7 Effective Ways To Get A Virgo Man Hooked

If you are interested in getting a Virgo man hooked on you, you are in for a ride! A Virgo man has a lot of admirable traits, but he can be a bit shy by nature. To help you out, here are the ways how to get a Virgo man hooked.

To get a Virgo man hooked, you must impress him by looking your best, being organized, and flaunting your intelligence. As sensitive as a Virgo man, you should be the one to encourage him and avoid any negative energy around him. Moreover, you should be mindful and learn how to work with a Virgo man.

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That said, before we get into the ways to get your Virgo man hooked, you should know what she is like when she has a crush and how to seduce her. Let’s go!

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When A Virgo Man Has A Crush

When a Virgo man has a crush on someone, he tends to show his affections openly, including giving a compliment. You can notice how genuine a Virgo man gives his compliments and you can sense that he is actually paying attention to you.

A Virgo man is known as thoughtful and loves to help others especially when it comes to the person he likes; so you can easily sense that he pays attention to whatever you say to him.

What’s more interesting is that a Virgo man notices little things that other people are most likely to miss out on and he will genuinely give you sensible advice.

To Seduce A Virgo Man…

To seduce a Virgo man simplicity is important when it comes to showing your attitude, but you need to show depth in the way you think and your future plans. Talking about feelings and emotions can run rings around Virgo men, and they can find it hard to pin these things down that quickly.

Because a Virgo man is good at emotional control, he will want to take his time in getting to know a new or potential partner. To put this in another way, before anything else, you’ll need to figure out how to seduce a Virgo man at his own pace – slowly, but surely.

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7 Effective Ways To Get A Virgo Man Hooked

Look your best

A Virgo man values companions who are well-dressed and have a strong sense of style. People who dress properly, appear nice and take self-care carefully attract a Virgo man. Virgo men have a sixth sense when it comes to small things, so pay careful attention to your hair, nails, and shoes.

Avoid something too crazy or outlandish—sophisticated attire will capture his notice because there’s no reason for a Virgo to cease putting forth the effort. Stopping is, in some ways, equivalent to not valuing oneself, which is a turn-off for a Virgo man who takes good care of himself.

It’s as basic as keeping your hair and clothes neat and not looking like you just rolled out of bed; a Virgo man values these kinds of particulars. You may be confident that he is putting up the same effort for you, so just remember that clean, fresh smells appeal to Virgo men. 

Consider all of the details that led to the attraction in the first place; emphasize those traits, and you’ll have this man hooked on you in no time.

Encourage him

Encourage your Virgo man to be the best possible version of himself. If you can pull this off, the Virgo man will be crazy about you. It’s not always easy, especially if he is quite critical of himself, so remember why you are attracted to him, and remind him of the excellent characteristics he still has.

The finest thing you can do to make a man fall head over heels for you is to push him to attain his full potential. This is especially true for a Virgo man who is enthusiastic about his work.

This strategy will make any man, not just the Virgo man, hooked and maybe even fall in love with you. Although it’s technically a trick, telling a man how far you’ve watched him progress is a terrific method to make him hooked on you.

Describe the qualities that most impressed you about your Virgo man. After that, the Virgo man will be wrapped around your finger since you’ve given him a once-in-a-lifetime boost. Men enjoy feeling needed and wanted, therefore it’s ideal if this Virgo man is already assisting you.

Be organized

Don’t leave trash or filthy dishes all over your house or apartment because a Virgo man is well-organized, neat, and tidy. Take special care of it because you never know when he’ll pay you a visit and remember, he’s picky.

So he doesn’t want to see dirty clothing draped over your lamps or food spilled on the floor. Make your space clean because it will not only impress him but will also make you feel better about yourself.

A Virgo man is meticulous and enjoys working on projects, but it doesn’t imply you have to be a handyman. You want to be a solution in a Virgo man’s life, not a problem he has to clean up; don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t, but don’t be a slob either.

Virgo men are perfectionists who respect order and cleanliness. Virgo men are the zodiac’s clean freaks and if you have a messy home or appearance, a Virgo man will notice right away and it will likely be a deal-breaker for him.

Work with him

A Virgo man is frequently stubborn and set in his ways. You may find it tough to live with this trait over time, but if you want him in your life, you must work with him rather than against him.

Rather than disputing the minute issues of life, strive to be an amiable person who seeks out common ground in relationships. You don’t have to outdo your Virgo man either because he’s a genius.

When it comes to getting a Virgo man to get hooked on you, there’s no need to dwell on problems. He will not find it attractive, and he will not fall in love with you if you constantly nag him or go against him.

True, this is true of any guy, but Virgo men despise women who can’t let go of minor details. Because your Virgo man is a natural problem solver, he’ll appreciate it if you seek his advice or assistance with a project you’re working on.

Be mindful

If you want to hook a Virgo man, keep in mind that he prefers women who don’t dwell on the past; instead, try being conscious of things and focusing on the present. You can achieve this by focusing on the present moment rather than on past issues with your Virgo man.

He doesn’t need to be reminded of his mistakes all of the time and when he opens up to you, you must be sensitive. This is the most effective technique to demonstrate that you value your Virgo man’s viewpoint.

Be confident when making this man hooked on you because he will be more likely to open up if you do, too. For a Virgo man to truly feel like he can trust you, he has to know that you are vulnerable, too.

He’s not going to show his vulnerable side if you are cold as ice; just be open and honest about how you really feel about different experiences. A Virgo man will only feel comfortable doing this if you are willing to share your feelings with him, as well.

Flaunt your intelligence

A Virgo man’s ideal woman is someone that has the smarts because he’s an intelligent guy, after all, and wants to be with someone who he can have an intellectual conversation with. Be sure to not downplay your intelligence, even if you are only street smart; you don’t need to play dumb with a Virgo man.

He wants to see what’s inside your head because Virgo men value intelligence in others and often think his woman’s brain is just as sexy as her body.

A Virgo man loves witty banter and good conversation, so try talking with him about interesting topics. If you can hold your own in a lively debate or any kind of intellectual discussion, your Virgo man will be super impressed.

You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room when trying to get a Virgo man hooked on you. Virgo men aren’t big on meaningless small talk or random gossip, so avoid frivolous conversation topics.

Exude positivity

One of the most positive ways you can make a Virgo man hooked on you in no time is to be a fun person to be around. Have a sense of humor, and show your Virgo man that you can be silly or funny about the little stuff.

A Virgo man wants someone he enjoys being around, so you want to make a Virgo man hooked on you in no time, show that you can have a blast and smile.

Keep in mind that Virgo men are very hard on themselves; they do tend to be perfectionists. Nothing a Virgo man can do can measure up to what he expects for himself, so ease up on the criticism or negativity.

You want your Virgo man to think of you and have positive emotions associated with that thought, not a nagging woman he’s in a relationship with. Be the good part of your Virgo man’s life.

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7 effective ways to get a Virgo man hooked, final thoughts…

To get a Virgo man hooked:

  • Look your best
  • Encourage him
  • Be organized
  • Work with him
  • Be mindful
  • Flaunt your intelligence
  • Exude positivity



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