How does a Virgo man Express Love?

Are you wondering what a Virgo man is like when he’s in love? In this article, we are going to show you exactly how a Virgo man expresses his romantic and sexual feelings to his significant partner, and at the same time, we will give you tips on how to get your Virgo man to express his love more openly to you!

The Virgo man expresses love with practicality, he is pragmatic, he rarely expresses love but he will mean it with his actions, he will try to show love through acts of service, he’ll try to take the relationship in a traditional route, so expect more chocolates, teddy bears and flowers type of gifts now and then…

The Virgo man is the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the Virgin or the Maiden. A picture of a beautiful untouched woman, her energy is pure, analytical, and full of grounding energy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is a mutable earth sign. It is an interesting combination, the sister sign of Virgo is Gemini. Both are ruled by Mercury, what Gemini lacks in focus, Virgo acquires.

His intelligence is practical, he thinks realistically. He is analytical and strategic. This makes him calculated. Every move he aims to do perfectly, and he does it with finesse. His personality and appearance can be overshadowed because he focuses more on the important things rather than the superficial things like his looks.

The Virgo man is the archetypal healer or feminine goddess. For him, service is his reward. He is a hard worker and he achieves perfection through hard work and persistence. Mastery of his skill is a thing that a Virgo man is truly proud of. He may not be loud about it but his intelligence can give off an air of superiority above others.

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With all of that said, the Virgo man expresses his love differently and uniquely which makes him stand out from the other zodiac signs. Let’s dive deep into the psychology of how a Virgo man expresses his romantic and sexual feelings to his significant partner!

Let’s jump in!

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How does A Virgo Man express his feelings?

The Virgo man loves through his actions, not his words. He can be emotionally dry which can make him seem aloof and unemotional. Even in a romantic relationship, he might struggle to fully comprehend what he is feeling.  What’s worse is that he can be emotionally repressed from all those years when he hadn’t known you, making the communication hard.

Either way, his expression of love will be practical. He will try to financially shoulder you or treat you on dates or trips that are fully paid for by him. He will fix your broken sink or change your tires if flat.  It what he does. This is his expression of love.  He doesn’t do it for anyone he doesn’t care about.

You might also notice that he will be more generous in giving you nice gifts. This is his way of telling you that he truly appreciates you and loves you. In terms of physical touch and intimacy, he will be more open to it behind closed doors. In public, he believes that it is best to act formal and professional.

Being an earth sign, your Virgo man has a natural talent for making money, he might have a business or a high-paying job, or maybe he is doing sideline jobs, instead of being fearful that you might deem him unworthy, he takes pride in it, he likes that he is seen as hard-working and independent and it is also a sign that he is expressing his love for you, he talks about his work.

In a romantic relationship, he is organized and well-planned, surely all of your trips or travels will be made by him, he likes to make sure everything in the schedule and time is perfect only then he can feel extremely relaxed around you, behind closed doors he has a hidden passionate side, he likes to take the lead and be the man, he wants you to feel utmost pleasure, he feels it’s a good thing that he is in “service” of pleasuring you…

In a romantic relationship, he is organized and well-planned. Surely all of your trips or travels will be made by him. He likes to make sure everything is on the schedule. The time is perfect only when he can feel extremely relaxed around you.

Behind closed doors, he has a hidden passionate side. He likes to take the lead and be the man. He wants you to feel utmost pleasure. He feels it’s a good thing that he is in the “service” of pleasuring you…

Overall, the Virgo man’s love style is more focused on his acts of love. More practicality comes to sense when he’s trying to express his emotions towards you. Alongside that, he will be low-key but he will certainly introduce you to his family and friends because he does less time on social media. It can seem like he’s making the relationship private.

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How to get your Virgo Man to express his love to you!

Be a practical and grounded person

First on the list! Being practical and grounded in the realities of life is a surefire way to keep your Virgo man. It is a huge turn off when he feels his partner is delusional about getting grander things in life.Although he believes it is achievable, it can be hard for a Virgo man to keep his tabs on a partner who wants more out of life.

Be a practical person same as him and this will truly get him to like you more in the long run!

