5 Signs A Pisces Man Is Using You

It will be easy for you to know when a Pisces man is not being serious about your relationship because he will be so out of character. If you want to know the signs when your Pisces man is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Pisces man is using you if you notice that he is completely closed off and isn’t showing any romantic gestures for you. He may also be disregarding your needs and never really pay attention to you whenever you try to talk to him. You may also notice that a Pisces man isn’t being completely honest with you.

It is also important for you to learn about a Pisces man’s weaknesses in a relationship and how to keep him interested. Read further!

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Signs A Pisces Man Wants To Break Up

He flirts with others

A Pisces man can be putting you to the test if he acts suspiciously, for as, by flirting with other women. He can be testing your loyalty by making you work to win him back, or he may just want to completely end things with you.

A Pisces man may be giving you a signal that he is no longer interested in saving the relationship when he begins to act flirtatious and crosses the limit.

A Pisces man would take a risky action by doing this. If he is not sincerely committed to ending the relationship, he won’t put it in danger in this way. A Pisces man who is conflicted will put you to the test more subtly.

However, he is demonstrating to you that he doesn’t care about you anymore when he starts to flirt with other people.

He doesn’t make time

A Pisces man is letting you know that he no longer cares about the relationship when he spends less time with you. He will make a lot of justifications for going out more frequently, and he will send fewer text messages to update you.

If a Pisces man likes you or is interested in you, he will want to stay in your peripheral vision at all times.

When he no longer wants to be in the relationship, he will begin to disappear. He’ll gradually distance himself from you, although he won’t likely abandon you completely out of the blue. A Pisces man will gradually pull himself away from you and the relationship.

5 Signs A Pisces Man Is Using You

He isn’t romantic

The fact that a Pisces man will never be romantic is one of the clear indicators that he’s manipulating you.

This sign may not genuinely like you if he never shows you romantic gestures or arranges pleasant dates. A Pisces man is most likely using you for something else because he has a penchant for spoiling his lover with presents.

A Pisces man will bring you flowers just because he wants to if he truly loves you. Even if there isn’t a special occasion, he will accompany you to your preferred restaurant. Any amorous gestures from you would be ignored by a Pisces man who is using you.

Anything that gives the impression that you two are actually dating or in a romantic relationship will be avoided.

He is closed off

A Pisces man will be completely closed off when is only using you. If he’s sad or needs some alone time, he won’t just shut himself off; he will always isolate himself. A Pisces man will also act strangely distant from you while he is using you.

He is typically quite honest with the person he is dating, and if he doesn’t plan to stay with you, he won’t want to be.

This is especially true if you approach your Pisces man by being vulnerable, but he avoids you.

If he’s using you, he won’t listen to your attempts to get him to talk about his feelings or even yours. This is a major warning sign because if a Pisces man is absolutely closed-off emotionally, you might want to reassess your relationship.

He is dishonest

Look for signs of honesty in a Pisces man to determine whether or not he is using you. Typically, being sincere and honest is something that he values in a relationship. If this sign is lying to you, you’ll be able to spot it immediately away because he is not good at hiding it.

A Pisces man will probably lie to you all the time if he is only using you.

You will notice that a Pisces man will constantly lie about who he was with or where he was. When he lies to those he cares about, he will typically feel horrible about it. A loving Pisces man will likely apologize if he lies to you, but he won’t care if he’s caught lying when he is only using you.

He never listens

Talk to a Pisces man about something serious if you want to find out whether he is using you. He will listen if he actually cares about you, and he will absolutely disregard you if he doesn’t. Typically, a Pisces man is a sympathetic and caring individual.

When he needs to talk, he will happily listen to the person he deeply cares about.

A Pisces man will ignore you if he’s using you, and you won’t be able to get his attention no matter how hard you try. You will notice that he occasionally may unintentionally begin daydreaming while you are speaking.

Once you have his attention, he will pay attention to you, and if he doesn’t, he is demonstrating his lack of concern for you.

He disregards you

A Pisces man is most likely using you if you realize that he is disregarding you. If he consistently chooses to hang out with other people or engage in activities by himself rather than with you, that’s a warning sign.

During physical intimacy, a Pisces man who is using you won’t pay attention to you. This sign will attend to his own wants and give no thought to yours.

A Pisces man would never act in such a way, and something is definitely wrong if he is acting in this way. He will occasionally turn his attention away from you while he’s using you, especially when he wants some alone time.

However, he is not in the relationship for the proper reasons if your Pisces man consistently refuses to pay attention to you.

A Pisces Man’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

The emotional sensitivity and vulnerability of the Pisces man are so extreme that they could cause a lot of issues. Because he is sensitive to any change in your attention or energy, he has a tendency to ruin the relationship.

A Pisces man will jump to a lot of conclusions if he thinks you are drifting away or are going to eventually leave him.

As a result of his pessimistic outlook, he will overreact to anything that triggers his delicate emotions. A Pisces man can interpret your tone of voice too literally. If he believes you are angry with him, he might assume that you have bad motives.

If a Pisces man is upset, he might also reflect his emotions onto you, which may result in several misunderstandings and miscommunications.

How To Keep A Pisces Man Interested

You must be approachable if you want to manage a Pisces man. Contrary to some guys, who prefer to move slowly, this sign is eager to have an intense connection right away. If he wants to spend a lot of time with you, don’t be shocked and just accept his curiosity.

A Pisces man may realize you are not a good match if he begins to believe you don’t have time for him.

It’s a good idea to take the time to occasionally message your Pisces man when you are apart when dealing with him. He’ll appreciate you thinking about him, and it will give a good impression to you. Even while doing this too frequently can turn off some guys, it is a terrific technique to draw a Pisces man in.

5 signs a Pisces man is using you, final thoughts…

  • He isn’t romantic
  • He is closed off
  • He is dishonest
  • He never listens
  • He disregards you



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