7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Virgo Man

One thing that you need to know is that a Virgo man has set walls around him to protect his feelings. Right off the bat, you need to make sure that you are willing to put in the work to get him. It is not an easy job, for sure, but know that it is not impossible. Here are ways to seduce a Virgo man.

To seduce a Virgo man, be physically clean, and make sure that you appear well-groomed. Mentally stimulate him by engaging in smart conversations with him. Show him that you can be trusted and be honest with your intentions with him. Show him fun and be patient with him.

Lastly, be a mystery that he can solve.

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Before we dive into more details about seducing your Virgo man, let’s first get to know him in bed.

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How A Virgo Man Is In Bed

Your Virgo man is the sign of a helper. He is ruled by the sixth house, and he is one of the most meticulous and detail-oriented people that you meet. Because of how logical and analytical he is, it is very hard for him to not be anxious.

There will always be anxious energy around him because he is ruled by the planet Mercury. He is an earth sign that has airy qualities. With this, he is also very helpful and will cater to your needs.

 He is also the type of lover that will provide stability for you. He is very smooth and clean because he is naturally a very hygienic person. When it comes to the bedroom, he is also like this. He makes sure that the setting is very nice and clean.

As a helper sign, he wants everything that to work out in place. He wants to please the person he is having a romantic relationship with, so expect that he is going to be very giving when it comes to pleasure.

He wants to make sure that everything looks and feels good for you. He is going to be touching you in places that will mostly give you pleasure. Again, he is known to be a mutable earth sign, and so he is going to be going with the flow and building on other people’s ideas.

In a nutshell, a Virgo man is very good in bed. When it comes to size, he does have the package He has the skills and the will to pleasure you, so you will truly enjoy your time with a Virgo man.

He is going to be very energetic in bed, and his stamina is exceptional. He is going to do an effort of learning your body, and he will study how to make you feel good, and best believe that he will perfect it.

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7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Virgo Man

Be clean

Known to be somehow a clean freak, your Virgo man cares about how to clean your home is, or for instance, the setting of the session. He is going to make sure that everything is in its proper place and including his sexual partner.

He looks into these things because he has a need for cleanliness and orderliness. He also likes to keep things in order and according to plan.

To seduce a Virgo man, you need to make sure that you come off as clean and tidy. So, you definitely need to take a bath before meeting with him.

Do your hairline those edges. Make sure that you brush your teeth and clean every part of your body. You need to make sure that you smell nice and fresh for him.

Mentally stimulate him

Because he is a sign that is ruled by Mercury, he is a very intelligent person. He knows what to do because he is logical and what to say because he is well-spoken. So, it just makes sense if he looks for the same thing in a partner.

You need to realize that there is a deep sensual energy deep inside of him, and you need to hit him in the right places to seduce him.

So, you need to be able to mentally stimulate him by engaging in intellectual debates with him. You need to be updated with social issues and the like. He finds smart as sexy, and when you talk eloquently and with sense, he is going to want to sleep with you right away.

So, be a reader and prepare yourself with the ideas to share with him.

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Show that you are trustworthy

There are a lot of walls set by a Virgo man because he does not want to get hurt. The last thing he wants is a broken heart.

Remember that he has plans in his life, and he does not want anybody to ruin what he has already planned. He can be a little analytical and nitpicky.

To seduce him, you need to show him that you can be trusted. Show him that you can survive his nitpickiness. Your Virgo man does not like the unknown. He does not like it if he cannot predict what is about to happen next.

So, you need to look steady. Understand that you need to put on some work to seduce him because this is a sign he has standards.

Be honest with your feelings

As we can all agree, your Virgo man is very busy and has already filled his calendar with the things he needs to do every day. So, you do not want to waste his time playing games. I mean he does not need you to do things for him.

He can do it by himself. Also, I have already said earlier, that he has put walls around him to avoid him getting hurt.

To seduce him, you need to be honest with your intentions toward him. If you intend to just sleep with him, tell him exactly that. If you want to be with him in a romantic and loving relationship, then tell him that too.

He is going to appreciate your honesty and your frankness, and when you treat him right, he is going to get turned on.

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Show him fun

Your Virgo man is very serious about his life and achieving his goals. I mean it is a very good thing, but you need to realize that he also needs a lot of fun to balance life.

It is given that he is a brilliant thinker, and knows that sometimes, he might need a little break from all of that. To seduce him, show that you have what it takes to provide balance to his life.

Show him that you are fun to be with and that you are also fun in bed. By fun, I mean you are willing to try his kinks out. You need to make sure that you are willing to be adventurous.

One thing that a Virgo man likes is feet, so you need to be open-minded enough to do things with your feet for him.

Do not rush him

Again, he has a lot of plans for his future, and the last thing he wants is someone to ruin these plans. So, do not come off as a threat to all of these because he will despise you.

It is important that you are patient because getting with him means you are breaking down the walls that he has set for Himself for protection. So, it is important that you are patient to wait until he is ready.

Be a mystery to him

He is again, a very logical person. He likes things or people that he needs to figure out and solve like a puzzle. He likes to analyze things that are new to him. So, it is important to reveal things about you slowly.

When you are going out with him, do not show all the “goods” right away. You need to let him think and imagine you naked. You need to have something to reveal in the end. This will surely make him want you more, and you get to seduce him.

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7 effective ways to seduce a Virgo man, final thoughts…

To seduce a Virgo man:

  • Be clean
  • Mentally stimulate him
  • Show that you are trustworthy
  • Be honest with your feelings
  • Show him fun
  • Do not rush him
  • Be a mystery to him



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