How To Get A Scorpio Man Obsessed With You?

In this article, we are going to tell you exactly how to make a Scorpio man obsessed with you! We are going to spill all the tea regarding your Scorpio man and his obsessive tendencies and the powerful ways you can do to make him obsessed with you! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the session!

The Scorpio man is the tough cookie of the zodiac sign, the 8th sign in the zodiac wheel begins the season in the height of fall.

Scorpio season begins from October 23 up to November 21. This is where all the spooky things happen, being reputable for being the darkest zodiac sign in terms of its aspects and energy the Scorpio man relishes the aspect of darkness.

The men born under this zodiac sign have incredibly passionate yet magnetic energy, it is natural for them to attract people because of their natural attractiveness. Their power and strength are hidden deep beneath the surface making them more interesting to delve at.

Their looks are harsh and icy considering their ruling planet is Pluto and Mars.

These very heavy energies make a Scorpio or anyone with inner Scorpio placements such as Rising, Mars, or Moon very intimidating. Their sharp gaze, predator-like body language and instinctively commanding voice make them highly dangerous yet alluring.

The Scorpio man is highly introverted but knows how to make his way with people. He might be good at socializing but he will only do it if it is highly needed. The truth is that people can be highly draining for a Scorpio man.

An alone time with peace is a good way he can recharge his soul to take the battle the next day…

In love and relationship, your Scorpio man is full of lust and obsession! Beware! When this guy has fallen for you he will move heavens and mountains just to please you and be with you! This man knows what he wants and he will get it no matter what the cost is!

Behind closed doors, his passionate, loving, and self-sacrificial but he’ll only show you his vulnerability if you’ve gained well enough his trust.

Being a fixed water sign, the energies of flowing water become stagnant to the point that it becomes ice. Imagine turbulent waters deep beneath an ice sheet. That’s how a Scorpio’s energy works, this means his love and obsession towards someone can last through a lifetime! 

This is already a warning: if you’re making a Scorpio man obsessed with you because you truly like him and you want him to make a move on you then go for it! Better yet if you’re looking for a committed relationship with him that starts with attraction and seduction then this article is right for you!

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Scorpio Men and Obsession Tendencies

Your Scorpio man likes to stalk his love obsession physically whether it’s through social media or in ways in which he can see the person clearly, like a predator stalking its prey it will be highly observant of what the person is doing.

Like the menace that he is, he will try to gather information by observing and he’ll try to gain that knowledge in order to win the person’s heart!

The obsession of a Scorpio man holds no bounds, he is obsessive, jealous, and possessive even if the person isn’t his yet. He will be incredibly infatuated with the person to the point that it becomes a problem in his daily life.

The heart of the Scorpio man will be full of lust, passion, care, and deep agony and longing for the person.

This is what makes a Scorpio man truly embody the obsession archetype. Unlike other zodiac signs who call their “crushes” an “obsession”. A Scorpio man truly will be obsessed with someone to the point that it can get dangerous for him and the person he is longing for!

Alongside that, his obsession tendencies can last for years so it is pretty hard to say what is going on inside the head of a Scorpio man, the only thing he knows is that he knows that he wants the person and that he will do everything to get what he wants.

The Scorpio man is attracted to a woman who has a feminine sex appeal, the kind of sexy, alluring yet she doesn’t know that she is sexy and alluring herself! He is attracted to a genuine person with a real personality. The one who doesn’t fake it for other people.

The Scorpio man knows who is real and who is fake so people-pleasing women are off the charts for him. To a Scorpio man, he values authenticity like no other so a woman who’s capable and independent yet showcases her genuine emotions and vulnerability is one woman who he truly likes to be with!

Love it or hate it! A Scorpio man’s obsession tendencies are considered to be the darkest out of all zodiac signs. Being a sign full of aggression and lust inside of him makes him an impeccable individual. Truly capable of loving and capable of true obsession and infatuation.

How to Get Your Scorpio Man to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Work on your sex appeal!

The first key step in attracting your Scorpio man is that you need to work on your sex appeal! In order to maximize your sex appeal, you must first appeal to whatever you feel like doing that you think will make you sexy!

Here we’re gonna tell you to be real with yourself as much as possible, we’re not going to tell you how to dress or how to do your makeup, or what mannerisms you should incorporate. Be authentic and try to ask yourself what are the things that make you feel sexy.

When you’ve already found the answer incorporate it more into your daily life and see the magic begin!

2. Seduce him

When you’re seducing him you must not make it look like you’re trying hard, instead let it flow naturally, and engage in conversation with him. Try to look seductive with your gaze and lip movements. You can also show a little bit of skin or even try to show the shape of your body.

Whenever you’re showing a little bit of your body you’re making him think about sex.

Sex is a highly motivating thing for a Scorpio man, although the tension can be higher than usual, don’t give in, and don’t let him show you’re interested too. The most important part here is that you play the seduction game in the long run…

3. Show realness

The third step in making sure your Scorpio man gets obsessed with you is that you have to show emotional maturity, do not be afraid to talk about your emotions, problems, or the things that worry you. Trying to hide it with a happy facade will just make you seem like a fake person to a Scorpio man.

As such when talking to him it’s good to share your true experiences in life. No matter how happy or sad it will be. The more genuine the emotions you are conveying the more you are showing to him that you are a real and unbothered person.

4. Be traditionally feminine

Although a Scorpio man doesn’t care much about the traditional roles and attitudes of men and women it is always best to make sure that you appear traditionally feminine which counteracts his masculine dominant side. It is good to dress properly on occasion, having feminine demure and feminine energy overall.

The more feminine you are the more attractive you are too many men and that includes your Scorpio man…

5. Make him a little jealous

When both of you have established a connection or some sort of built-in tension that you both have broken yet it is good to always make sure that he gets a little more hyped up in order to get more obsessed with you!

It is always good to withdraw your time and attention to him every now and then to make him miss you.

You can also try showing him the other men who are flirting or trying to get with you! The more he sees there are many men eyeing you the more jealous and possessive he gets and the more he will try to get with you!

6. Play with him

 Your Scorpio man is sexually charged and always ready for action! Teasing him is a good way to make sure that his sexual lust is on you and not on other women. You can do this by actively playing the role of a seducer, and trying to get his attention by giving him enough motives to do so. 

You can also be playful and funny when pursuing him. This way it will be better that it is clear that the sexual tension is there and he just needs to make the first move on you. Remember to flirt with confidence and allure and not give in to all of his demands.

Watch and see how crazy your Scorpio man will get and how he’ll act upon it!

7. Be honest and build his trust

It is always good to try to be a good confidant and friend to him nevertheless, the flirting and sexual tension can wait, a truly long-lasting relationship with a Scorpio man starts with emotional connection and trust. It is always important to be there whenever he needs help or someone to talk to.

Accept him without any judgments, the more he trusts you the more he’ll feel safe around you, and the more he will do things just to be with you! Trust and be patient as this will not take overnight to happen especially with your distrusting Scorpio man.

It is always best to try to be genuine when you’re offering yourself as a friend to him.

Remember that the more he trusts you the more the relationship can ascend into something else.

Scorpio: The Bad Boy Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Scorpio man is handsomely devilish! He is a dangerous man not to be trifled with! A master in the game of life he is powerful, seductive, passionate, and deeply emotional yet hidden by a facade of an icy and unfeeling man.

Remember that following these steps mentioned above will surely get your Scorpio man obsessed with you but you better watch out as his obsession can turn fiery and scary if it is unhandled well! Scorpio is a dangerous sign and playing with a Scorpio man’s heart is not for the weak!

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