Signs An Aquarius Woman Wants You To Propose 

There are a lot of things an Aquarius woman needs to consider before she takes the relationship to the next level. If you want to know the signs when an Aquarius woman wants you to ask her hand in marriage, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius woman will want you to propose when she introduces you to her family. Given that she is an independent sign, making time for you is a big sign that she is ready to settle down. You’ll know how devoted an Aquarius woman is when she becomes more possessive of you.

It is also important to learn about the pros and cons of being married to an Aquarius woman. Read on!

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Signs An Aquarius Woman Wants You To Propose

You meet her family

You may tell when an Aquarius woman is getting ready to commit when she introduces you to her family, friends, or anybody else in her inner circle.

She will remain aloof through most of the early dating phase, especially if she refers to you as her boyfriend or significant other. Although an Aquarius woman likes to be connected to many people, she keeps her friends and family apart.

When you get to know an Aquarius woman’s friends and family, you should take that as a positive sign.

It is much more encouraging if she takes you to see her family or asks you to join her at a family event. When she introduces you to her family, it implies that an Aquarius woman considers you to be a part of her life and is considering a future together.

She makes time

An Aquarius woman is prepared to settle down when she leaves her solitary way of life to spend more time with you. If she is ready to commit to something long-term, she will begin to encroach more on her own space.

She might leave something behind at your house to give her a reason to visit again to see you. Instead of merely going on short dates, an Aquarius woman might want to see you more frequently or stay the night or the entire weekend.

You will notice that an Aquarius woman will spend more time with you and your time together will be longer.

This sign may finally be considering you as a serious, devoted partner, as evidenced by this. Instead of spending only once a week or even a few times a month, an Aquarius woman will make more frequent contact with you to schedule dates.

She becomes possessive

In terms of independence and personal space, an Aquarius woman is among the most relaxed people you will ever encounter. She loves to live in the moment and just go with the flow because she feels that it’s what makes life so exciting.

She will never put limitations on you but she can be confused with her emotions when she becomes jealous. An Aquarius woman can be caught between wanting to keep you just interested in her and wanting to respect your privacy and freedom.

If an Aquarius woman expresses any jealousy, it means she views you as a reliable companion. When her jealousy begins to surface, that’s when you know that she is serious and devoted. She doesn’t like to limit you, but she will inquire about the people you text or who you were with.

An Aquarius woman will get wary if you spend her time with a female friend, no matter how hard she tries to conceal it.

How Long Should You Wait To Propose To An Aquarius Woman?

An Aquarius woman acknowledges her dislike of intimacy. When she is in a committed relationship, her greatest worry is falling completely in love and forgetting who she truly is. She prefers freedom over intimacy because she wants to have the time to fulfill her life goals.

An Aquarius woman does not enjoy becoming emotionally involved.

She seeks to maintain a healthy distance from the emotional suffering that comes with being in a committed relationship. An intimate relationship feels emotionally exhausting to an Aquarius woman, thus she doesn’t feel at ease being in one.

Relationships are frequently seen as a tremendous responsibility for an Aquarius woman. She believes that giving up her independence would be necessary for her after getting married. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that an Aquarius woman doesn’t like you if she isn’t ready to commit to a relationship.

However, she might be restraining himself out of fear of starting to commit and take the responsibility that comes with it. Relationships are viewed as stressful situations and the idea of having to spend the rest of her life with just one person may make an Aquarius woman feel suffocated.

You must realize that an Aquarius woman dislikes being suffocated. She doesn’t consider sacrificing her independence for loyalty and the fact that she is in a relationship will require her to adhere to certain criteria.

She dislikes having to take responsibility for her actions because it makes her feel tied down. Commitment and freedom are not seen as being mutually exclusive by an Aquarius woman. She thinks that if she chooses one thing that will impact her life, she will lose the other.

An Aquarius woman feels cramped in relationships and she would much rather be in a relationship that is less committed and has a sense of spontaneity and surprise. So, you really need to wait for her to be fully committed to you.

Pros Of Being Married To An Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius woman is empathetic and practical, yet she is also fascinated with her own freedom. She typically doesn’t focus too much on emotional drama and just goes with the flow. An Aquarius woman is rational and practical, and she will almost never make mistakes.

Therefore, you can be confident that she is aware of what she is getting into and that her husband is the appropriate one for her whenever she decides to settle down.

An Aquarius woman will both share the same obligations and make adjustments for one another in her marriage with her husband. She is dependable and faithful once she commits to a relationship, thus anyone can conclude that she is a nice wife who understands how to take care of her husband.

She must, however, be given the freedom to pursue her goals, and her profession, and to hang out with her friends whenever she wants. In fact, because these friends are so essential to her, an Aquarius woman’s husband needs to learn to value and adore them all.

Despite the fact that an Aquarius woman appears cold and emotionless, her partner may rely on her to be devoted to him at all times. Many people respect this woman’s generosity, and her husband enjoys spending time with her because she never harbors resentment or interest in his activities when he’s away.

An Aquarius woman has many admirable traits, and she may be incredibly loyal and supportive, but her husband should also give her all the independence she needs because if not, she will simply leave his life without a backward glance.

Cons Of Being Married To An Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman can be very resentful of her husband when he is acting emotionally because she actually lacks the ability to articulate her feelings. She’ll likely be upset with him for a long time before simply calling off the wedding, which he most likely coerced her into.

An Aquarius woman may feel unsatisfied with herself after agreeing to something so conventional as marriage, not to mention how monotonous this arrangement may sound to her.

When considering how limited marriage can be, an Aquarius woman can become anxious and irritated.

As a result, she might delay discussing her concerns until she eventually decides against taking the big step. People who know an Aquarius woman well will be able to predict if she’s ready to make a decision like this before she even realizes it herself.

Signs an Aquarius woman wants you to propose, final thoughts…

An Aquarius woman will want you to propose when:

  • You meet her family
  • She makes time
  • She becomes possessive



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