How does a Pisces Man Express Love?

In this article, we are going to show you how a Pisces man expresses love and affection in a romantic relationship! We are also here to show you how to truly express your love for him to fully get him to express his love for you!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Pisces man expresses love through sweet and affectionate words and gestures, being a hopeless romantic of the zodiac, he will be incredibly kind and caring towards you, and he will treat the relationship as if you both are in a movie! He will idealize you and treat you like a goddess!

The Pisces man is the last sign of the zodiac wheel. He is ruled by Neptune and is a mutable water sign, represented by the fish. He is greatly into matters of romance and spirituality, and he likes to daydream to the point of being delusional, surprisingly.

And this can get him along the way! His energy and aura radiate free-flowing, “hippie” like energy.

Pisces is the archetypal sign that rules dreams, mysticism, fantasy, spirituality, vagueness, and illusions. Therefore a Pisces man expressing his love would be a dreamy and mystical one. He can show his love in several soulful ways.

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With that said, let us further analyze how a Pisces man expresses his feelings and how he does well in a relationship!

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How does a Pisces Man express his feelings?

A Pisces man expresses his feelings towards his partner by connecting to his partner on a deep emotional level. This is why a Pisces man’s love can be incredibly spiritual and soulful. His energy can connect to his partner’s energy, influencing both of their energy fields and unifying them into one.

This is the kind of feeling that others call “twin flame” or “soulmate”. It is as if his energy resonates with you and both of you got to have that energy experience. There can even be times when the partner will dream of the Pisces man!

This is because, on a vibrational and energetic level, he has already connected to your soul more than your body.

Alongside that, the physical manifestation of his love can show in his attitude toward you. He exudes a deeply kind and thoughtful personality, he will be loving…

He will show his love through physical intimacy. So there will be a lot of touching and kissing. He will also be affectionate through words and will not be afraid to say the word “I love you” in public.

He will be compassionate to his partner. Whatever his partner feels at the moment he feels. He enjoys spending quality time with his partner and he can be a bit emotional and clingy when things get intimate.

He will also be kind in his words. He might have an affinity for sending you plenty of romantic letters that only you know about. He might send you a long sweet good morning message or he might show up on your doorstep.

The point here is that he will treat your relationship as if he is in a romantic soap opera.

He will be deeply expressive and romantic to the point of being idealistic, also in a romantic relationship, he will be extremely romantic and devoted. He will bring a solace of joy, in matters of sex and lovemaking!

This man can be a bit indecisive, so taking the lead can be a good option for making sex more intense. When doing the dirty deed, your Pisces man likes to be caressed and treated with utmost pleasure. He wants to be desired and to be craved.

Overall, your Pisces man can fully express his feelings and emotions without any repercussions. He can show it in a myriad of ways, through words, physical intimacy, and touch. He’ll show his love by emotionally connecting with his partner up to a point where he’s influencing his partner’s energy field.

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How to get your Pisces man to express his love to you?

Connect to him spiritually!

Connect to him through spirituality! Spirituality doesn’t mean that you should affiliate with any religions or cults, instead be more open to the idea of it. Developing a kindred spiritual connection with him can also be tough if you don’t believe in the idea of spirituality itself.

That’s why it is important to be in tune with your emotions and how you feel. Instead of looking for ways to prove it. Try as much as possible to be “receptive” to receiving information from the higher power…

When done properly, you can connect to him spiritually by spending more quality time with him in nature. Have deep and meaningful conversations about life and your beliefs!

When done successfully, your Pisces man will instinctively crave and be drawn to your energy at all times! This is a good sign that you did the right thing! Also remember that when this is done, it can be life-changing for both of you!

You will both realize that you are one in a pod. Both of you will realize that you two need each other to grow and live this life as a whole! With the wrong mindset, this connection to his energy process can make him overly obsessed over you so be careful!

Vibe Higher…

Your Pisces man deeply values his spirituality. He exudes as much light and love as possible. With that said, he wouldn’t be that attracted to a woman who has far-fetched goals and is the entire opposite of his.

World views, selfishness, and materialism are the things he believes can turn this world into decay and he stays away from that. He will not allow you into his “space” if you are vibrating your energy from that perspective.

