Is The Aries Man Controlling?

Since an Aries man is headstrong, he has the tendency to put himself above anyone else and automatically regards himself as a leader. If you want to know if your Aries man is controlling you, you have come to the right place.

An Aries man can be controlled because he is independent and self-reliant, so he might want to get ahold of everything. He doesn’t ask others for help even when he needs it because he refuses to rely on anyone else. An Aries man also has a tendency to be dominating and jealous in a relationship.

In this article, you will also learn about the red flags of an Aries man and the ways to break up with him. Read further!

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Red Flags Of An Aries Man

The personality of an Aries man is often bold and self-assured. This sign can also assume that he should be in control in any scenario since he is a born leader. All of these qualities might be admirable, but an Aries man can go too far with them.

If an Aries man is not careful, he may develop aggressive and domineering traits.

A red flag is if your Aries man consistently makes decisions for you without consulting you first. You should certainly break up with him if he attempts to manipulate you and force you to do what he wants. When you don’t listen to an aggressive Aries man, he’ll act out or lash out in rage.

He will simply follow through on all of his instincts, whether they are good or bad, regardless of the results.

Is The Aries Man Controlling?

Yes. An Aries man is exceedingly independent and self-reliant because he rules the first house. He prefers to take care of himself, thus he doesn’t frequently seek assistance from others.

He thinks so highly of himself that he can also be a little conceited and obsessed with himself. The drive for autonomy in an Aries man can force him to be a control freak because he dislikes having to rely on others in any way.

The Aries man only ever falls completely in love and can occasionally become rather dominating and jealous.

He is extremely controlling and becomes extremely upset when things don’t go his way. Although you might believe demonstrating your dependability and responsibility to an Aries man will help lessen his tendency to take control, it instead causes him to feel confined and helpless.

Signs An Aries Man Is Controlling

He lacks self-control

Because of his craving to do things quickly, the Aries man is direct and impulsive. In terms of being a control freak, he lacks self-control because he lacks moderation. His lack of self-control and impulsivity can lead to him getting into trouble.

Hence, an Aries man doesn’t want his partner to criticize him for acting in such a quick and unplanned manner.

An Aries man prefers to hear that his partner likes how swiftly he takes care of matters rather than receiving criticism.

His ideal partner should appreciate the enjoyment and thrills he brings with his spontaneity. While ambitious and capable of self-control when required, an Aries man’s tendency to become controlling will still take over.

He takes the lead

Some people feel uneasy when given responsibilities, yet an Aries man is surprisingly responsible despite his immaturity and impulsivity.

He takes his responsibilities seriously and enjoys being in charge of every aspect of his life. In the event that he is given a leadership role at work, he will perform the duties to the best of his ability.

The typical Aries man prefers to play the stereotypical male role in relationships because he is a very masculine sign. He wants to woo a woman and prefers to be the one that navigates the relationship. An Aries man enjoys having things his way and he will want others to follow his rules.

He hates being told

Although an Aries man appreciates having authority, he often questions and finds it challenging when he is in a subordinate position. He doesn’t tend to follow orders or do what other people are doing just because they are doing it.

Naturally, an Aries man will expect you to bend to his will if you give him too much power over you.

An Aries man detests being ordered around because he is a free spirit and an independent thinker, especially if the instructions are unjustified.

Keep in mind that this sign enjoys being in charge and excels at leading and supervising others. An Aries man would never want to be with someone who bosses him around because he believes it’s his job to do so.

Ways To Deal With A Controlling Aries Man

An Aries man will expect you to always follow him if you let him order you around too much, and he will take advantage of you if you allow him.

He is not looking for a relationship he can manage because he prefers a strong, independent woman. Instead of needing to be told what to do, an Aries man would prefer that you stand up for yourself and take command of your own life.

You must be independent and self-reliant if you desire a successful and fulfilling relationship with an Aries man. Take responsibility for yourself and share some obligations with him, but let him handle himself and some elements of your life together.

Don’t think that you must submit to and be controlled by an Aries man if you want to know how to handle him. Defend yourself when you disagree with him, be independent, and don’t let an Aries man push you around.

Ways To Break Up With A Controlling Aries Man

Avoid arguing with him

An Aries man will be easily irritated, and he’ll grow much angrier if you start to argue with him. Mars, the planet of anger and assertiveness, rules this sign. He will become hostile if you start a fight or demand an apology for the breakdown of your relationship.

Instead, make an effort to accept that it wasn’t meant to be because when you succeed in doing so, your respect and attention will be priceless.

You may also discuss it with close friends you can trust, and give yourself permission to feel unhappy without placing blame. An Aries man will try to think about what went wrong because of his maturity and calm acceptance.

As soon as you let him express his feelings, an Aries man can just forget all about having an argument and carry on with life just like nothing has happened.

Give him space

It is imperative that you take into account the social interactions you might anticipate having with him as you discover how to end a relationship with an Aries man.

He views vulnerability as desperation, and his ego will want to push you away. After you break up, avoid crossing paths with an Aries man and give him space.

You can anticipate that an Aries man will either let go of your emotional connection completely or hold on to what’s left of it.

The majority of the time, he will go to great lengths to keep himself apart from you once the two of you are no longer together. An Aries man easily forgives and forgets, so once you give him his space, it will be easier for both of you to move on.

Anticipate his reaction

An Aries man may respond in a variety of ways when you tell him you’ve decided to end your relationship. You may anticipate that he will make use of the bond that the two of you share and may even attempt to control you again.

An Aries man might even make an effort to reestablish the chemistry that formerly served as your relationship’s bedrock.

It’s conceivable an Aries man has never had your best interests in mind or that he’s come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t care about treating you with respect. He may try to humiliate or hurt you during this time as a form of self-defense against perceived injustices.

Is the Aries man controlling? Final thoughts…

Yes, he is controlling because:

  • He is independent
  • He is self-reliant
  • He is dominating
  • He is jealous



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