What Body Type Does A Scorpio Woman Like?

Although a Scorpio woman appreciates beauty in all aspects, there are certain physical traits that she can’t help but be attracted to. If you want to know what body type a Scorpio woman likes, you have chanced upon the right article.

A Scorpio woman prefers someone who has a strong sex appeal. It doesn’t really matter what your size and shape are, as long as you have confidence. Since this sign rules the genitals, it would make sense that she is easily turned on by sexual innuendos. A Scorpio man will also be attracted to your sexy brain.

After reading this article, you’ll know the ways to attract a Scorpio woman sexually and the ways to keep her hooked. Read on!

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A Scorpio Woman In Bed

A Scorpio woman has an intense sexual desire. In fact, she is regarded as the zodiac sign that is the most sexual. She will make it very obvious if she wants to make love to you; if she does, don’t be shocked if it occurs frequently.

A Scorpio woman can be highly domineering and even aggressive in bed because of her high sexual desire. Thus, be ready to follow her lead and remember to satisfy her almost limitless sexual desire as well.

The idea that a Scorpio woman is an aloof lover is a common one. She will, on the other hand, genuinely make you feel appreciated and satisfied in bed. Hence, she dislikes casual dating and one-night stands for this reason.

A Scorpio woman will probably want to explore new things when she feels comfortable with her sexual partner. You can bet that this sign will broaden your horizons in bed if you are receptive to it.

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What Body Type Does A Scorpio Woman Like?

As we all know, a Scorpio woman enjoys sex more than any other sign. She is attracted to anything sex-related because this sign rules the groin and genitals. She is unable to conceal the truth that a man’s privates are his main source of sexual gratification.

However, everything that matters and all that a Scorpio woman genuinely cares about is that you take care of your health, feel confident, and know that you are seductive.

A Scorpio woman will be drawn to you even if you are fairly modestly clothed if you exude a strong sex appeal. You might easily turn her on by carrying yourself with enthusiasm and confidence in your whole being.

In all honesty, she won’t care about your size since she’ll be too busy figuring out who you are, what you can do for her in life, and whether or not you’d be a good match for her.

Putting yourself first will make you stronger and more valuable, which a Scorpio woman will find difficult to resist.

All of your physical aspects won’t even matter that much when she realizes how sexy your brain is. She is looking for a smart man who will appeal to her both intellectually and physically. The ideal partner for a Scorpio woman would be a fiercely intelligent man.

Ways To Attract A Scorpio Woman Sexually

Show your interest

You should know that a Scorpio woman will respond well to you showing her that you are interested in her by giving her hints. Consequently, she will experience that searing connection if you can appeal to her physical turn-ons by stroking her arm or shoulder while speaking to her.

She prefers guys who can be honest with her as opposed to those who try to exaggerate or lie. A Scorpio woman’s appreciation for your candor will lead her to decide to learn more about your desires.

A Scorpio woman will want to do whatever it takes to support you in giving you what you want because of the energy she senses emanating from you.

Attempting to describe what you want to do the next time you see her in a dirty way will undoubtedly get her juices flowing. Moreover, giving a Scorpio woman pictures of what you are going to the gym could spark something in her.

Don’t withhold sex

A Scorpio woman has a high sex drive. If you decide to stop having sex with her because you’re mad at her, she won’t take it well. Once or twice it might work, but after that, he will perceive it as manipulation and won’t put up with it.

When he realizes what you are doing at that moment, he will stop paying attention to you. Be cautious and try to avoid delaying sex with a Scorpio woman unless there is a really valid excuse.

A Scorpio woman believes that when someone stops giving you sex, something is wrong.

Do not let it continue without determining what is wrong so that you may attempt to fix it. Returning to regular sex demonstrates that you and your Scorpio woman are still on good terms. When you try to withhold sex, she won’t be happy about it and will be turned off.

Please her

In bed, a Scorpio woman dislikes selfish companions. If you ask her, a sexual activity ought to be at least as much about her as it is about you. Make it clear to her that you care about how she feels and how she benefits from the encounter.

Don’t waste a Scorpio woman’s time if you’re not willing to put in the effort to win her favor.

A Scorpio woman will rapidly grow tired of you if you consistently refuse to try new things. Even worse, you probably won’t ever see her again if you criticize her for being an adventurous person.

Hence, if you want to keep a Scorpio woman, you must prove to her that you are up to the challenge and can keep up with her. A Scorpio woman will be grateful that you are returning some of her sexual energy.

Ways To Keep A Scorpio Woman Hooked

Sending out strong cues that you think a Scorpio woman is attractive is essential if you want to successfully seduce her.

While most women are attracted to men for a variety of reasons, she would never consider a relationship with someone who couldn’t fully please her in bed. Avoid the biggest mistake of making yourself too readily sexually available to a Scorpio woman by finding subtle ways to pique her interest.

Instead of approaching a Scorpio woman head-on, keep it cool and show her you’re interested using subtle body language. Keep in mind that this sign enjoys a challenge and will quickly become bored if everything is given to her right away.

Make a Scorpio woman wait as long as you can before making love in order to keep her on the hook. However, it would also be important that you give her enough hints so that she will not get the wrong impression.

Never say or do anything that would make a Scorpio woman feel intimidated or question her sense of self-control if you want to win her heart. This sign has a variety of interior insecurities that, despite how much she’d like you to think otherwise, she carefully concealed behind a tough exterior skin.

A Scorpio woman prefers to be in a position of absolute authority, which she can attain by maintaining control at all times, particularly in bed.

The more you delve into a Scorpio woman’s life or begin instructing her what to do, the more skeptical she will become of your intentions, the more protective she will get, and the less likely she will be to grow close to you. When attempting to entice a Scorpio woman, be as considerate as possible.

What body type does a Scorpio woman like? Final thoughts…

A Scorpio woman prefers:

  • Someone who has a strong sex appeal
  • Someone who is sexually inclined
  • Someone who is confident
  • Someone who has a sexy brain



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