Where does a Virgo Man like to be touched?

Do you wish to know where your Virgo man’s pleasure spots are? If you know where they are how will you utilize them to please him and make him feel relaxed? Will you touch it? Caress it? Massage it?

What kind of massage will you do? Heavy or light? Gentle or rough? What should your body language be while doing it? Should you maintain eye contact?

Worry no more! Because In this article we will tell you all about where your Virgo man likes to be touched!

Alongside that, we will give you insights into where her true erogenous zones lie and we will give you tips and tricks on how to properly massage, touch, and caress those areas which will bring an immense amount of pleasure to your Virgo man!

So sit back relax and listen carefully to the information we’re about to give to you!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Virgo man rules the stomach, waist, and buttocks and these body parts are the extremely sensitive portion where your Virgo man usually has an imbalance too.

Being deprived of touch and continually stressed either at work or in his family life.

Your Virgo Man must be touched and caressed in this area to ensure relaxation and alleviation of stress and tightness.

Alongside that, you can also offer light to medium massages but do not go overboard to make the massages hard and deep as the stomach area can be sensitive and it can be ticklish to him.

Virgo men are the pragmatic, intelligent, practical, helpful, methodical, sensible, realistic, stable, responsible, and hardworking men of the zodiac wheel! They are ruled by the sign of Virgo which is represented by a young maiden sometimes an angel carrying a sheaf of wheat.

Virgo season starts from August 23 to September 22. Virgo energy is practical and earthy almost related to agriculture (as mentioned before a Maiden carrying an ear of golden wheat).

Virgo men are responsible and outright achievers in life! Either through work, business, or academics you will see every field of work and career on this planet will be excelled and topped off by the persevering and hardworking Virgo man!

Even in the music industry some of the most notable performers have Virgo placements!

Virgo men are intelligent individuals capable of stoicism. Indeed their personality can come off as strong and intimidating. They are all-work players after all! They are efficient in their task and they get the job done with ease!

It might seem like it is for most people but because Virgo men desire perfectionism at the highest level everything they do seems outright not “enough” for them. They need to practice restraint and learn to loosen up and know that not everything goes in their way and that a little imperfection is good enough.

His appearance is neat, tidy, and professional he is quite good at making himself appear powerful, presentable and someone who you can trust with your savings. He knows well that appearance matters just like how reputation and how much you’ve achieved in academia matter.

If your husband, boyfriend, or significant other is Virgo you’ll be in for a good surprise! He can be a pleasing person if he needs to be!

Your Virgo man is proud of himself and he takes great lengths in making himself look decent and honorable. To him, his reputation in the world matters because his work credibility and the way he presents himself are factors that make or break one in this world.

You have to remember that this mutable earth sign is ruled by Mercury so a lot is going on deep on the surface.

He can have restraint and control but his overactive mind can be too much to handle sometimes and it can cause stress, heavy tension between his muscles, anxiety, and feelings of not being good enough or being a failure.

Remember that the air element (Mercurial aspect) combined in this earthy sign can be a complex personality indeed. There is stability but there’s a need to lose control and loosen up.

In romantic relationships, your Virgo man tends to be an incredibly cuddly individual but only behind closed doors. Privacy matters deeply to your Virgo man and he will not let his friends or family see his intimate side with you.

This is not because he is shy or likes to hide you from the public but rather he does this to maintain his intimidating, strong, and professional side. Your Virgo man is deeply caring and loving and may offer his love through acts of service.

If he is an unevolved Virgo then he might be prone to repressing his feelings more often.

This can be incredibly frustrating for you especially if he sometimes becomes cold and unfriendly for no reason. Touching and caressing him can depend on whether he is in the mood or not. Remember that your Virgo man is an earth sign which means he can be barren of emotions sometimes.

Be patient and understanding especially when he is trying to be more vulnerable and intimate with you and try to earn his trust more by being more loving and by proving your faithfulness to him at all times.

