Do Virgo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Virgo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

How do Virgo men cope up with a breakup? Will they still come back after a failed relationship or breakup? What can you do to change his mind?

It’s tough to get a Virgo man back, His high expectations and realistic attitude towards dating and relationships can make him hard and cold after the breakup, he will have a series of logical pursuits as to why he should move on and would rather start with a new relationship rather than go into a relationship that has hurt him.

Virgo is hyper-critical and logical: His temperament is calm and icy, yet he is sensitive and loyal. He can be guarded and reserved but loving and compassionate to the people he chooses to be with.

Ruled by Mercury and domains the element earth, these individuals are incredibly down to earth, practical, and analytical in dealing with problems that can make them good researchers, teachers, scientists, and doctors.

On the good side, he is responsible, modest, gentle, practical, organized, helpful and hard-working, self-sufficient, loyal, and a great friend and partner that gives you wise and pragmatic advice.

On the negative side, he can be cranky, over-thinker, hyper-critical, judgemental, aloof, and skeptical, this is due to the overly active mind that gives him agile mind energy thanks to mercury the planet that rules over the mind and communication.

The Virgo man’s critical mind is of himself and others which can make him intimidating, on the bright side he is sincere, patient, dependable, work-focused, and intelligent and goes out of his way to make sure his loved ones and his partner are perfectly comfortable in life.

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That said, let’s dig deep into the psyche of your Virgo guy, let’s take a look at his dating style, his reasons why it can be hard for him to get back at a failed relationship, and what is his outlook like during and after a breakup…

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Virgo men in love and dating style

Do Virgo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

When a Virgo man is in love with you he will be shy and may act withdrawn or aloof around you, it is usually because he finds feelings of love foreign to him, he will not show his emotions outwardly and might act like a critical parent, either way, he will be extremely supportive and caring for you.

He might even try to get close to you by being a loyal friend first, his dating style is traditional, he might ask you for a romantic date and might pursue a traditional courtship phase, he is serious and committed in all his partnerships, he might be a little less romantic than the other signs but might showcase his love for you through practicality.

He is real and blunt and doesn’t sugar coat things, he might support you in being a better version of yourself and might help you in the process, being helpful and kind to you is a way he can show his love for you as he usually just reserves this side of him to the people he loves.

Overall, a Virgo man in love is a slow-burning love, you might not show him doing grandeur ways to showcase his affection to you but you will see the finer and smaller details that will show his love for you.

Why do Virgo men have a hard time getting back after a breakup?

Your Virgo guy will keep his distance after a breakup, be sure that he will be instantly cold and detached after breaking up with you, also expect him to keep his day-to-day interactions hidden from you now as he feels like you have no importance to him anymore.

Your Virgo man is critical and demanding

Your ex-Virgo will have a hard time forgiving you or might have a hard time assessing what went wrong with the relationship, his hyper-critical nature makes him stress out too much and think more on the negative side of things.

His hyper-realism accompanied by his demanding approach in love life might make him righteous, after a breakup, he will be too stunned to even communicate or make amends with you especially if you are the one who broke it off or if you cheated or lied first.

Because your Virgo man lives in his mind all the time, it can be challenging as to why he should get back at you, he will be too negative or might be too traumatized due to the failed relationship, especially if it’s a long-term and a serious one.

He represses his emotions and sees showing them as a weakness

Because your Virgo man is hyper-critical which also makes him critical of himself, he can be extremely judgemental and hyper-aware of the things he does, his decisions, and his actions towards the relationship.

As such he may act aloof and will tend to repress his emotions, especially his sadness and pain towards the failed relationship, he does not like to show any remorse or emotion which might make him stone-cold, this is because he hates drama and compromise.

Alongside that your Virgo man has hidden separation issues: he treats relationships seriously and he wants you to be the last, because of this he will have a hard assessing why the relationship failed, and he will tend to fight away emotions with logic

Because of this, he will be more hesitant to come back to you.

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Your Virgo man is hyper-focused on material & career pursuits

Do Virgo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Yes he might sulk and be depressed for a while but his logical mind knows that there are better pursuits in life in which he can achieve greatness, because he is a natural workaholic, he’ll be more interested in going up the ladder of whatever his career pursuit may be.

This level-headed sign will take all his energy towards his financial and career aspects instead of finding a rebound, he will however be ruthless enough to cut you off as if nothing happened between the both of you.

One of the best and worst traits of a Virgo is their ability to have good ethics which means he can be a workaholic and incredibly ambitious when pursuing his goals.

He will be headstrong in blocking off any communication with you

Virgo is obsessed with being right all the time, so his way of showing he’s right is by proving that he’s better off without you and that he’s better without the relationship, your Virgo man is a real stone-cold man if he wishes to be especially if he’s hurt by the breakup.

