How To Make A Virgo Man Jealous?

In this article, we will tell you exactly how to make a Virgo man jealous to get his attention and love for you! Alongside the mind games, we will also give you the inside details of how a Virgo man expresses his jealousy!

To make your Virgo man jealous you must be cold and unavailable to show independence while creating an imaginary competition that will make him doubt and jealous. By doing these things you are making him jealous and surely he will act upon those feelings.

The Virgo man is the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the Maiden holding wheat. In astrology, Virgo is the sign of health, logic, and practicality. Unlike other earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn) who are stubborn and hard-headed the Mercurial energy of Virgo makes him changeable.

This can make him open to understanding different aspects of knowledge outside of him making him sensible, practical, industrious, and magnificent workers who are successful and well-respected in their fields. This is a cold and barren sign however and emotions are sometimes out of reach for him.

The cold energy of Virgo is calculating and intimidating. Unlike fiery and dynamic signs who are inspiring others Virgo’s intelligence is fascinating but at the same time troubling. He can be hard to pin down because he seems to lack any emotions.

Virgo men are also known for having poker faces. Unlike other people who can vividly express emotions, a Virgo man’s heart and mind are hard to reach making him one of the most aloof zodiac signs out there. This makes him an excellent scientist, doctor, healer, teacher, and instructor.

Being a Mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury your Virgo man is well suited in matters of logic.

At best his intelligence deals with input and processing and this ability can impress other people! Even the most cryptic, chaotic, jumbled pieces of information can be organized into clear and simple concepts that can be done solely by your Virgo man!

At best, he is a kind, gentle, and supportive friend and lover who uses his intellect and resourcefulness to help others, especially the ones closest to him at worst he can be a perfectionist wanting the best of everything at a hectic price. 

With that said let’s talk more about your Virgo man and how he expresses jealousy.

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How Does a Virgo Man Express Jealousy?

A Virgo man starts off his jealousy with simple repression of it. He will try to hide it as much as possible but you will notice obvious signs that he is agitated and frustrated. Things like holding his fist or nail biting or anything that will take his mind off the anger he is feeling. 

He will be jealous but he will be rational and logical…up to a point. In this stage, he is still hiding it and making it seem like he is happy and doing just fine. This will then pass and will make him overthink. He will think of all the plausible reasons as to what’s your connection with this person he’s jealous of.

He might even go overboard and try to do some little digging.

He will look out for information through social media or through friends and family. Your Virgo man is also known as observant! Highly critical, intelligent, and analytical he can observe and properly conclude the person through the body language that he sees.

He will go full spy on this one and he will not stop until he gets what he wants! This will not cure his jealousy, however. Instead, his rage will be seething through the cracks of his body and will make him cold, aloof, and sometimes harsh.

He will go after silent treatment often not talking to you for hours or days and he might not even respond to your messages. 

You will notice that he will get mean for no reason especially if he finds out you had an interaction with the person he is jealous of. This is a definite sign he is jealous! 

Remember that your Virgo man is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury. This man doesn’t know how to properly express rage well or just about any emotions for that matter. He will instead use his brain power to rationalize things but that does not mean he will shy away from confrontation.

He will turn up the arguments against you accusing you of flirting with someone or even worse cheating. He will be cold in his manner of expressing how deeply frustrated he was but he will surely explain it in a way you’re gonna understand why he is jealous in the first place.

Alongside that, he will try to control you either directly or subtly this is a way of him telling you and everyone around him that you are his. This will go on for weeks or even months until he can no longer hide or repress the seething anger he feels.

He will be erratic and chaotic. Before there was an order but now you’re noticing he seems spaced out. 

You will also notice that he will be less expressive in his romantic gestures toward you this is his way of telling you that you need to do something about his broken heart. Remember only deep understanding through proper communication, reassurance of love, and loyalty for him will fix it.

How to Make Your Virgo Man Jealous!

Look good feel good

Dress simply but elegantly to a Virgo man this is the style and aesthetic of a woman that he fawns over. It is important to show him you are taking good care of yourself, especially in a social setting. Dress according to the occasion and show the world how a refined lady should be.

Look good whenever you’re at a party or any social setting where there are plenty of people involved. He will love the fact that you look sexy and attractive but not in a bold or “trashy” way but this will also make him possessive over you.

