5 Signs A Virgo Man Is Using You

Although unbelievable, it’s never impossible for a Virgo man to play with your feelings because he is naturally reliable and honest. If you want to know the signs when a Virgo man is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Virgo man is using you when he is distant and doesn’t make any effort to strike up a conversation with you. You may also notice that his behavior is inconsistent, and you can never really count on him for anything. A Virgo man is also using you if he emotionally shuts you out, even after a long time together.

You will learn about a Virgo man’s weakness and how to keep him interested after reading this article. Read on!

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Signs A Virgo Man Wants To Break Up

He is critical

It appears like everything a Virgo man has to say about your relationship is critical when he is preparing to break up with you. He’s not simply being grumpy or unpleasant; he’s also identifying and emphasizing the ways in which you are not compatible.

Sometimes people just aren’t compatible, and that’s acceptable, too, even if it can be a hard pill to swallow.

If you’re wondering how to get back together with a Virgo man to preserve the relationship, listen to his criticisms and remain open to them rather than dismissing them. Gently draw attention to the other, and show more important ways that the two of you genuinely get along together.

He wants space

A Virgo man will begin to reclaim his personal space when he is prepared to end things with you. He might begin working later than usual, spend more time with his friends, or avoid physical affection. It’s not because a Virgo man isn’t trying to be cruel if you’re wondering why he withdraws.

A Virgo man merely wants to reclaim some of his personal space because he doesn’t feel as comfortable around you as he once did. When he is hurt, this sign will need a lot of alone time and space to process his feelings before finally making a decision.

Even though you haven’t yet ended your relationship, a Virgo man may be needing some time to grieve.

5 Signs A Virgo Man Is Using You

He shuts you out

If you’ve been dating for a while and he still won’t open up to you, that’s a red flag that he could not be interested in you. One of the indications a Virgo man is serious about you is when he opens up to you or at least tries to.

He might simply need more time and be having problems opening up, but it won’t be for too long.

A Virgo man might not be in the relationship for emotional connection or because he loves you if he never even tries to communicate. He might only be interested in having something more physical, and he might be acting with another motive.

Try to talk to him about this one before concluding that he is just a jerk who is taking advantage of you.

He is silent

It’s not a good sign if your Virgo man never speaks to you or only uses simple sentences to express himself. The context is crucial in this case as well because it shows how interested he is in getting to know you.

When this sign is feeling unwell, he may simply be more silent than usual and he may not be texting you as frequently because he is busy.

But if a Virgo man never wants to speak with you, it could be that he simply dislikes conversing with you. He frequently relishes conversations with his partners and friends because he enjoys engaging in thought-provoking dialogue.

He enjoys picking up knowledge from others, and Virgo would never continue a relationship with someone he didn’t enjoy conversing with unless there was some type of hidden intention.

He is distant

If a Virgo man never finds time for you, you might want to reevaluate your relationship.

He doesn’t care about you if you really need him, and he doesn’t even make an effort to be there for you. A Virgo man may utterly ignore you if he has no desire to engage with you, so he will act in a harsh or disinterested manner toward you.

There are occasions when he genuinely is unable to come to help you in person because a lot of things can happen. But if he cares, he’ll at least demonstrate he’s trying or that he regrets being unable to be there for you.

Always remember that a Virgo man frequently puts his own needs aside to assist someone he genuinely cares about.

He is inconsistent

A Virgo man can be deceptive at times and he is aware that sometimes he has to be considerate in order to succeed. An obvious sign that he might be using you is if he alternates between being warm and then acting cold toward you.

A Virgo man might show you attention one day while ignoring you the next and perhaps he only acts interested in you while others aren’t around.

That indicates that, for some reason, a Virgo man doesn’t want others to be aware of your relationship. He may genuinely be attracted to you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he loves you enough to have a serious relationship.

A Virgo man is only interested in you for the physical part of the relationship if he takes you to bed and then neglects you the next.

He is unreliable

A Virgo man is typically a reliable person because he sticks to his plan and he is usually always on time. He’s not serious about you at all if he keeps postponing plans with you, or he might even fail to show up without notice.

A Virgo man may cancel your dates so that he may spend time with his friends or perhaps go on a date with someone else.

A Virgo man may make up excuses about his whereabouts if he is seeing someone else. He can claim he wants to be in a committed relationship with you but later deny it without giving you any reasons why. If a Virgo man can’t be honest with you, he definitely has something going on behind your back.

A Virgo Man’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

A Virgo man can be critical of the people around him because he desires perfection in everything. He may start pointing out flaws and mistakes in a meticulous manner, which makes his partner lose her mind. The Virgo man has a wishlist in his head and attempts to get his partner to act in accordance with it.

He will start to criticize his partner harshly and without hesitation if she fails to accomplish any task because of his demands. It is without a doubt that his partner will feel affected by the harsh words coming out of his mouth.

Although he has no malice in his criticism of her, the Virgo man doesn’t care for such emotional harm because he only asks for things that will make her more compatible with him.

How To Keep A Virgo Man Interested

Showing a Virgo man that you respect his boundaries is the best way to win his heart. He thinks that it is rare to meet a woman who adores him while still respecting his personal space. He will appreciate it if you put all of your faith in him and develop the bond without trying to control him.

A Virgo man is trustworthy, so he will always be upfront and honest about what he wants in a partner.

His requests are typically reasonable and practical, even if he will typically insist that you follow his standards and respect his judgment. You’ll be let down if you cross a Virgo man’s boundaries or hope he’ll change once he falls in love with you.

5 signs a Virgo man is using you, final thoughts…

A Virgo man is using you if:

  • He shuts you out
  • He is silent
  • He is distant
  • He is inconsistent
  • He is unreliable



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