Why is your Virgo Man Jealous?

In this article, we’re gonna talk about the reasons why your Virgo man is jealous of someone while in a relationship! Also in this article were going to tell you the signs that your Virgo man is jealous of someone while you’re in a relationship with him!

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The Virgo man is the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the Maiden, your Virgo man is deeply methodological and practical, the most practical and grounded of all signs, he is realistic in pushing his goals, and with the right mindset and hard work he earns them fruitfully.

Ruled by Mercury and is a mutable earth sign, it is a very interesting position of energies that makes him highly analytical, strategic, and order-driven however his dark side can get in the best of him and make his mind even more chaotic than it is!

In a romantic relationship he is grounded and often shows his love through small gestures that will make his partner more comfortable in life, he helps, organizes, and make sure everything is intact that’s the kind of love you’ll experience with your Virgo man.

However amidst all the order he’s trying to build there will always be chaos most especially in his mind, being a mercurial sign, he is often plagued by anxiety and random flashing thoughts and ideas, because of that when he gets jealous his mind becomes endless chaos!

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How Jealous Can Your Virgo Man Be?

Jealousy level: 6.3-7/10

Your Virgo man is jealous but he will not show it moreover he’ll try to make sure that he sheds no single appearance of his emotions.

This man is a lot known for repressing his innermost thoughts that include his pleasure, his deep desires, and of course, his deeply deemed undesirable thoughts which in this case is his jealousy.

Your Virgo man is deeply sensitive but he will fight to death not to show any weakness, to his jealousy and other irrational thoughts.

He deems himself unworthy and improper if he ever becomes emotional or if he gets carried away by his emotions as such he has perfected a great sense of control within his inner self.

Whenever he gets jealous he, unfortunately, shuts it off and focuses his energy on other aspects of his life whether it is his finances, career, business, or even his fitness goals, he makes sure that he feels level-headed above his emotions but there will be rare occasions where he’ll snap out of it and turn sarcastic or spiteful to the person he is jealous of!

With all of that said, let us now move on! Let’s find out the most obvious and the most flat-out signs that your Virgo Man is jealous and what are the ways that you can help him get out of it!

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Signs Your Virgo Man Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. He will get extra irritable

The first sign that you will notice whenever you hang out with him is that your Virgo man will get extra irritable about things that he doesn’t usually mind.

More often than not you’ll notice and realize that he’s more agitated than usual but he will not tell you what the problem is. This is often a sign that he is jealous!

2. Before there was order now there’s chaos

About the first part where he gets irritable before he can single-handedly take tasks and do them efficiently making his space organized and neat usually, you’ll notice his productivity reaches through its roof but now he’s busier in his head and seems spaced out…

Because of that what was once orderly now. He becomes a harbinger of chaos. He can’t manage his time properly or do any good work because he is in his head overthinking and being consumed by his anxiety and frustration!

3. He turns icy

The third sign that your Virgo Man is jealous is that he turns cold and aloof, he seems to put more emphasis on the space between you two and makes it seem like the relationship is not working out.

He’ll do this because he is consumed by the anger and frustration inside his head that he can’t act or do things properly…

4. He becomes busy with his work

Another obvious sign that your Virgo Man is jealous is that he’ll turn to work instead of prioritizing the relationship, always remember that your Virgo Man is effective and knows how to make time for his partner.

If he’s doing more things to make himself busy it’s often to make sure he is doing something instead of being all over his head again!

5. He becomes hyper-vigilant of you!

The fifth sign that your Virgo man is jealous is that he will be extra suspicious of you! He will be hypervigilant about your surroundings, your body language, your work schedule, and everything that’s just going in and out of your life.

This is because in his mind he is trying to prove whether his irrational thoughts are true or not.

When he becomes hyper-vigilant he will also try to ask you some questions that seem odd but are quite tricky to tell you the truth, usually, he turns on his detective side to prove a point not to necessarily accuse you of cheating.

When you notice that he’s doing these things it is best to just be transparent instead of turning up with more lies!

6. He will be sarcastic about the situation

The sixth sign that your Virgo man is jealous is that he will use humor to defeat the purpose of feeling jealous, similar to the Gemini man who uses humor as his weapon, your Virgo man also uses humor to make fun of the things he is feeling or the person itself.

Often his humor will be sarcastic and dry, he will deflect the jealousy by making it seem like he is doing just fine but deep inside he is hurting and he wants to burst out of his own emotions…

7. He will tell you directly who the problem is

The last and the most obvious sign that he is jealous is that he will directly tell you who he’s jealous of, he may say this out of spite or because he’s bottled up all of his emotions and he turns to a breaking point, and couldn’t handle it any longer.

Whatever his reasons are he will tell you honestly why he is jealous of that person and the things that made him get there.

How to stop your Virgo Man from Being Jealous!

To stop your Virgo man from being jealous and feeling jealous you must take the initiative in making sure the relationship has free-flowing communication.

You must remember that your Virgo man is deeply repressed, he grew up in an environment where expressing emotions is prohibited or he might be invalidated in his childhood.

Show him that he can speak up his mind by being vulnerable yourself, and tell him your deepest insecurities and mishaps, you must show him that you are just like him, a wounded human who has plenty of pains growing up.

Be open to him and reaffirm your love for him, loving a Virgo man is easy it doesn’t take any money or any expensive gifts, you just need to show him that you are there throughout and that you are faithful all along when you’re doing these things you are making your Virgo man more at peace with himself and with the relationship.

Love him when he feels unloved and does the necessary things that will make sure he feels that way forever. If you’d like to take a necessary step by blocking that person he is jealous of from your life or doing necessary things to keep him away from you.

These little gestures matter to him and will make him feel loved and in return, he’ll overcome his feelings of jealousy by himself.

Overall, be transparent, and honest and implement a vulnerable state in which both of you can openly express your thoughts and feelings without shame, guilt, or remorse. Do the necessary things to block off that person from your life and watch the magic unfolds!

Virgo Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Virgo Man might not show his affection and endearment as tender as the other signs but he’s one of the most real men out there, he loves and he loves practically and you’ll feel it in many ways possible that sometimes you’ll think of him as your Guardian angel!

Whenever he gets jealous it is your role to effectively be the harbinger of peace, take the initiative in opening up and telling him how much you love him while being as caring as possible. Love him hard in a way that he will feel secure about the relationship.

Remember no sign is perfect in the zodiac wheel and every sign will feel jealousy because it is a natural human reaction, with that said do the things aforementioned above to make sure that your Virgo man will feel at ease in your relationship!

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