What Body Type Does A Taurus Woman Like?

Impressing a Taurus woman is not that hard because she usually is attracted to someone as natural as she is. If you want to know what body type a Taurus woman likes, you have stumbled upon the right article.

A Taurus woman is attracted to a man who exudes confidence.

She doesn’t really care how a person looks, but she wants her man to be confident in his own skin. A Taurus woman also wants a man to have soft features including a jawline and soft eyes. She’ll be happy to have someone who is muscular yet has soft features.

It is also important to know the ways to keep a Taurus woman hooked and how to attract her sexually. Read further!

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A Taurus Woman In Bed

A Taurus woman is attractive, liberated, and protective of the people she loves, yet she can also be domineering and possessive. You should allow her to be the dominant one in bed since she wants to take the initiative and be in charge.

Although this lady lacks the sex drive of other signs in the zodiac, if she enjoys having sex with you, she will beg for more. A Taurus woman is unexpectedly seductive while making love, doing so with care and passion.

The Taurus woman enjoys spending time in bed and believes in the efficacy of making love. She will pamper and treat you like a king in the bedroom if she has genuinely fallen for you. She gets highly attached both physically and emotionally, thus you should never have to worry about her cheating.

Try not to overdo it in bed when dating a Taurus woman because traditional sex would be sufficient for her. She may not be as bold as other signs but don’t say that she is boring because she always wants to fulfill your needs.

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What Body Type Does A Taurus Woman Like?

A Taurus woman is drawn to several characteristics that one may categorize as “soft”. In her eyes, having soft skin and silky hair is such a turn-on for a guy. If your skin feels smooth and silky next to her, she’ll enjoy petting you or playing with your hair.

While also being muscular, this might go hand in hand. A person can also have soft features including a rounded face, soft eyes, and a soft jawline. A Taurus woman may find many facets of a man’s looks to be soft and comforting.

No matter what other features a man may have, a confident person will always be more alluring than a Taurus woman. Being confident in how you look and what you are wearing alone is also appealing. When you are proud of who you are and how you appear, it shows in your aura.

It’s okay if you don’t like some aspects of your appearance because not everyone always exudes confidence. However, you shouldn’t let that bring you down, especially if you want to attract a Taurus woman.

Even if other people don’t agree that your choice of apparel is suitable for your body type, wear it nevertheless. It is more beautiful to dress with confidence than to adhere to strict fashion rules that you are not comfortable with.

A Taurus woman loves pleasant things in life, but she doesn’t want to feel as though she must always take care of her partner in order to win his love.

Ways To Attract A Taurus Woman Sexually

Be traditional

A Taurus woman loves to be courted by a man who follows tradition. In other words, you should take the initiative and demonstrate your worth with flowers and charming little gifts.

Don’t start a conversation with your desire for sexual relations because it will only scare her. A Taurus woman seeks modesty in love and sexual interest, despite the fact that she is one of the zodiac signs who are sensuous.

A Taurus woman will want all the romance before getting in bed with you. After all, Venus, the goddess of love, rules this sign. You should be aware that by pursuing the Taurus woman in this manner, you are being upfront about your intentions and keeping her from thinking of you as a friend.

Appeal to her sensual side

As you may already know, a Taurus woman is the zodiac’s most sensuous sign. She is touchy-feely and very tactile, so she enjoys rubbing her hands over pleasant-feeling objects.

Wear high-quality, soft-touch clothing and she will never be able to get her hands off of you. Avoid dumping a ton of gel in your hair to make it touchable so a Taurus woman can run her hands through it.

Once you’ve earned a Taurus woman’s trust, which you can generally tell since she’s approaching you physically and touching you, you can use tender, loving touch to make her swoon.

When you become more open with each other, you can make bold moves like giving her kisses, embraces, and soft facial touches. If you’re serious about sexually attracting a Taurus woman, you’ll make sure to engage her senses.

Tease her

It’s crucial to maintain the sexual tension with a Taurus woman throughout the entire night. Sit close to one another on the couch while you converse to prevent unintentional rubbing.

Again, don’t make a move too quickly. Once both of you are confident enough to move things to the bedroom, massages using body oils and lots of neck kisses are among the Taurus woman turn-ons.

Make sure heavy kissing and foreplay take center stage when it comes to going naughty—as long as a Taurus woman can handle it.

She will become weak in your hands if you tease her so much but in a good way. If you anticipate that the conversation will turn to the bedroom, make sure that your bed is a setting that a Taurus woman would find seductive.

Ways To Keep A Taurus Woman Hooked

When you’re dealing with a strong, courageous woman in this situation, you must demonstrate your own strength. Hence, if you want to keep her hooked, you must act like a man and project confidence whenever you approach her.

She needs a real man, and you have to show her that you are the one she needs in order to win her over. You must demonstrate to a Taurus woman that while you are conscious of your shortcomings, you have chosen to accept them rather than let them hinder you in any manner.

A Taurus woman is equally concerned with the physical and emotional aspects of her relationship with her partner. It won’t be difficult to win her over if you can get her attention because she is the queen of seduction.

This doesn’t mean that you should try to put her to bed right away because you would paint a very inaccurate picture of yourself if you did. Yet establishing a physical connection between you and your Taurus woman can begin with a soft touch or a romantic at-home date.

Before you embark on the challenge of seducing a Taurus woman, it would be a good idea to work on any self-esteem issues you may have.

The only way you can make a good impression is to work on your body language and your self-image. A Taurus woman doesn’t have time to waste, thus she will never date a man she can’t see herself building a physical and emotional connection with.

What body type does a Taurus woman like? Final thoughts…

A Taurus woman’s body type is:

  • Someone who is confident
  • Someone who has a jawline
  • Someone who has soft features
  • Someone who has soft eyes



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