We have just scratched the surface of what makes the personality of your Virgo man! We have talked a little bit about your Virgo man’s personality and what makes him tick! With that said let’s now delve deep into how and where you Virgo man likes to be touched.

Where does he like to be touched when he wants to feel relaxed and where does he want to be touched during foreplay?

Let’s find out!

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Where does a Virgo Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Virgo man is extremely sensitive around his waist, buttocks, and stomach! After all Virgo rules, this body area means that your Virgo man’s stomach and waist area are his sensitive areas to be touched for relaxation, affection, and arousal!

Your Virgo man probably represses a lot of contained energy, lust, and thoughts inside him so touching, caressing, and fondling him in those areas are surely great ways to make him feel warm and safe.

Being a mutable earth sign can be tough for your Virgo man. He is not the one to show the first signs of attraction and might get easily frustrated which can ruin the mood. Not only that your Virgo man can be a perfectionist and can become obstinate when things don’t go his way.

This means more imbalance around his stomach which causes stress and anxiety.

To counteract that you can try offering him head massages which help alleviate tension and pain. An overthinking Virgo man can be prone to experiencing terrible headaches. When you offer this act of service to him you are showing him your love in a way that is beneficial to his health and well-being!

Alongside that, your Virgo man is cuddly and touchy behind closed doors! He might seem like a touch and ice-cold person who is all work no play but he deeply loves and cherishes private moments with his partner where he can truly loosen up his grip of control and be safe and vulnerable once in a while.

Use this as your main point of advantage and be extra romantic and cuddly with him! Wrap your hands on his waist or lay on his stomach!

Anything to make him feel safe and loved will surely work wonders for him! Remember that your Virgo man is also ruled by Mercury a very intelligent and mind-focused planet.

His mind may not be touched or caressed but it can be stimulated through smart interaction and a dry sense of humor! Whether people would notice it or not Virgo’s stereotype of being dull and boring is outdated!

In fact! Virgo men are some of the funniest men you’ll ever meet! With their quick and agile thinking, sharp way of saying words, and dry sense of humor that can be dark and sarcastic. Your Virgo man can be a fun person to converse with!

Whenever you are laying down or stimulating his stomach or waist either by touching or caressing you can try talking to him for maximum mind stimulation!

If you’re in the mood for more you can try putting your fingertips and running them through the skin of his stomach, rubbing it gently and behind to perform outward strokes while maintaining deep eye contact with him.

This will make him insanely aroused and want more! Alongside that your shy and sometimes cold Virgo man will be keen on pursuing you in the bedroom because you are showing signs of lust and attraction!

Overall, you must converse and talk with your Virgo man beforehand. Try to get close to him by stimulating his mind first then you can begin to offer to touch and caress him, particularly along the buttocks, stomach, and waist which also includes his abdominal muscles!

Remember when you try to do this make it seem effortless and you’re not doing it on purpose (appearing innocent) to fully arouse him!

Quick Overview: Virgo Man’s Erogenous zones!

1. Let him loosen up first before touching him

Your Virgo man can be pretty much hard to crack when it comes to love and intimacy. You might notice that even if you have gotten well along with him that it is hard to truly let him loosen up and have fun at the moment as he is often restrained with control and agitation.

With that said let him loosen up before touching him completely. It is a piece of good news if he lets you near him naked or if he is comfortable enough with the idea of being touched.

When you let him loosen up before touching you must be patient and loving and not force him to open up to you more as this will just irritate his part. Instead, be extra loving by preparing a nice ambiance where you can perform your touching and caressing.

 Maybe tidy the room first and make sure it is free from any dirt or stain, you can even light up scented candles that increase the aroma of the room whatever it might be make sure that he feels generally safe and comfortable to be vulnerable towards you!

Remember that your Virgo man rarely ever lets anyone touch him, especially in his pleasure spots so it is great to take a little caution and be patient when doing so.