As such he will most certainly cut you off and block you which can hinder you from properly communicating your feelings to him…

He is a perfectionist even in his relationships

Because he is extremely perfectionist in every aspect of his life, he might think that you or him breaking off the committed relationship is a good sign that both of you are not compatible with each other, he will try to reason out that he might not be good enough or that there may be complications that make your relationship far from perfect.

He will not be with someone he deems to not fit his ideals or morals and as such it will be a dealbreaker for him…

What are your chances with your Virgo man?

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8 Ways To Get Your Virgo man back

Like I said in the above paragraph, it will be a tough job to get your Virgo man back, with that said there can be some useful tactics you can employ to make him rethink his decision of breaking up with you.

Talk through issues diplomatically

Do Virgo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Overwhelming emotions can be difficult to handle, and aggressive confrontation or any form of passive-aggressiveness should be avoided, it is best if you’re still living under the same roof as him or if you still have contact with him to be able to talk with your issues pragmatically.

Do not get washed away by your own emotions, try to be as calm when talking to him, and try to dissect piece by piece the root cause of the problem, by doing this you can fix the relationship slowly.

Be level-headed as him and watch your Virgo man get surprised and be instantly attracted to you…

Make him a little jealous

As you might be asking, a surefire way to make him jealous is by showing him you are graceful and unbothered by the breakup, moving on, and focusing more on your life than him.

Because he likes a woman who knows how to get through life successfully, this goes without saying that you need to be genuine and have an open heart without any toxic intentions.

Showing him you’re confident about your life plans rather than partying and showing him petty things can make him rethink twice about the breakup.

Find a way to communicate with him

Like what’s said a while ago, he will have the guts to cut you off from his contacts after the breakup which means the only way you can talk to him is by communicating with him in the physical form.

If you ever have the chance to talk to him, openly talk to him about your feelings without judging him or the situation, tell him that you understand him and the reasons why he cut you off from his life, sincerely apologize and admit that you still want to get back with him.

Whether he accepts the apology or not, at least you found a way to truly say what you feel about him…

Be Dependable and thoughtful

Do Virgo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Even if he’s not with you anymore offer him your practical support, if you have a way of helping him, help him. If you have a way of supporting his work and dreams, show your support, and be genuine about your feelings about helping him.

If you’re on a talking basis assuming that you made the first physical contact, be sure to be physically present and available, do not outright be clingy, just be sure to present yourself and be available when needed, do not be nosy but be kind and thoughtful in showing him that you still care about him.

This is a good way to show that you still love him, no matter what he’s doing showing him you’re there even after you two have parted ways will show him that you still want to be with him.

Get close to his loved ones

Although not necessarily a family man, your Virgo man will have a soft spot for his chosen few, in that cold icy surface, he projects lies beneath a tender and sensitive heart that gets close to his loved ones. This is a great way to get back to him and appeal to his family for help. 

Show him you still love him by getting close to you where his heart lies, because family is important to him, telling your family your situation and asking for them for help to be able to communicate with him better is a good way to show him you still love him.

Connect to his heart by going deep into his family and loved ones, that way it will help the relationship to positively grow, however, do not rush, take things slow, and do not be over-emotional when speaking your sentiments, it might only make your Virgo man turned off.

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Why are Virgo men serious and difficult to love?

The love of Virgo is steadfast yet erudite: he is practical and intelligent but still gives affection and love to make you feel the utmost loved.

Virgo is a Mercury-ruled sign 

Do Virgo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

The mercurial Virgos are prone to overthinking, accompanied by their harsh and critical nature, and strive for perfection in every aspect of their love life, they make it seem that they need to put on the hard work of building a long-term relationship.

Virgos have a hard time getting into a relationship and they will have a hard time getting out of it if they think it is necessary, they treat their relationships seriously and the most challenging part is they need to put down their defenses to show their vulnerability.

Virgo man exhibits mutable energy

Virgo man along with his fellow mutable big decisions that, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces are known for their adaptability which means he can be more fussy than usual, and his mutability will make his mind a little more excited than usual.

He will be prone to overthinking and thinking the worst-case scenarios of every situation, his overcritical nature is strengthened by the mutable modality of his sign. His analytical mind will be more overactive than usual and he will have a hard time trusting his decisions even if he’s headstrong about it.

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Is your Virgo man coming back, final words…

Your Virgo man might come back or not, either way, if you have done the steps above, you are sure that you made everything to be with him. If he doesn’t come back, keep in mind that it’s ok to be with somebody else who is way better for you. 

If your relationship is finished and it’s not looking like things are planning to be revived, it’s likely best to move on, live your life to the fullest and be in love with life, it will help you get through things easily.

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