When A Virgo Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

A Virgo man won’t ignore you for no reason. If he is ignoring you, there are a few things you need to keep in mind which could help in getting his attention back. It can be quite confusing when you have no clue what is going on, so I have listed everything you need to know when a Virgo man is ignoring you.

When a Virgo man is ignoring you, the first thing you need to do is remain calm and rational. You should also keep yourself busy because he will hate it if you are being pushy and constantly around him or his space.

Consider this as a time to better yourself. You can also offer a Virgo man some help sometimes.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Virgo man.

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Before we get into the details of what to do when a Virgo man is ignoring you, let’s first look at his dark side and why he might be ignoring you!

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The Dark Side Of A Virgo Man

A Virgo man can be demanding and challenging to love. In order to get along with someone, he needs his sweet time and space, and love takes time to bloom.

He is meticulous in his work, even when he finds love and he tends to overwork himself or overstretch his thinking because he is a mercurial person.

A Virgo man tends to be independent in both his professional and personal life, which makes him wary of people, especially those who don’t live up to his high standards, which are actually above average.

When hurt, he could exhibit passive-aggressive and hostile behavior or suddenly become disinterested.

Reasons Why A Virgo Man Is Ignoring You

A Virgo man occasionally just requires a little separation from the woman in his life. That doesn’t imply that he wants to put everything to rest forever because he might simply require some time to truly miss you, so give it to him if he needs it.

Virgo men typically don’t enjoy playing games. He prefers open communication, so if he was fed up with what you two were doing, he would probably tell you. But perhaps he needs to cleanse his head, or perhaps he is unsure of his emotions and needs some time to process them.

Give a Virgo man all he requires so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to do the same.

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5 Things To Do When A Virgo Man Is Ignoring You

Give him time

A Virgo man occasionally needs time to himself, so if you continue to stay with him and ask what the issue is, he will find it annoying. Leaving him alone might possibly help you two become closer because he dislikes it when someone he cares about ignores him.

Give a Virgo man some room to talk to you privately about what is happening and give him some time if he suddenly stops responding to your texts. He might feel off for a few days, so allow him to reflect on himself and give him as much time as he requires.

Don’t let him talk to you for one day, then complain that he isn’t talking to you as much the next day. Don’t try to fill up all of your free time; a Virgo man prefers to spend time alone.

Keep your talks with him straightforward because he might simply be uncomfortable with how close you two have become lately. He is therefore taking a step back to reconsider his actions, and it’s not really a test if a Virgo man decides to stop texting for a few days, but he’ll pay attention to your reaction, though.

Be calm

It’s challenging to avoid assuming in circumstances like this, so don’t do that just yet. If a Virgo man was in your position, he would undoubtedly believe that you no longer care about him.

Don’t lose your temper and avoid the impulse to send him a letter detailing your feelings because your relationship can be doomed as a result of this. It might just be a test, as I already mentioned, so avoid focusing too much on the issue.

Even if it takes a Virgo man a while to reply, you must stay calm. It’s typical for you to have questions for him when he returns to the picture after a break, so save the questioning and don’t pressure him to find out his whereabouts.

You can eventually approach him about being a little more forthcoming when he needs some alone time. Do not, however, demand assurances from him that he will call you every day going forward.

Avoid being pushy

Don’t go overboard when using whatever of this advice you decide to use, and maintain a neutral tone throughout as if you are not having any issues with him. It will greatly improve your quality of life together, and overdoing things may distance your Virgo man from you more than you would like.

Being ignored by him makes it more difficult to force a conversation, and your relationship can suffer as a result of doing this. Let him be if, after the first three times, you still feel like you are stressing him.

Even though a Virgo man is ignoring you, you still need to check on him. Until he picks up the slack, you can start by restricting communication to a minimum for a few days or a week.

Whenever you check in on him, be honest about it and leave it at that after asking how he’s doing or whether he’s doing okay. To avoid being let down, try not to talk too much or become too enthused throughout the conversations you manage to get.

Offer some help

You can break the tension whether a Virgo man is quiet because he is preoccupied or because he is offended. Be sensible, demonstrate your interest in him, and be considerate of his demands and schedule.

Make an offer to assist him because he enjoys working on projects and has a never-ending list of things to do. Make an offer of giving him help with a matter you are aware is important to him. In general, be approachable and mindful of a Virgo man’s personal space.

A Virgo man is drawn to modesty. Offer your attention, time, and knowledge without making a big deal out of how long it’s been and how you want to make amends.

This can greatly aid in restoring the relationship, and sharing some sort of relevant, useful information with him is an excellent way to start this conversation. Show a Virgo man that you are attempting to ease his burdens in life.

Keep yourself busy

Accept that the situation is now in a Virgo man’s hands whether or not you were the cause of his silence. While you wait for him to come back to you, keep yourself busy, and don’t spend all of your waking hours planning ways to elicit a response from him.

A Virgo man will sense the significance of this and perceive it as requiring his attention. Engage in new activities, give your all at work, spend more time with friends, and give yourself a break from the relationship in general.

A Virgo man will stay away from problematic women and doesn’t enjoy drama at all. To manage a relationship with such a man, you must be a strong, independent woman because he prefers women that are independent and capable of taking care of themselves.

Hone in on the tasks at hand in your life as this will work out well for you personally, as well as a fantastic approach to catch his eye. A Virgo man becomes more interested the more you strive to improve himself.

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When You Ignore A Virgo Man

He could begin to wonder if the relationship is right for a Virgo man if he feels ignored. He is the harshest judge of himself; therefore, if you ignore him during the relationship, he will exact revenge. But after some reflection, your Virgo man might reach out.

He’s not going to pursue you more if you ignore him, most certainly. Instead, he’ll probably see it as a hint that you’re not interested in him, and he’ll want to stay away from you to avoid the possibility of getting turned down.

A Virgo man dislikes being exposed and taking risks when he decides to be in a serious relationship.

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5 things to do when a Virgo man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Virgo man is ignoring you:

  • Give him time
  • Be calm
  • Avoid being pushy
  • Offer some help
  • Keep yourself busy



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