Aquarius Woman Kissing Style

Kissing is important in a seduction game for an Aquarius woman, so you can expect that every encounter with her will be unforgettable. If you want to know the kissing style of an Aquarius woman, you have stumbled upon the right article!

An Aquarius woman’s kissing style is passionate due to her adventurous and fiery nature. She can be kinky and would want to engage in a make-out session when she is aroused. An Aquarius woman is full of surprises because she constantly changes things up.

It is also important to know the signs when an Aquarius woman wants to kiss you and what it means when she does. Read on!

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About The Aquarius Woman

Being a fixed sign, an Aquarius woman will stand up for what she believes in and typically follows traditions. She is also known as the Water Bearer, a figure of healing and service.

She offers her loved ones a shoulder to depend on and supports them through the ups and downs of life. An Aquarius woman is particularly unique, unapologetically weird, immensely charming, highly smart, and revolutionary.

The emotional side of an Aquarius woman is the core part of who she is. She has empathy and is often deeply influenced by what other people think of her. On the outside, she might seem cold and indifferent, yet this is untrue because she is genuinely kind and sensitive.

An Aquarius woman will go above and beyond to take care of her loved ones. She always does everything wholeheartedly, so you can count on her with almost anything.

Is The Aquarius Woman A Good Kisser?

While an Aquarius woman may not be recognized for being very loving, she places high importance when it comes to physical intimacy.

More than the tender kisses she provides, she’ll watch and pay attention to her partners’ emotions when she kisses them. Moreover, an Aquarius woman will shower you with butterflies and soft kisses.

Since she is innately playful and wants everything to be perfect, an Aquarius woman is frequently regarded as among the most dependable and passionate kissers. She has a sharp mind that is full of ideas, and she wants to keep every kissing encounter to be unique.

Kissing Style Of An Aquarius Woman

In addition to her adventurous and fiery nature, an Aquarius woman is also noted for her passionate kisses. She typically lets her guard down and acts erratically when she is genuinely in love with someone.

You’re in for a treat if you’re willing to accept her kinky and sexual kissing techniques. As an Aquarius woman needs to try something new constantly, her kisses are unique. She is always inventing new ways to play with her lover and to make her kisses more creative.

An Aquarius woman’s kisses are unique and definitely full of surprises. She has a delicate yet passionate attitude and has an innate sense of what her spouse would find appealing.

An Aquarius woman’s style is so unpredictable, which makes it even more thrilling. She tries to keep things new and continually change things up, so you never quite know what to expect.

As she has strong instincts, an Aquarius woman will instantly know what you like and don’t like when she starts kissing you. She has a significant advantage because of this, which is why she makes a great kisser. She varies her kissing styles constantly, which makes her entertaining and surprising.

Because her mind is constantly active, this woman needs to communicate with her partner. An Aquarius woman might turn into the most dependable and devoted companion as soon as she becomes passionate and aroused.

What It Means When An Aquarius Woman Kisses You

An Aquarius woman’s kiss is an expression of her devotion and desire to win over her partner.

This is due to the strong sense of control, responsibility, and confidence that this sign is known for. An Aquarius woman has mastered the art of kissing, and it shows in her ability to make her partner feel secure and at ease with only a kiss.

A typical trait of an Aquarius woman is her sense of responsibility and discipline. She could have kissed you because she wants a deeper connection with you and doesn’t only want to make showy physical gestures.

Given that an Aquarius woman isn’t good at being communicative and vocal in her relationships, kissing may very well be a sign of love.

Signs You Should Kiss An Aquarius Woman

She loves spontaneity

An important characteristic of an Aquarius woman is her enjoyment of spontaneity, both in and out of bed. She enjoys being surprised, and she values it when her partner thinks of exciting ways to delight and surprise her.

Hence, smother your Aquarius woman in unprompted kisses until she becomes utterly weak in the knees to get her intrigued and turned on.

Your Aquarius woman loves to be stimulated, but not only in the sense of seduction. Give her some intellectual stimulation, too, and she’ll practically fall head over heels in love with you. Spontaneous actions and kisses are what an Aquarius woman seeks in a partner.

She is passionate

You can give an Aquarius woman that long, passionate kiss when you want to quit flirting and start taking things seriously. She appreciates the variety of kissing techniques and all the inventiveness. Lean in for the most passionate kiss you’ve ever had to determine whether an Aquarius woman is serious about you.

Hence, you might want to spice things up a bit once the entire initial period of tease, play, and experimentation is through and you’ve truly got her ready. An Aquarius woman wants her man to be self-assured, assume responsibility, and take the lead.

Although she is among the most independent women overall, she doesn’t mind you taking the lead in a romantic relationship.

She takes things slow

By kissing, making love, or seducing an Aquarius woman, you might pique her interest. The trick is to take things slow and avoid coming off too strong. Be enigmatic and create an air of mystery without becoming overly attached or clingy.

You run the risk of scarring an Aquarius woman if you come out as overly reliant, insecure, or desperate.

When his man pushes too hard, is unable to think for himself, or comes out as being overly needy for attention, an Aquarius woman will back off. If you want to keep her hooked and make her wild, give your Aquarius woman the surprises, the first few quick kisses that he looks forward to.

Signs An Aquarius Woman Wants To Kiss You

She stares at your mouth

An Aquarius woman would often try to maintain eye contact with you while simultaneously glancing down at your lips, staring at it for a few seconds before looking back up to your eyes when she is interested in kissing you.

She won’t create a lot of eye contact if she is bashful, but she will make an effort to frequently gaze into your lips to convey her interest.

An Aquarius woman is receptive to kissing you if she makes an effort to maintain eye contact while also glancing down at your mouth, staring at your lips for a while, and then looking up at your eyes once again. It could also be a sign that she wants you to take the hint and take the initiative to kiss her first.

She playfully hits you

An Aquarius woman will avoid touching men when she doesn’t like them, doesn’t feel sexual desire for them, or doesn’t want to send them any signs that she is interested in them sexually. She attempts to limit physical contact because she doesn’t want to convey to him that it’s acceptable for them to touch.

But, it indicates that an Aquarius woman is okay with that kind of physical contact if she touches you frequently. She prefers not to have to lead you through the process and instead counts on you to be self-assured enough to respond to her signals.

She lets you touch her

An Aquarius woman is often not going to be receptive to you touching her if she is not sexually interested in you and doesn’t want to show you any indicators of desire. She will push you away angrily or complain if you place your hand on her leg or wrap your arm around her.

However, if you are speaking to an Aquarius woman and you put your arm around her lower back, touch her shoulder, and play with her hair while you are talking to her, and she responds in a flirty, positive way, it is obvious that she is attracted to you sexually and is open to you kissing her.

Aquarius woman kissing style, final thoughts…

When an Aquarius woman kisses:

  • She is passionate
  • She is kinky
  • She is fiery
  • She is adventurous
  • She is full of surprises
  • She changes things up



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