How To Attract A Virgo Man

How to attract a Virgo man?

Virgo is the sixth transformation of cosmic creation, from Aries’ “I am”, and Taurus’ with “What is mine”, Gemini’s “Who is around me”, then Cancer’s “What are my roots”, over Leo’s “what is my joy”.

Now, the Virgo phase revolves around “let’s work this over” and it’s all about service, organization, realistic or critical approach in order to improve life.

In this sense, to attract the Virgo man, you will have two seemingly opposite approaches. Either you will act like a Virgo himself, which means to be organized, rational, and always in a hurry, or, you will become someone dreamy, artistic, too fragile, and too sensitive, and try to awaken the protective side of him.  

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Why is a Virgo man so critical?

Virgo man is not so critical, at least not all the time, as he is real. He just wants to deal with “real” people, meaning, with those who speak the truth and to get into the essence of things. And in this regard, he is often seen as someone who is not so interested in the romantic side of love.

There are four major elements in astrology, fire, earth, air, and water. And the sign of Virgo belongs to the earth element in its stable form.

In Taurus, the earth element is moist and about values, in Capricorn, it is crystallized and firm, but the Virgo is all about getting the rewards through the hard labor and collecting nature’s goods.

This is why a Virgo man doesn’t have to prove his point because he is right most of the time. He simply knows all the bad and good sides of any project and he doesn’t want his time to be wasted on pondering about what could or should have been or will be.

He deals with “here and now” philosophy and this phenomenal trait makes him one of the most successful males in the Zodiac circle.

The ruler of Virgo is the planet Mercury, and as such, it can be placed anywhere from the late Cancer degrees, Leo, Virgo, and Libra.

Since Mercury represents our operational mind and speech, a Virgo man can appear to be silent most of the time and incline toward domestic matters the most if this planet is in Cancer.

He could have some grand ideas and become a genuine leader, if his natal Mercury is in Leo, or he could be diplomatic and talented for trades in Mercury is in Libra.

In Virgo, this Mercury reaches its full potential making this Virgo man a wonderful doctor, healer, farmer, technician of any sort, project developer, and so on.

He usually appears to be smaller, thinner, or darker than other people, but his ambition and organizational skills will surely create lasting success during his mature years.

What are the main traits of a Virgo man?

A man born in the sign of Virgo has clarity of view, rationality, and sharpness of his thoughts or his speech.

Besides those characteristics, he is analytical, and practical with incredible trading skills and knowledge of technology in general. One can often find a Virgo man who is a true genius.

Sometimes he can be an idealist, and his temperament is often complicated and closed. He is a stranger to any form of exhibitionism, and he knows how to possess specific humor that is more inclined toward sarcasm.

Virgo man is resourceful in every situation, although he is sensitive and often strict, thus masking his fear at the same time.

Admission to logic, order, work, analysis, and routine, are his main traits because he simply loves to do something constructive. He has a sense of efficiency, likes to be independent of others, and self-confidence and self-esteem always give him happiness and a clear conscience.

Can you seduce a Virgo man?

You can relatively easily attract or seduce a Virgo man if you manage to play your proper card, which will be either to mirror him or to be his exact opposite. The outcome will depend on your chart compatibility, but totally precise or totally chaotic behavior will knock him off his feet.

Of course, to attract, and more importantly, to keep someone, you will have to analyze the whole natal and compatibility charts, but in general terms, a Virgo man will fall for someone who resembles his ideals or smart, practical, and tidy person.

Or, he will be swept off his feet by someone who is his total opposite, meaning someone who is artistically oriented, and possesses a liberated spirit but poor control over reality. And then he will “sacrifice” to take care of that particular person.

Also if you truly want to know to what kind of person a Virgo man is attracted to, then you will have to see where the position of his natal Venus is. If this planet is in the sign of Cancer, he will fall for lighter types with obvious feminine curves, and someone calm and focused on family and domestic affairs. 

If a Virgo man’s Venus is in the sign of Leo, then he will go for a “trophy” partner, someone who can represent his wealth and taste in public, and someone filled with self-esteem and joy.

If his natal Venus is in Virgo, he will be into “clever” or better to say calculative partners, persuasive and knowledgeable. And if his natal Venus is positioned in the sign of Libra, he will like elegant and mannered individuals with a sense of diplomacy and proper measure.

How to attract the younger Virgo man

The younger Virgo guy will fall for confusing and spiritual individuals each time without any mistake. This will happen because he will feel the strong need to know everything and everyone, and this type of person will be a riddle. And therefore, he will get hooked, “dive in” and get lost in love.

The area of partnerships for Virgo is placed in the sign of Pisces, just opposite Virgo. And this sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter in the traditional sense and Neptune as its “modern” ruler.

Jupiter and Neptune can be anywhere in someone’s natal chart, but their placements will always point to spirituality and higher education, for Jupiter, and all things dreamy, tempting, and unexplainable for Neptune.

Therefore, a young Virgo guy can easily fall for someone who “plays piano in the dark” as one old song says, or someone who paints in solitude, sings romantic songs, or works isolated in a laboratory.

This can be the portrait of a girl waiting for her crusader knight to come back, someone truly romantic and out of this world.

Also, a young Virgo guy will feel magically attracted to those individuals who juggle well some complicated terms related to religion, different cultures, ocean or sky exploration, or any science or belief which needs complete dedication and purity of the heart.

Those things which stand high above the operational thinking will make him confused and eager to find out more.

How to attract a mature Virgo man

The older or the mature Virgo man won’t have so much energy to change the world or to waste it while trying to understand unexplainable things or people. And this is why he will seek stability and a traditional approach to life in his future, and hopefully, a lasting partner.

It’s a frequent situation that a Virgo man ends up divorced because his marital area is seen through the sign of Pisces which is dual, and therefore brings two or more marriages. Of course, this is not the rule, but in the majority of cases, it just happens.

And it’s reinforced by Virgo man’s constant need for perfection.

This is why the mature Virgo man will be cured against all “mystical” or “magical” types of partners because he will grow tired of saving or directing this person in life.

His areas of romantic love and higher aims in life will get activated at that same time. And those areas are Capricorn with its ruler Saturn and Taurus with its ruler Venus.

He will start to seek someone who is grounded, and well-established in his career or in life in general, which are all Saturnian traits. He will want to be with someone serious, traditional, and calm, someone who had to rise above many obstacles and learn endless lessons.

In this way, a Virgo man won’t have to waste his energy on teaching or leading his partner in life as was probably the case in the past.

On the other hand, a Virgo man will also fall for exceptionally feminine traits now, for kindness and beauty, and he will open up completely toward carnal pleasures, especially if he feels that his place or his role in society is respected and equally financially rewarded.

So, he will try to find a partner who will represent the perfect combination of allure, style, and wealth. 

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