Dating a Virgo Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Dating a Virgo Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Your Virgo man can come off as uptight and a little bit too serious, but you want to keep him because he is such a good lover, and you want a future with him. Here are some things to keep in mind when dating your Virgo man.

Your Virgo man is hardworking, creative, supportive, and reliable. He is also a strategic planner and knows what he wants in a relationship. You should be straightforward and respect his time. Do not tell him that it is okay when it is not, and do not say “that does not matter” because to him, everything does.

Sounds good? Well, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s take a look at what your Virgo man is all about…

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About your Virgo Man

He is hardworking

Dating a Virgo Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Your Virgo man is the type to work 2 to 3 jobs because he does not like the feeling of not having money. He always has to have a brand and money. Like other earth signs, he values stability, especially financial stability. When in a relationship, your Virgo man will make you feel that he is the man.

He makes you feel like this because he knows that he is aiming to be financially stable if he isn’t already. If he is not stable, he is not at his best. Get ready to catch him drinking beer in front of the TV. So, if you want him at his best, do your best to encourage him because he likes to go out there to create stability.

He is very creative

This is probably one of the best characteristics of a Virgo man.

If you knew to yourself that you are going to date a businessman, your Virgo man is the one for you. He is very creative and always thinks ahead of the game. He always thinks about the future and gets creative on what the next big thing to do is to get ahead.

However, he can overthink a lot of times because there are a lot of things going on in his mind. He can also be a little indecisive and tense most of the time. That is again because he is always thinking of things to do next. Failing is the last thing he wants to do.

He is very supportive

If you are doing something to build your career, expect that your Virgo man is going to support you with everything. And this is not him faking it, he will genuinely be supportive. He is not the type to get jealous like other lovers you may have experienced.

However, he can be a little too critical of what you do. He can make you feel as If you should have done better.

He can come off as rude when he is only being honest and wants you to continuously improve. Now, if you are the type to hate it when someone is all up in your business, you will not enjoy being in a relationship with a Virgo man.

He is a strategic planner

Dating a Virgo Man? 12 Things You Must Know

This trait is probably what Virgos are most known for – planning things. Your Virgo man plans things and would enjoy a good checklist of what he needs to do every day.

He is organized like this because again, he always wants to have something to do. He wants to do things that will keep him ahead. You cannot even mock him for doing so because he is very serious about his plans.

He is reliable

Like Leo, your Virgo man is also dependable and someone you can rely on. He is very intellectual, so you know that your Virgo man will be of big help when you need help with making big decisions in your life.

However, your Virgo man also has a really good memory. He will remember every little thing you say, and this can haunt you someday. When you do something wrong, your Virgo man will always bring these up because he holds grudges and has a hard time getting what you did go.

He knows what he wants in a partner

Dating a Virgo Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Because of how engrossed your Virgo man is in his future, he has no time to date and has a trial and error in the dating scene. So, as early as your first date, he already knows if you are the one or just someone who’ll just pass by in his life.

He knows what type of person you are because of how critical he is. However, when he knows that you are the one, you would not be able to get rid of him. You can think of this as sweet and romantic, but seriously, he can be a real stalker if one day you decide to leave him.

What are your chances with your Virgo man?

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6 Things to Do When Dating a Virgo Man

Be straightforward

Dating a Virgo Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Again, your Virgo man does not have the time to realize stuff that you said that may seem like you are beating around the bush. He values clarity, so, it is important for you to be straightforward and direct with what you want to say.

He does not have the time to read between the lines and speculate just to understand you. Aside from that, this annoys the hell out of him. Also, he already has a lot on his plate, so, you do not want to be one more riddle to figure out.

He may think that you are too complicated and is a burden in his life. So, be direct, and he will trust you.

Respect his time

When you meet a Virgo man, he can be in pursuit of some of his goals. He might have been tending to some of his responsibilities, and so if he makes time for you, know that you are really special to him and that he’s willing to give up some of his time for you.

And so, you need to be able to show how appreciative you are that he is giving you time. Let him know that you honor and respect his time. However, do not make him feel guilty for having more time for you. You just need to be grateful that your Virgo man wants to spend time with you.

Understand that he rarely gives compliments

It seems like your Virgo man is having a hard time giving compliments – not only to you but for almost all people, in general. And you should accept this fact because whenever he compliments you, know that he really means it.

He only gives you compliments when he thinks you deserve them. He only does it if he really got impressed with something you did. The good thing about this is that you will know that these compliments are all sincere.

Do not assure him that everything is okay if it’s not

Dating a Virgo Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Again, your Virgo man is very critical, and he wants nothing but the truth. So, in times of crisis, do not even attempt to pull the phrase “Everything will be okay” because he will look for proof. Only tell him this when you are sure that everything will indeed be okay. Be sure that you will present proof.

Do not hold him accountable for something he did not state

When you need something from a Virgo man, make sure that you ask him first. He does not want to be held accountable for mistakes in the tasks that he did not even agree he would do. So, it is best to communicate with him about it before you even throw a fit.

Do not say “That does not matter”

To your Virgo man, everything matters, and every single detail is important. When in an argument, and you are at fault, make sure that you do not invalidate his feelings by telling him what you did does not matter. You will not get a very good response.

So, it is important that you mean every single detail of whatever it is that you are trying to solve.

More details when dating a Virgo man

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Dating a Virgo man, the final word…

Dating a Virgo Man? 12 Things You Must Know

The things you need to know when dating a Virgo man:

  • He is hardworking
  • He is very creative
  • He is very supportive
  • He is a strategic planner
  • He is reliable
  • He knows what he wants in a partner

The things you need to do when dating a Virgo man:

  • Be straightforward
  • Respect his time
  • Understand that he rarely gives compliments
  • Do not assure him that everything is okay if it Is not
  • Do not hold him accountable for something he did not state
  • Do not say “That does not matter”

Stay in love!



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