Erogenous Zones Of A Taurus Woman

Since you want to make a Taurus woman go weak in the knees, it is important to take note of the areas where she is most sensitive. If you want to know the erogenous zones of a Taurus woman, you have stumbled upon the right article!

A Taurus woman’s erogenous zones are her neck, shoulders, and ears. Simply running your fingertips over this area can elicit a strong reaction, and passionate kisses can make her desire insane. A Taurus woman feels more loved and desired by you when you focus on these areas.

In this article, you will also learn about the signs when a Taurus woman wants to be touched and how to turn her on. Read further!

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When A Taurus Woman Is In Love

A Taurus woman goes all in when she falls in love. She frequently demonstrates devotion and attention to her relationships, no matter what. The important thing is that if she loves you, she will do her best to make your relationship work.

She is also dependable and encouraging, so you can rely on her to stand by your side at all times. You will know if you are in a relationship with a Taurus woman that she is completely committed to making it work.

A Taurus woman is sensible, but she also has a strong romantic side. She’ll probably want to make things unique and unforgettable for the two of you if she’s in love with you. She will take note of your goals and she’ll go above and beyond to help you make them happen.

A Taurus woman knows how to make things better in order to keep you happy in a relationship with her. If you’re fortunate enough to be in a relationship with one, you can count on lots of sweet surprises and romantic gestures.

Since a Taurus woman has keen senses, you may expect her to be highly sensuous with you if she falls in love. She will crave frequent physical contact and be extremely receptive to your touch. In a relationship with a Taurus woman, you may anticipate intense physicality.

She enjoys touching her loved ones and being physically close to that person as much as she can.

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The Erogenous Zones Of A Taurus Woman


A Taurus woman enjoys being pampered, thus her preferred erogenous zone is probably her neck. She also enjoys having her head tilted back while receiving a slow, full-body kiss from her partner. A Taurus woman finds it attractive when her neck is licked, kissed, or lightly bit.

The back of the Taurus woman’s neck is where her secret erogenous zone is located.

Simply running your fingertips over this area can elicit a strong reaction, and passionate kisses can make her desire insane. Because the throat is ruled by a Taurus woman, even slight pressure on the neck or throat will drive any bull weak in the knees.


Any bust motion makes a Taurus woman hot and heavy, even though others might not notice the same level of enhanced sensitivity around her back as she does.  You should consider kissing, caressing, or—to liven things up—a little mild biting.

Moreover, you should think about giving a Taurus woman a few little licks or bites around her neck and up and down her shoulders.

A Taurus woman’s shoulders are broad and her neck is raised high when she is at her finest. Additionally, while under stress, her determination starts to wane, which detracts from their stature.

If you’re a Taurus woman, it’s crucial to treat yourself to massages, satisfying meals, or anything else that makes you feel a bit more at ease amid trying circumstances.


A simple rub behind a Taurus woman’s ears will be enough to drive her crazy. You also don’t have to wait for the lights to go out to engage in dirty talk in her ear, which is one of its many advantages.

The attraction pathways in her mind are activated when you whisper those sexual things in her ear, which causes her to think about you in a variety of sexual ways.

A Taurus woman feels more loved and desired by you when you do these things, which makes her want to be with you even more. A little bit of dirty conversation in a relationship is thrilling, and enjoyable, and keeps the flame of desire burning between you and your Taurus woman.

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Signs A Taurus Woman Wants To Be Touched

She hugs you a lot

A Taurus woman can feel your body close to her when she hugs you. This implies that she is undeniably drawn to you sexually and she wants you to reciprocate. Touch has a significant influence on the attraction of a Taurus woman since she is a sensuous person.

You will notice the difference if you witness a Taurus woman hugging someone she is not attracted to. It won’t last long, and before it does, she’ll begin to turn her body away from that person. If you’re receiving more hugs than usual, then your Taurus woman might want you to touch her back.

She is jealous

A Taurus woman is prone to jealousy when she notices that another person is too close to her for her liking. She doesn’t like the idea of someone else touching you because she wants to be the only one who gets to do that. A Taurus woman will be jealous if you touch someone other than her.

Because a Taurus woman is naturally possessive, if she becomes envious or irritated when another person approaches you, she wants to be the only one you interact with. She won’t want to watch you lavish attention on other women, nor will she want to see them fight for your attention.

She welcomes your touches

A Taurus woman is renowned for having a great sense of sensuality, and she likes touching you to show her admiration and desire for your body. Therefore, if she enjoys your attention and touches, she is letting you into her personal space and appreciating your proximity.

A Taurus woman won’t allow you to touch her and will probably avoid your advances if she isn’t interested in you sexually. Her body is continuously leaning in your direction, and she will often invade your personal space in an effort to seduce you and get more of your interest.

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How To Turn On A Taurus Woman

It’s crucial to maintain the sexual tension with a Taurus woman throughout the entire night.

You may sit close to one another on the sofa as you converse to slowly build the tension up. Don’t make a move too quickly because it will only scare her away. Make sure heavy kissing and foreplay take center stage when it comes to going naughty—as long as your Taurus woman can handle it.

When confidence and inventiveness are combined, sensuality results—in making love, of course. A Taurus woman is a naturally sensuous lover, and you will be in awe of how she can make you feel amazing with only a glance or a quick touch.

Telling her that you feel good around her can encourage her to keep going with whatever it is she is doing.

The Taurus woman is well known for having quite a sensitive neck, so while you’re making love, you should really concentrate on that area. Whatever the method, she would find this to be very sexual and enjoyable. Caress it, rub it, kiss it and your make-out session will escalate before you know it.

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Erogenous zones of a Taurus woman, final thoughts…

Her erogenous zones are:

  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Ears



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