that they easily get themselves hurt. They are sometimes impatient, hard-headed, or mean and your understanding is what they need most.

Someone who is patient enough to handle her mood swings, someone who is ready to listen to her rants and someone who always offers a shoulder to cry on.

They mostly need someone to cheer them up. Tell funny jokes, take them out for a stroll, dance with them, play their favorite music, and sing with them on top of your table, screaming your hearts out. A man that can bring out the best in her is gonna win.

They love to cling to their partners. Hugging, kissing, and cuddling will always be their favorite thing to do. Walking while holding hands, sleeping while hugging, and kissing at random times within the day. They always want you near and they easily get to miss you if you aren’t beside her.

What body type does a Pisces woman like? Final thoughts…

A Pisces woman prefers:

  • Someone who has charming eyes and sexy lips
  • Someone who has nice and clean hands and feet
  • Someone who is confident



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