How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Man?

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Man

If you’ve got a Pisces man in your life and you want to spice things up with him then you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to your Pisces man in a text message and in the right place where you’re with him!

When talking dirty to your Pisces man you must be alluring and charming, be a smooth talker and try to charm him with your beauty, be sensual when talking to him, incorporate a lot of dreamy eye contact and romantic smiles, compliment him and ask him what turns him on.

Pisces men are the dreamy and romantic men of the zodiac, extremely vulnerable when it comes to their emotions, they are incredibly psychic and sensitive to the emotions around them, they are loveable and kind…

in terms of sex, he will be extremely romantic and idealistic, your Pisces man loves to love and be loved, he longs for the wonderful sensations love and sex can offer, and he might try to please you more often than you do.

For more (in-depth) information about your Pisces man, also check out “Pisces Man Secrets“. That said, let’s talk about turning your Pisces man on with dirty talk!

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How to turn on a Pisces man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Man

When you’re talking dirty to your Pisces man you must be sweet and sensitive, test out the waters first before trying to talk dirty to him and see if he’s in the mood for sexy time because he’s ruled by water and has mutable modality, he’ll have changeable moods and fluctuating libido.

When you can see that he is physically stimulated, you must try doing things that are gonna give pleasure to him, ask him what you want and how you want to be pleasured, and while doing this try touching him and see what happens.

Because your Pisces man is a naturally in-tuned and sensual sign, dirty-talking conversation must be mixed with physical touches, only then he can actually be aroused and engaged at the moment.

If he reciprocates, tell him how much you love him and how much you love making love to him, ask him what turns him on, and ask him if you want to try out different things with him, don’t be shy to lead him on and be in the moment.

Asserting yourself will make him go with the flow and he’ll surely engage more in the dirty talking stage!

A nice raunchy conversation on how much you want to have sex with him and how much you want to be pinned down while telling him how great he is as a person is a great way to surely turn him on while dirty talking to him.

Words of affirmation accompanied by raunchy and wild thoughts will surely please him like no other, however, try to test out the waters first before talking dirty to him, he might be in the mood or not, and the best way is to assess the situation first before trying it out with him.

How to talk dirty to a Pisces man through text?

Send him dirty messages with sublime meanings

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Man

Sending him an emoji that tells a raunchy story is a surefire way to get him involved, be creative and imaginative, you can try using emojis or words to convey that you want to sleep with him.

Deep talks…

Do not be afraid to go deep into your ideas of sex and spirituality, treat sex as a great way to spiritually connect with him, tell him that you are his soulmate and the sex is amazing, and tell him that while you’re doing it with him you feel whole and complete.

Appeal to the emotional side of his sexuality and he will surely be engaged in no time with you!

Appeal to his pleasure spots

A Pisces man’s pleasure spots will always be in his back, in the neck, in the abdominal area near your man’s groin, if you’re not sure ask him where he wants to be licked and kissed, this will surely arouse your man like no other!

Tell him to do things with you…

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Man

Because your Pisces man will not be always assertive about what he feels to do, trying to let him know that you want him to do things to you is a surefire way to make him engaged, tell him things like how you want to be kissed or how hard you want the raunchy time, anything that makes you lead him on to situations like that is a great way to talk dirty to him!

Send him naughty pictures of you

If you know you’re in the heat of the moment, sending him pictures of you in seductive and sultry poses is a surefire way to stimulate his imaginative and freaky mind.

When sending him naughty pictures of you, it doesn’t have to be you completely naked or in a bikini, sexually suggestive pictures like you with your tongue open or you wearing a nice dress with a little bit of skin are way better than sending him a completely naked picture.

This keeps the imagination and anticipation in the dirty-talking conversation, he’ll surely be into you like no other!

Get romantic…

Throughout the duration of the dirty talk, be romantic, send him heart emojis or cute emojis accompanied by sweet messages, always remember that while trying to talk dirty to him, showing your romantic and sensual side is the best way to keep him engaged…

Tell him your true feelings for him

How To Talk Dirty To A Pisces Man

Last but not least, tell her you love and care for him, love him hard and passionately, and be generous in giving him words that turn him on and make him feel loved and important at the same time.

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Talking dirty to Pisces man, final thoughts…

Pisces men are the dreamy romantic types of the zodiac, so if he is romantic be sure to match his energy, and mirror the energy you receive from him while keeping the casual fun inside the dirty talking stage.

When talking dirty to him is romantic and sensual throughout, it’s good to turn on your emotional side to him to be fully equipped for the conversation, be responsive, and be generous in giving words of affirmation in the bedroom.

Love him romantically, and don’t be afraid to get clingy and attached, this emotional water sign man is in for a ride with you if he feels you’re the right one!

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