Is The Taurus Woman Controlling?

How can a relationship become so toxic when your partner is nurturing, loving, and caring? Well, just like what they say, too much of anything is still bad. If you want to find out if a Taurus woman can be controlled as a partner, you found the perfect article!

A Taurus woman can be controlled because of how attached she is to the person she loves. She is very possessive because of jealousy. She is also very clingy which can suffocate her partner. A Taurus woman is linked to greed and gluttony. Know that she can be a little bit greedy with everything.

If you are still not satisfied with the information I just provided, you need to go ahead and read the rest of the article. If you want to know her red flags and ways to deal with her, read on!

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Red Flags Of A Taurus Woman

Although the Taurus woman is the most loving and nurturing woman out of all the signs in the Zodiac, this does not mean that she is safe from having red flags. A Taurus woman can be a little when it comes to relationships.

If you are someone who likes to do extreme outdoor activities, then this could mean that a relationship with a Taurus woman comprises a lot of arguing and forcing her to do these activities with you.

Another thing that could be a red flag to you is that a Taurus woman holds grudges.

If you have done something wrong to a Taurus woman, expect her to take a long time to forgive you. This is something that is very alarming because there ain’t a way for you both to move forward to the next step of the relationship. It will become very toxic.

Is The Taurus Woman Controlling?

Yes. A Taurus can be controlled because of the traits she naturally possesses.

We need to always remember that your Taurus woman is the most stubborn sign in the Zodiac. She will not comply with whatever it is that you want her to do but will make sure that you comply with her demands. Her temper is not the best too, so, you will definitely experience tantrums.

With that being said, a Taurus woman can be a little bossy when it comes to everything in the relationship.

She can control everything from how she wants the house to look to how you dress for work. With her being stubborn, she does not welcome change very well. So, any changes coming her way might really upset her.

Signs A Taurus Woman Is Controlling

She is possessive

Any person with a Taurus sign is known to be very loyal because this is just their nature.

We are talking about people who stick to one person to love all their life. However, if a Taurus woman is not able to control this side of her, this is a very bad sign. Instead of being protective and loyal, she can get overly possessive.

She is going to keep track of everything you do and places you go.

And it is not obvious enough, a Taurus woman is doing all of these out of jealousy. Being jealous is also in her nature. She is going to want to snoop into your phone and look at your messages and call logs just to make sure that you are not cheating on her.

She is too clingy

Clinginess is something that is very evident in a loving couple. However, being too clingy is another story.

A Taurus woman has a very nurturing nature, and it is natural for her to take care of the person she loves the most. She always makes sure that you are well taken care of. Although it is a good trait, a Taurus woman may overdo it.

Although it may be sweet to a lot of people, it can be annoying to a lot.

This can happen especially if you do not like people being too touchy. It can be very suffocating at times because you do not get to spend a lot of time on your own, which is necessary for any relationship. You will not be able to feel individuality in this relationship.

She over-indulges

If you know a lot about Astrology, then you know that your Taurus woman is liked to greed and gluttony. If you don’t, then now, you know.

This woman is very sensual. When I say sensual, I mean nurturing her senses – a sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. And once she experiences these pleasures, she is going to want more of them.

Because of her wanting more of these pleasures, there are tendencies for her to be very greedy. She can be very materialistic and money-minded and might want to manipulate you into financing her wants and pleasures. She loves experiencing satisfaction through material things. She might even be greedy for sex.

Ways To Deal With A Controlling Taurus Woman

If you are still able to tolerate the manipulation your Taurus woman lets you experience, here are a few tips on how to deal with her.

The first one is very basic. Let her feel secure. She may be controlling because she is insecure and jealous. Always make her feel that she is the only person you love and there is no other person in your heart and mind.

The most important thing is to just be honest. Tell her what you really feel about the situation of your relationship. If she really loves you, then she will understand where you are coming from and that your situation is not the healthiest.

You need to sit down and really have a conversation about this. Allow her to understand the setup you desire in the relationship.

Ways To Break Up With A Controlling Taurus Woman

Do not follow her wishes

There is nothing more annoying to a Taurus woman than someone who does not follow her commands. Again, she does not have the best temper, so, it is not very hard to make her upset. If a good sit-down talk did not work, then it might be time to try something else.

You can try pushing her to her limits so she has no choice but to leave you.

You can also try doing the opposite of what she wants. Go with whatever outfit you want to wear than the one she prepared for you. You can maybe alter the arrangement of the sofa just to give her the ick. You do these things to annoy her and get on her nerves.

Tell her that this is all for her

Although the relationship became very toxic, you still need the Taurus woman to feel respected and admired. Her stubbornness can somehow result in something good because she is very driven to achieve what she really wants.

So, you need to make her understand that the breakup is all for her – her growth, her individuality, and her overall health.

Compliment her and tell her that you really admire how she works hard for her dream, and you just do not want to get in the way of her success. Tell her that you are taking too much of her time and that you just want to give her the time her dreams deserve to catapult her to her success.

Is the Taurus woman controlling? Final thoughts…

Yes, a Taurus woman is controlling because:

  • She is possessive
  • She is too clingy
  • She over-indulges



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