Keep the relationship low-key

Privacy is the main theme of a Virgo man’s relationship. Although he doesn’t like hiding his relationship, he occasionally shows you off and posts pictures of you together on social media. Remember that he is keen on building a nice and stable life so he doesn’t have time to show off to others.

Have the same mindset and surely he will fall hard for you and he will be more inclined to openly express his love and affection towards you!

Be a problem-solver, not a problem maker

Remember, it doesn’t mean that your Virgo man has no problems if he isn’t asking for help. Remember that your relationship is a partnership. It is a win-win situation if you both help each other out.

With that said, try to be practical about things and try to help him with his usually day-to-day problems as much as possible. This will surely get him to appreciate you more!

Control and domination kinks are add-ons!

Your Virgo man probably has a domination kink that you only knew. With that said, it is best to spice things up in your relationship by adding roleplay games every time there is a makeout plan.

Try to wear something sexy like lingerie. He will enjoy control and domination kinks such as BDSM, or tying a partner up in the bedroom, or chokers are a good way to spice up the sex between the two of you!

Give him his time and space

As much as you want him to spend time with you, be a responsible partner and know what your partner’s schedule is. Be mindful of him whenever he asks for some alone time.

Your Virgo man is a heavily introverted sign and because of that he recuperates by being alone but don’t take it to heart. Instead, be compassionate and tell him that you are available no matter what.

Be patient with him

Remember that your Virgo man isn’t the most emotionally expressive sign. He is not the kind of guy who would express himself in a serious heart-to-heart conversation. Therefore, you must appreciate it when he finally opens up to you.

Be patient and do not force him to tell express feelings too quickly.  Instead tell him that you do understand and feel him and that you are patient. Let him know that you can wait, that you still love him no matter how long he takes to fully open up and to fully express his emotions to you.

Doing this will surely warm your Virgo man’s heart and make him fall hard for you!

Stay intelligent even in love

Last but not the least, stay intelligent even in love, your Virgo man loves and admires an intelligent woman so embody being one!

Be open to reading more books and other sources of information. Keep track of the news, it can be a good conversation starter for a Virgo man. Try to learn more about politics, and alongside that, focus more on a deeper understanding of things rather than going on shallow knowledge.

Remember, do not impress him with your knowledge, let your intelligence come off naturally, in that way, he’ll know you are not faking it…

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How a Virgo man shows love (& how to receive love from him!), final thoughts…

The Virgo man’s pragmatic nature shouldn’t be taken seriously. He may not show his love through words and affection, but you will surely feel it through his actions. He is a man of action, and he takes charge of your life and makes it better. Overall, he is a good long-term partner especially if you’re looking for a secure and stable relationship!

Applying some of the things mentioned earlier to encourage him to express his love to you will further strengthen the relationship you have with your Virgo man. Always remember that this is a surefire way to keep the relationship healthy and strong.

Remember that this advice applies to men with the Sun in Virgo or those who have plenty of heavy Virgo placements in their birth chart. If you want to know more about your Virgo man’s full birth chart, you should determine his exact birth date and birth time as well as the location of his birth.

Also take note that the Sun in Virgo can be an uncomfortable placement. The shy and inward sign of Virgo doesn’t fully express itself in the Sun which can explain why some Virgo men can be extremely emotionally repressed or socially awkward. The energies of the Sun and Virgo do not match but clash.

In Astrology, it can be a good aspect if the sign is in its natural rulership. For example, a man with his an Aries on his planet Mars can be a good aspect because Aries dominions and naturally expresses its energy through Mars. Another example would be having a Mercury in Gemini. It can be a good placement because Gemini feels naturally at home with the planet of communication and ideas.

With all of that in mind, there can be plenty of different aspects that can tweak or amplify the Virgo traits of your Virgo man. For example, a Virgo man who has a Pisces moon and Sagittarius Mars can tweak his overall personality. He can be more idealistic, dreamy, artistic and more creative as opposed to the typical Virgo trait of being grounded to reality.

Another example could be your Virgo man’s birth chart showing planetary stellium which means his Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars or any of his inner planets are under the same sign of Virgo. This amplifies the Virgo energy, giving him the stereotypical nature of a Virgo sign.

The only way to truly find out his full personality is by finding out his birth chart. Specifically looking for his Venus sign which will determine how he expresses love and pleasure and how he would like to be loved by her partner…



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