2. Touch and caress his stomach lightly

The first erogenous zone of your Virgo man is his stomach. This is where the center of energetic pleasure spot of a Virgo man so putting effort into touching this area is a great way to truly pleasure him and make him feel relaxed.

To let him touch you both of you should lie in the bedroom. With your fingertips playfully stroke his chest until you do down to his stomach area. Rub it gently and carefully while telling him the story of your day. Remember to not make things awkward you must talk to him and stimulate his mind.

Also, remember when you touch or caress his stomach in a gentle manner you can also try kissing him to see what happens. Most likely the sensations he feels when you touch his stomach will be enough to arouse him and make him initiate the lovemaking process.

3. Forehead massages for headaches!

Your Virgo man is incredibly busy and a workaholic! Sometimes he will have no time to chill out because he is always on the move! With that said your Virgo man will encounter plenty of tension in his forehead due to the heavy loads of work that he acquires daily throughout the week.

With that said the best way you can do to help him is to offer him forehead massages which will stimulate blood flow into that area to help loosen the tension and tightness which causes the headaches.

Let him sit down next to you. Position yourself at his back then begin the messaging process by putting a little amount of scented oil in your hand preferably lavender or germanium as these herbs are especially good in calming down and relaxing one’s system.

Begin to rub his forehead gently and put fingertip pressure on each side of the temples. After that, you can start using your knuckles to put circular motions in his head to stimulate it.

Massaging his forehead gently and smoothly will help him calm her nerves and at the same time will slightly arouse him. For the most part, this will help him alleviate the stress he has from work. 

4. Touch his buttocks (for foreplay)

Touching and caressing his buttocks can also be another way to arouse him! If he’s standing up or you see him doing his work you can try to spank him or gently grab his buttocks which can indicate that you are sexually attracted to him and that you are keen for passion and lovemaking.

You can also do this while flirting with him and subtly complimenting his looks. Remember not to go overboard in complimenting him as this will just make him feel awkward. Rather you can compliment him sarcastically which he can respond positively to.

You can say things like “wow you’ve grown a lot lately to me” or you can say things like “you look so handsome today what did you do with your hair?” This will make the butt-grabbing feel less awkward and more flirtatious on your part.

5. Massage stomach and buttocks!

Last but not least! If you’re going for the relaxation route then you can emphasize massaging his stomach and buttocks! To let him do that make sure that he consents so ask him first if you can do it. If he agrees then let him lie comfortably and begin your massage in his stomach area.

The massaging should include gentle circular motions using the palm of your hands to avoid tickling him. Using knuckles or singular fingertips can be ticklish as this area is a sensitive part.

When it comes to the buttocks let him lay down flat on his face and deeply grab the buttocks. You can also use your entire hands to put deep pressure on massaging his buttocks. This can be incredibly stimulating and arousing on his part.

Touching a Virgo Man…Final Thoughts

Your Virgo man is an efficient, highly intelligent, stoic, industrious, hard-working, practical, financially-savvy individual who also embodies other hidden positive traits such as being genuinely kind and naturally helpful and sympathetic.

Your Virgo man is quick and methodological in his line of work which means he can be drained after work and frequently experiences a heavy set of physical pain and stress.

With that said you can ease his frequent stress and tensed body by massaging and touching him in his pleasure spots! Your Virgo man loves cuddling, touching, and kissing after a long day of work so whenever you give this to him you are bringing him an immense amount of healing and loving energy.

Touching and caressing him in his erogenous zones isn’t just to “turn him on” or arouse him. For the most part, you should incorporate this form of bond to ensure that both of you are still making up time for each other regardless of how busy or tiring both of your daily lives are.

As much as possible you should try to incorporate a healthy time where both of you can cuddle, touch, and caress each other, especially touching him in his pleasure spots. This helps with your Virgo man’s peace of mind and relaxation.

Overall, the most sensitive areas of your Virgo man that you can utilize to make him feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • His stomach (massage and caressing)
  • His buttocks (massage and caressing or spanking)
  • His forehead (deep soothing massage)

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