How To Win A Virgo Man’s Heart? (7 Ways)

How To Win A Virgo Man’s Heart?

Look for no more! In this article, we’re specifically telling you secrets on how to win a Virgo man’s heart and make him fall in love with you hard and fast! Get your seatbelts ready because you’re gonna be on a ride!

To win over the heart of a Virgo man you must be classy and elegant, be refined in your ways and way of interacting with other people while being kind and humble, he looks for a woman who is prim and proper and has the traditional qualities of a housewife, is practical and grounded when dealing with him.

The Virgo man is the critical thinker of the zodiac wheel, incredibly intelligent and precise in his words and actions. This man has a good work ethic that makes him incredibly successful in the corporate world, because of this he can be seen as trustworthy and a reliable friend and lover.

But he is more than that…there are so many unique and wonderful things that make your Virgo man so special and loveable…

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That said, let’s first take a look at what makes a Virgo man special… then, we can review the ways to win his heart!

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What makes a Virgo man so special?

How To Win A Virgo Man’s Heart?

Please take note that these apply to men born with their Sun in Virgo as well as men who have plenty of Virgo placements in their birth chart especially if the Virgo sign is in their Moon or Mars if you do not know his birth chart it is best to find out by asking his birthday and his specific birth time.

The Virgo man is ruled by Mercury, along with his mutable nature this gives his earth energy a more intelligent and analytical person who is still grounded with the harsh ways of reality, he’s not delusional, he knows how the world works and he knows how to play with it.

This can make him an incredible chess master in life, he knows how to play his cards right, he knows when’s the right time to strike and oppose his challenges and opponents, and he’s quick-witted so his daily life will be full of routines, and schedules.

This incredible precision in everything he does might be deemed as pessimistic and perfectionist, but to him, he can only thrive in a world where there is logic and structure, this is what makes him special – the mix of practicality and analytical mind makes him a great strategist.

Although that’s what’s unique and special about your Virgo man, do not be fooled, to him service is its reward, he is naturally altruistic and has a gift of helping other people’s worries and troubles!

This can make him a human solution generator! Because he can fix and help every people’s problems, he shows his love and care not through affection and being clingy, he helps you deal with your problems rather than being there for “moral” support.

He’s an all-around nice guy who can be reserved at times, nevertheless, his kind-heartedness and initiative to look out and help other people are overlooked because of his cold and analytical facade.

Overall, this man is reliable, hard-working, faithful, patient, and observant, he can be a bit neurotic especially if it concerns serious business but he’s naturally intelligent and selfless, which can make him a great doctor in the field of medicine and science which is most likely his work or career by now!

Now that you know him so well, we can now tell you how to win his heart over! So if you want to win him over, you must keep up with some of the things we’ll be mentioning to you…

What are your chances with a Virgo man?

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Now, let’s find out how to win a Virgo man’s heart!

7 Ways to Win a Virgo Man’s Heart?

Show him that you’re classy and refined

How To Win A Virgo Man’s Heart?

Looking elegant whenever you’re around him is a surefire way to win him over and make him fall in love with you! Looking classy and refined doesn’t mean you have to look expensive and be drowned in jewelry, sometimes the “cleaner” your outfit looks the better.

Know basic manners, be polite and friendly around people while still keeping your cool, do not be loud or aggressive, this can only make him judge you negatively and perceive you in a negative light.

Pay attention to details!

Pay attention to details! Whenever you’re around him a good conversation topic would be criticizing the people and the environment you’re around, this can make him incredibly comfortable around your presence and will help him loosen up.

Be sure to look beautiful when doing so, act feminine, and dress according to the occasion, in doing these you’re showing him that you are a potential long-term partner!

Show him your career pursuits

The Virgo man you’re with most probably is dedicated to his career, work, or dedicated craft that he is into, as such he’ll also be looking for a woman who has the same ambition and mindset as he does.

When you have the opportunity, show him and tell him the struggles of your hard work in the particular work you’re into, showing him that you have an ambition in life instead of partying and drinking it out makes you a 100% potential long-term partner.

Show him your sweet side!

How To Win A Virgo Man’s Heart?

Your Virgo man is loving and sensitive behind the tough facade he’s projecting into the world, when you two get close and hand around alone it is best to pamper him with cozy and warm love, you can cook for him or offer him nice things to do whenever you’re around him like paint him or decorate jewelry for him.

This makes him fall in love like no other! In no time he will surely fall in love with you and he’ll be more likely to reciprocate the love back!

Deeply understand his desire for perfectionism

The Virgo man is all about accuracy and precision, so tell him you deeply understand why he’s the way he is, don’t be neurotic if he becomes anxious about making his place neat, instead offer to help.

Be polite and friendly, offer a warm and helping hand, when you deeply understand why he is like that you’ll fully understand who he is as a person, be there when he needs you, he might not show his delicate side but when you show him you’re a reliable woman, he’ll be deeply attached to you like no other.

Let him lose control whenever he’s with you

Show him the fun and bright side of things, whenever you’re around him show him that you are funny and humorous, play board games with him, or challenge him in a sport or game you both know, the trick here is to make it seem like whenever you two hang out he feels easy and light with you!

Do these and you’ll surely win your Virgo man’s heart in no time!

Be warm and loving…

How To Win A Virgo Man’s Heart?

Last but not least, be warm and loving, he will not be an overall showy person when it comes to love but he will show you his love in many practical ways possible, as such appreciate it and thank him for it.

Show him your love language, affirm his goals and his ways, complement him and his work, incorporate lots of physical touches and kisses if you both get to that point, be a warm and comforting beacon of light in his serious world…

Surely by doing these, not only you will win your Virgo man’s icy heart, and not only that he will also be attached to you!

Get more details about your Virgo man!

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Win a Virgo Man’s analytical, grounded, and reliable yet delicate heart, final thoughts…

Your Virgo man is dedicated in life and most especially in his love, if you successfully follow the ways to win him over he will be incredibly loving and loyal throughout the entire duration of your relationship!

If you want to know how to please him more, you need to find out his Venus sign which shows his love language and how he wants to be loved, and his Mars sign, how he wants to make love in the bedroom…

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