How Does A Virgo Man Test You?

How Does A Virgo Man Test You?

Virgos are notorious for their obsession with details. This perfectionist sign is ruled by Mercury and is about communication. They belong to the earth element that represents the need for foundation but is remains adaptable.

In astrology, Virgo manages the 6th house which is about service, daily activities, and health. Virgo men are critical, intimidating, and attentive.

As a perfectionist, the Virgo man will test you by your work ethic. For a Virgo man, he seeks quality over quantity. He will appreciate a partner that is organized and values cleanliness. These men are responsible and reliable and he wants to see these qualities reflected through you.

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Profile of a Virgo man

How Does A Virgo Man Test You

The Virgo man is detail-oriented. You might be doing your job as usual, but he will always find something to improve on. Your Virgo man, like most of the earth signs, is very patient and is willing to do the hard work to accomplish something he wants.

Often, Virgo men tend to overthink. They rely more on their logical side than their emotions to get the best of them. Despite being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they do not really get to express their feelings well.

They are also able to think of what is the likely outcome first before deciding on anything. They are often misunderstood because of their impulse to improve others thus they get a bad reputation for having too much to say.

They are all about service. Virgo needs to have a purpose in life and wants to fill that role. They always put their loved ones first before them. Virgo men are selfless as these men keep a humble front and do not like to boast about their accomplishments.

Virgo men may seem pessimistic at times because they have already thought of many possible ways of how something goes wrong before it has even started. Although they are not the most outgoing signs, the Virgo man is one of the best family men in the zodiac.

What are your chances with your Virgo man?

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7 ways a Virgo man will test you

He will test your patience with him

How Does A Virgo Man Test You?

Virgo men can always be found overwhelmed at work. They have a work ethic that is dedicated and will not mind taking extra hours to accomplish a task. A Virgo’s mentality feels like, “if you can’t do it well, I’ll do it myself.” They lose sight of the end game and are absorbed by their day-to-day activities.

He might prioritize his workplace over his dating life. Virgo men need a partner that understands he may not be able to understand a clingy personality. He would need someone who can let him do his thing and give him security that she will greet him when he comes home.

Virgo men move slowly when it comes to commitments. It takes a big deal of patience before he will fully trust you. He also is not the initiator and would wait for you to make a move instead.

He tests you with his controlling tendencies

They can have a control issue since Virgo men like having things go according to plan. He might have high expectations of the people around him. He likes to plan things in advance. For Virgo, control is a virtue, and may not always realize the stress that he puts on other people due to his behavior.

The Virgo man can be insecure when it comes to love. Even if you have won his heart already, it will not stop his controlling nature. It is part of who he is. You would have to live by their constant suggestions and hopefully find a way not to get offended by some of them.

He tests you with his critical personality

Since you wanted to be with a Virgo man, you would have to adjust yourself when your Virgo man is giving his feedback all the time. If you think he’s being critical with you, in reality, he is more critical of himself. Virgos have minds that see the potential in everything and everyone and curse themselves by bestowing the responsibility of feeling like it’s their duty to make the world a better place.

Ironically, they forget to work on their own problems by taking everyone else’s problems with them. You would have to remind them to love themselves first. The saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup” applies here.

He tests you by observing if you are lying

How Does A Virgo Man Test You?

Virgos have a gift of memory, especially since they are all about details. He will not forget anything you may have said or are supposed to bring. It is just that they might not care enough about you to say it upfront so that feelings don’t get hurt.

For the Virgo man, honesty is the best policy, but they also know how to discern when someone wants the truth or not. Virgos despite their exterior, have an uneasy feeling when they feel like they will hurt someone they care about.

He tests your sanity

It is close to impossible to have a relaxing day with a Virgo. Their minds are always overanalyzing something or a situation. They always need to be checking a task off their list. They have this innate need to make sure whatever they do has a purpose or is productive.

If you are free-spirited and live for adventure, a Virgo might be challenging for you. The good news is, a way to know if he is comfortable with you is if he has actually allowed himself to relax when you’re around.

He tests your loyalty

It might come as a surprise, but Virgo men are possessive. Virgo keeps their feelings at bay but when they get jealous you will feel it in bursts of anger out of the blue. As an earth sign, they are territorial but may not always get to express this to their loved ones.

Virgo men put fidelity first. If they start feeling like their love is one-sided, they can easily kick you out of their life. When a Virgo has moved on it is difficult or maybe impossible to convince them to take you back.

He tests you by making you’re not superficial

How Does A Virgo Man Test You?

Virgo men dislike conceited people. They don’t like it when someone acts with a sense of entitlement. These men are not superficial. They appreciate things that people normally miss in detail. They are used to being called judgmental, but they don’t mind because they know their intentions are good.

Take care to make yourself humble. They don’t like people who boast out of wanting attention. He likes to keep a quiet profile in life.

Get more details about your Virgo man

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How your Virgo man tests you, in a nutshell…

The Virgo man will test you based on your work ethic. Virgo men are happiest when they feel useful. It is difficult for them to let their mind stay still. They are overthinkers and want to be with someone that keeps them grounded.

He would want to be with someone who makes him feel like he is fulfilling a purpose. Detail-oriented Virgo appreciates partners that value acts of service as a love language. They are self-critical and sometimes it can project on the people around them.

You would need to be patient with your Virgo man. They are loyal, devoted, and easily the sign that never gives up on their partner. Most of the time, they only let go if you have decided to leave them. As Perfectionists, don’t get offended when he tries to correct you, that’s simply a way to show that he cares.



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