The challenge here is not to look over the top or try too hard when it comes to appeal and beauty but to look distinctive while also adhering to a modest code of wardrobe! So whenever possible opt for beige or white tones instead of the classic bold colors (red, black, yellow),

Be cold and unavailable 

Your Virgo man will want to communicate with you because he will deem it rightfully so! He is your partner after all but when you start being unavailable you are sending a powerful message – your time is precious and that he needs a little more effort to show his love for you.

When you don’t give him all of your time or you don’t respond right away to his calls or messages you are showing how busy you are and this means you are fiercely independent. Whenever possible have a social life outside of the relationship to get him busy thinking about your whereabouts. 

When done properly your Virgo man will surely be decisive about pursuing you and making sure you feel loved. He will use his logic to get your time and attention!

Create imaginary competition

This is an incredibly toxic tactic so use it at your own expense! it s been known that Virgo men and women are motivated by achieving and this means even in their romantic lives they will like a little bit of spice by having a romantic competition.

With that said when you are creating competition, you are showing to him you are the prize and that he should value you more.

You can stroke his competitive nature by sending yourself romantic gifts or treats “sent by an anonymous lover” or you can even try to engage more with the guys you know are potentially interested in you romantically. By showing him these things you are surely getting on his nerves and making him jealous!

You must also remember that when flirting with guys do not make it seem like you’re the one engaging too much on the guys this will just make them see you as “easy” or “flirtatious” which will turn them off.  Instead, try as much as possible to attract people instead of chasing them.

You can do this by prioritizing your inner and outer beauty! Walk with confidence and wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident! Research which type of makeup suits you!

Empower yourself by working out and looking hot! Do things that make you feel beautiful and confident! When you do this you are instinctively making sure that guys will find you attractive 24/7!

Plan something then ditch him afterward

Plan something…then cancel at the last minute! When you do this you are turning on his suspicion which will fuel his jealousy issues! You might be trying to get close to him by planning something out like a date or a trip somewhere else.

The fixed and routine-loving Virgo man will surely make up time for it and when you cancel it at the last minute just to tell him something came up or you became busy this will infuriate him and make him think you’re doing something behind his back!

Remember not to do this all the time as this will just make him not trust you with making up and planning things out. But now and then it is good to show him that you are independent with your own life and that sometimes you can be very busy…

Tell him to not bother you in your daily affairs

To turn on your Virgo man’s controlling side you must tell him to do the thing that he will do exactly the opposite of like for instance if you tell him not to bother you in your daily affairs he’ll surely be obnoxious enough to stalk you wherever you’re at.

When you do this you are turning on his jealousy and you let his controlling side take over.

For the most part, it is known that Virgo men love power and control. No matter how much repressed it is in their system or no matter how much they try to keep a cool facade this level of control will almost be directed at themselves and their family and partner’s daily affairs and habits.

By telling him to do things you are annoying him and this will make him not “follow” whatever it is that you instructed them because it will annoy them. They want to be the ones in control, not the ones being controlled.

Alongside that, they hate the feeling of being told what to do so by doing this you are innately making him suspicious and jealous of your actions.

Make him understand what you want in the relationship

We’ll assume you’re both having difficulties understanding each other in the relationship and that making him jealous is a way for you to ignite something in him…a lost passion or some form of time and affection that needs to be sustained. 

Whatever it might be the only possible way to truly compensate for the lack of understanding is to let each other know the sides of the story. Playing mind games is an effective way to get his attention but if used long-term can negatively affect the relationship as a whole.

Instead of staying in the toxic cycle dare to open a conversation with him.

A deep conversation where both of you can talk things out such as how can you both express your love to each other effectively and tackle the issues that are hindering both of you from growth will be necessary to make the relationship passionate, stable, long-lasting, and fruitful.

Making A Virgo Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Virgo man is intelligent and analytical and will probably be three steps ahead of you in playing with your mental game. He will deeply realize if you’re making him jealous because you want his attention or if you are truly cheating with someone else.

With that in mind, it is important to not overdo it and make it seem like you’re trying too hard.

Also, it is important not to overdo it too much. Or if it’s possible try to properly communicate with him as to what you are truly expecting in the relationship. If you want him to switch his love style tell him directly with a stern tone of voice.

He will deeply appreciate it if you are telling the truth rather than endlessly going out to play mind games with him. 

Overall, making your Virgo man jealous is easy you must appeal to his overthinking side of the brain. Make him confused and make him overthink things with the use of language and if possible show him that you are truly worth chasing.

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