How To Get A Virgo Man Obsessed With You?

Do you want a Virgo man to get obsessed with you? Worry no more because in this article we will tell you exactly how to make your Virgo woman obsessed with you! Alongside that, we will also give you the exact details of how your shy and tidy Virgo man gets infatuated and obsessed with someone…

The Virgo man is the 6th sign of the zodiac wheel, born from August 23 up to September 23, represented by the Virgin, specifically, a maiden holding golden wheat. The Virgo man is incredibly strategic, grounded, realistic, and goal-oriented, this makes him one of the most career-oriented zodiac signs.

This, in turn, makes him successful and wealthy later on in life, because of his dedicated work and realism he can create a life of his own and his peers definitely will know about it! Loving and romantic behind closed doors.

A Virgo man doesn’t let his vulnerabilities affect him especially when it comes down to business.

As such your Virgo man can be perceived as stoic or cold when seen by other people but it is far from the truth! This introverted and analytical man knows when and when not to show emotions. Your Virgo man upholds a stoic reputation but that doesn’t mean he feels things.

This is the reason why your Virgo man rarely gets infatuated or obsessed with a person because he follows his rational mind instinctively. Yes, he feels emotions but he treats them like foreign objects that he can remove from his space. 

In terms of infatuation and obsession, your Virgo man loves a woman who is independent, neat, tidy, respectful and has a good sense of talk, the kind of woman you would see excelling at academics. Smart, old-fashioned, and knows how to do sensible talks…

With all of that in mind let’s tackle more on your Virgo man and his obsession tendencies, we’ll explain to you more about how a Virgo man develops an obsession so you can take advantage of it! We will also give you essential tips to make your Virgo man deeply obsessed with you!

Let’s jump right in!

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Virgo Men and Obsession Tendencies

A Virgo man starts his obsession journey with a simple appreciation or admiration. It could be that a woman did something exemplary at work or a trait that almost everyone admires. By then your Virgo man will surely stalk the woman on every social media page then the admiration turns into something else.

Your Virgo man tries to hide it, represses it, and as much as possible act unbothered by it but deep inside he is already analyzing so many things of what ifs and what not, but then by his overthinking he will then have a retaliation that he’s already in love with the person he’s been stalking too!

The infatuation he has will last for a week or a month but the more he tries to repress it the more it shows up in the most awkward of things which just makes it hard for him to control it. He may then ask the girl out but he will do it in an awkward and overtly serious manner. 

Your Virgo man gets attracted to a confident but not so showy woman, the kind of woman who is subtle in her dresses yet makes an impression with her feminine allure and grace. The kind of woman who is traditional and likes to assume the traditional role in parenthood. 

Alongside that, your Virgo man is deeply in love with someone who can appreciate his efforts and skills, a truly intelligent woman who can match his level of thinking. As such it is incredibly important to him that a woman can hold good conversational skills with just about anything.

Remember that your Virgo man is a busy person, not because he wants to be busy but because he wants to be incredibly efficient in life, this means he is also looking for a woman who is the same as him.

As the saying goes “if you want something done give it to a Virgo”. He is systematic in dealing with problems and this makes him one efficient and organized sign!

If you want to get the attention of your Virgo man you must acquire the traits that he has, be logical, practical, and realistic in your approach to life. Work on your career and yourself, and empower yourself by accomplishing things in this material world. 

He likes a woman who is diligent at work and knows how to properly appropriate herself with other people, this doesn’t mean your Virgo man doesn’t like to have fun. To him, there’s just a schedule of where and when it would be. To him balancing is important…

Virgo is a mutable earth sign and is ruled by Mercury, the fast and agile planet. This incredible combination makes him deeply rooted in the material world without being chaotic or “in the clouds” like Gemini or Pisces. This means your Virgo man is no B.S. when it comes to love!

He likes the idea of falling in love but he is not stupid to let his emotions guide his way, as much as possible he will always look for a woman who will have the same adherence to life as him and a woman who is grounded and knows the harsh realities of life.

He knows love will not solve everything in this world.

How to Get Your Virgo Man to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Act classy and humble

The first key step in making your Virgo man obsessed with you is you must show to him that you are a graceful woman in and out of work. Act class by dressing appropriately on all occasions, try to smile more and include simplicity and charm in your way of interacting with people.

