How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Man

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Man

If you have a Virgo man as your partner, chances are you know how dirty on the sheets he can be no matter how neat and innocent he might look in the public eye, with that said we’re going to teach you how to talk dirty to a Virgo man!

Talk dirty to a Virgo man by being sneaky and kinky in your approach, because he often hides away his wild side, when you talk dirty to him, be freaky in your tone of the conversation and manners, give him a pet name, and be comfortable in doing so!

Try bondage and submission “kinks” that are surely a turn-on for him!

Virgo men are the slow and methodical men of the zodiac, they’re smart, analytical, constructive, and successful!

These earth-mutable men ruled by the swift Mercury are known to have wild yet repressed sexual energy that only comes out when they feel comfortable enough with the partner they’re with!

Do not be fooled by his innocent and “good” looks…

Your Virgo man can get seriously down to business when you turn his freaky side on, as such be prepared to have the wildest sex of your life with him, he is a great guy to be with, in and out of the bedroom!

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With that said, we’re giving you full information on how to properly turn him on by talking dirty… Let’s jump right in!

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How to turn on a Virgo man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Man

When talking dirty to a Virgo man, you must make sure that the entire area of your surroundings and the atmosphere in it are as cool and stress-free as the calm forest.

Because your Virgo man has an extremely overwhelming work ethic, he must first feel relaxed and at ease at the moment.

When you feel like the timing is right, go slowly in your approach, try to talk things formally first before you start going into the “dirty” part of the conversation.

If you’re in the same room as him, spicing things up by dressing classy or elegant with a bit of sexy can bring the heat on!

This sign can be more into wild and freakish kinks (a sexual fantasy that is a bit non-conventional) than any other sign!

As such dirty talking only enhances the pleasure and passion in the relationship, while dirty talking always remembers to be sensual in your approach.

Touching his body with prolonged eye contact saying how good it feels to touch him and how badly you want him inside of you will surely turn him on, be calm in your approach.

Compliment his physique, tell him how handsome he is or how good his certain physical trait is, make him comfortable as time goes on, and try to ask him if he feels good that you’re doing that all for him.

Depending on how dominant or submissive he is in bed, let him take the lead wherever it may be.

If you know his kinks, play along with it and be flirtatious throughout.

Ask him about his kinks, and what he likes to do in bed, and tell him how much you’d enjoy it when he does it to you.

Just keep the tone of your dirty talk calm and sensual, he will surely love it.

When talking dirty, always remember that she takes sex and love seriously, enabling him to open up to trust you first so you’ll be able to get into the wild and passionate side of her.

How to talk dirty to a Virgo man through text?

Share your kink

If you have a kink you want to try out, message him the stuff you might wanna try out and experiment next time you see each other, this keeps up his imagination and overworks his mind to think of a different kink you might try out.

When sharing your kink, you must be completely open and honest about it, but ask him directly if he’s comfortable with it. If the response is positive then go overboard and talk to him about it, the mere planning of the kink is already a powerful dirty talk to your Virgo man.

This helps him greatly as not only he is mentally stimulated, but he is also aroused.

Ask about his kinks and add fire to it

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Man

Ask him what his kinks are, when you know his kinks, no matter how kinky they might be to you, go along with it and tease him with that.

If he has a lingerie fetish and messages him things about that fetish, message him things like “I know you’d wanna do me while wearing this piece I bought just for you…”

Dirty talking involving his kinks will surely turn him, man, on in no time.

Genuinely Compliment him

When you’re trying to talk dirty to him through text message when you’re in the heat of the moment.

Try to genuinely compliment his physical looks or whatever good trait he may have, if he’s good at thrusting during lovemaking, compliment him.

Always remember to be sincere in your compliments to him.

Tease him with submission/domination kink

This guy loves to control and be controlled, whatever his preferred role is, work on that…

Because he is a control freak by nature, he wants his sex and love life to be just as perfect as he sets out his life and career.

Asking him and messaging him sultry phrases that include submission and domination will surely turn him on

Tease him if he would like to give up control and be tied up for once and make him imagine what it would feel like losing control and just going in with the flow — in this case, his raw pleasure.

Ask him to get uninhibited

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Man

Ask him things he knows he’d have a sexy feeling about, send him a sexy picture of you, and ask him if you look good, more naked, or dressed.

Asking him things that are overtly sexual will make him react and do the move, this way you’re making your man uninhibited in his lustful actions and thoughts.

The key here is to show him that you’re okay with the dirty taking in the phone and this can be a substitute for the both of you while you’re still not together with him physically.

Get romantic then freaky…

As much as sexting and dirty talking arouse her, staying true to your feelings is an important aspect of your sexting.

Do not be afraid to show him your true feelings for him, say “I love you” or “You mean so much to me” when he’s feeling neurotic about the dirty talking, tell him he matters to you and you love having a good time with him.

When you’re talking dirty to him, try to also say how much you mean to him and how great you are that you’re part of his life.

Get him a pet name

Send him messages that call him under his pet name.

Stay kinky and wildly creative with your pet name, you can call him “rough master”, “white stallion”, “papi chulo”, “sweet daddy”, or “charming prince” or just about anything that sounds sexy and freaky at the same time.

Whatever it may be that you find kinky and cute to call him during your dirty talk will surely make him aroused and happy.

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Talking dirty with your Virgo man, final thoughts

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Man

Virgo men are great in bed and they can be turned on through dirty talking.

Once you do he’ll be able to express freely his freaky side more often and comfortably!

Virgo men’s libidos aren’t one to truffle with! The inner demons they try to suppress and hideaway often cause a lot of rough and kinky sex to their partners.

To talk dirty to him, tease him with his kinks, try to acknowledge the pleasure that his kink gives to you.

Being open to domination and submission fantasy which he usually likes, being sensual and calm, takes things slow with him.

Remember, the slower the better for a Virgo man.

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