With that said, you need to reform your worldly views completely to vibrate higher with your Pisces man. To have high vibrational energy, you must practice genuine love and kindness to him and other people.

Feel that energy even toward other life forms such as animals. Practice self-love and gratitude. Take care of your mind and body. Do not allow negativity to spread through you.

Allow yourself to be emotional and vulnerable

Your Pisces man is a deeply intuitive and emotional water sign. That’s why he will resonate with you if you are more open to showing your whole emotions to him. With that said, be more open to showing love and affection toward him. Do not be afraid to be emotional when needed…

Be open to doing weird things with him

As said countless times, your Pisces man is a deeply spiritual sign so he might do things that may seem weird or out of the ordinary to others. Instead of being critical and judging him for it, appreciate that he is being open to you about his keen interests or passion.

When you openly participate in any of his interests, it can make him happier about the relationship and he will be more inclined to express his love and affection towards you!

Be a go-with-the-flow type of person

Life must go on! For a Pisces man, it is his way of life. Keep in mind this mindset when you’re with your Pisces man! You can be a go-with-the-flow type of person by being more carefree and spirited! Be more open to more experiences by taking life easy!

Disband the old thinking of time, routine, schedule, and materialism. Instead, be more open to having fun with life itself! See the world for what it is with your Pisces man!

By doing these things you are making yourself more attractive to your Pisces man. This will get him to express his love for you! Not only that! You are ensuring a good and stable long-term relationship with him!

Sex must be sensual and passionate

The sex must be soulful and full of “feelings”. When doing the deed with your Pisces man it’s best that the sex be sensual and passionate. Remember that your Pisces man thrives on sex.

He is highly romantic and erotic. He wants lovemaking to be a union of two bodies into one working body. He wants both of your souls to be deeply connected and in touch with each other.

You can keep the sex sensual and passionate by being more mindful of the place where you do it. Setting up the mood. Making a romantic evening. By doing these you are making sure that the sex is more meaningful than the act itself…

Keep the romance alive and burning!

Your Pisces man is deeply romantic to the point of being a hopeless romantic. Keep the romance alive and burning by being more romantic with him! Do these simple but sweet things that will surely get him to fawn over you and the relationship!

You can try cooking his favorite meal or hide a love note in his wallet or bag. You can also try to give him compliments, and pamper him with care and pleasure!

Spoil him from time to time to show that you are truly devoted to the relationship! Doing everything in your power that will keep the romance between the both of you. This is a surefire way to make him more expressive of his love for you!

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How a Pisces Man shows love (& how to receive love from his!), final thoughts…

The Pisces man’s love is deeply entrancing and devoted. He will show and express his love in a variety of ways but it will be most prominent when he’s deeply romantic a the given moment. His deeply emotional and intuitive nature can make him incredibly compassionate toward you!

Overall, the romantic relationship will be full of “feelings”, and the lovemaking can be deeply spiritual and soulful, to the point that it seems mind-boggling.

Your Pisces man is a dreamy romantic who pours out his whole heart and soul for the person he loves and for the relationship. He can also be sacrificial to the point of being a martyr…

It is important to simultaneously do those things mentioned above to keep him expressing his love for you! Not only will he get to express his love more openly to you, but the relationship will also be more wonderful and long-lasting!

Remember that this is a general overview of how your Pisces man would express his love for you in the relationship. Assuming that your man is born under the sign of Pisces, make his Sun sign in the said zodiac sign.

There can still be several ways that it can be different depending on the positions of the signs, houses, and planets of his birth chart. The only way to truly find out his whole personality, his love style, and his sexuality is by setting up an accurate birth chart!

You can only do that by finding out his real birthday and birth time along with the location of the birth! Remember that his time of birth is incredibly important as it determines his Ascendant or rising sign and it also gives the entire position of the planets and the houses in the chart!

For example, your Pisces man can have Scorpio rising which can add a more mysterious and magnetic demeanor in his way of showing the world who he is. The Scorpio rising will also dictate his appearance, giving him a more gothic or darker look compared to the soft demeanor of Pisces.



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