Opt for neutral tones in apparel and makeup. Instead of emphasizing looking beautiful, emphasize looking clean and proper. The fragrance also matters! The woody yet floral fragrance works best in attracting your Virgo man.

The more humble and simple you are in terms of your dress, makeup, the way you style yourself, and your accessories, the more you are showing yourself to be a perfect fit for your Virgo man! 

2. Help people who are in need

Kindness is one of the most important assets that your Virgo man looks for in a woman, kindness denotes feminine beauty for a Virgo man!

Kindness is a pure value that no beauty can beat. No matter how beautiful a woman is if she’s rotten inside it will show in her attitude and her way of dealing with people and it will always be a turnoff for him.

Try to help people who are in need, offer advice when people ask you for one, and be helpful, especially towards children and animals. The more he can see how truly a good-hearted person you are the more he’ll fall deeply in love with you!

3. Show off your skills

The third step to make sure your Virgo man is obsessing over you is that you need to show that you’re an all-work no talk kind of person, you must be able to show him that you are efficient and organized in your career and that you are doing good in whatever work or passion you’re doing as of the moment.

The technique is not to brag but to instead share your experiences with him and share the hardships you had along through it. For example, if you’ve won an award tell him the exact steps you have to do just to get the prestigious award instead of just bragging about how great you are.

Remember the more humble you are the more powerful your attraction attaches to him.

4. Ask for his technical assistance

In this part, you need to play the part of the damsel in distress, remember your Virgo man might already have feelings for you but he’ll be shy and second-guess pursuing you. In this way, you are leading on without making it seem like you’re making the first move!

Ask for help, try asking for help in matters he deeply knows, and let him assist you, when this happens you let the tension build up by incorporating plenty and plenty of intense eye contact and sensual touch! Try to be playful in this part! Surely he will like it and will be down for more!

5.  Natural beauty appeals to him

The fifth step in attracting your Virgo man and making him obsessed with you is that you must appeal to natural beauty.

To become naturally pretty you must focus on the basics such as good proper facial and oral hygiene, and trying to do your makeup in a simple yet elegant way. This means fewer bold reds and more neutral beige tones.

Remember your Virgo man isn’t attracted to glitz and glamor, he prefers a simple yet delicate look that is feminine and graceful. Try not to overdo your makeup or go for the sultry look it will only attract the wrong types of men. 

By appealing to a natural sense of beauty you are showing that you do not pay much attention to your looks and you are focused on more important aspects of your life – career, education, passion, family, and others.

6. Set the mood every time you’re with him

Every time you’re near each other it will always be apparent that you are going to have a conversation, every time it happens you must build tension between the both of you. It will always be apparent if your Virgo man is attracted to you because he will be awkward.

The more he likes a person the more he’ll overthink his actions towards the person.

Keep your body language feminine and graceful yet slightly seductive, smile, and talk more with your eyes. Ask questions about romance and romantic relationships, with this you need to test out the waters with your Virgo man.

The more you see he’s going in with the flow of waters try to casually ask him out on a date and see how it goes. Trust us! He’ll surely go crazy over you in no time!

7. Speak intelligently

Last but not least! If the concept of date is already in both of your minds you must be able to hold a real conversation with him! In this part, you must sound or at least appear well knowledgeable, you can use humor every once in a while but always be ready for the kinds of questions and topics he’ll talk about.

Use formal language when talking to him and apply social manners when dealing with him. Alongside that try not to overthink the situation, just let it flow freely so you can both release whatever tension you both have. Remember it is just a date it is no big deal.

The more you speak intelligently, the more he’ll go crazy over you!

Virgo: The Pragmatic Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Virgo man is one pragmatic lover! He loves in ways that will get you to assess how much of a good man he is to you. Whenever he gets obsessed he tends to act awkward and a little bit shy over you so it is a pretty good sign if he is starting to act like that! Overall, your Virgo man is truly a serious lover!

Be sure to do the things said above to make sure your Virgo man gets obsessed with you! If you are planning on having a long-term relationship with him be sure to get ready because with your Virgo man, he will better your life 100% than it was before!

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