5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Scorpio Woman

With the right way of communicating your desires and interest for a Scorpio woman, you can definitely keep her attention on you. If you want to know the flirty and dirty things to say to your Scorpio woman, you have come to the right place.

A Scorpio woman will appreciate it if you are direct with your approach, so tell her how much you miss her and ask her to hang out. You can also compliment how clever she can be and reassure her that she can also confide in you. A Scorpio woman loves a little mystery, so give her something to look forward to.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we get into the dirty things to say to this woman, let’s see what she’s like in bed…

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What A Scorpio Woman Is Like In Bed

In bed, a Scorpio woman enjoys giving and receiving pleasure. She will give you an intense, passionate experience between the sheets since she is a woman of character and depth. A Scorpio woman considers making love to be the best way to express affection. She is receptive to ideas, but you must be mindful of her moods as she is not always ready for physical intimacy.

A Scorpio woman uses making love as a means of expressing her affection and expressing her sentiments. This sign is capable of providing her loved one with fulfilling sexual experiences. Her figure exudes sensuality and sweetness, and when the mood strikes, she can be seductive. A Scorpio woman enjoys experimenting in bed, but you should always let her decide what happens.

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How To Flirt With A Scorpio Woman

Be direct

To get a Scorpio woman’s attention, act assertively, with assurance and sincerity. This sign is typically ambitious and self-assured, and she doesn’t want to waste her time with someone who is evasive, dishonest, or insecure. If you put on a front, a Scorpio woman will be able to tell, so get things going properly by being direct.

But keep in mind that you run the danger of losing her if you come on too strong with your affection for her. Taking a chance and making a huge plan demonstrates your confidence and willingness to take charge occasionally to her. Make your compliments to a Scorpio woman precise, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to acknowledge her intelligence, humor, and attitude as well.

Be honest

Even if a Scorpio woman could enjoy some mystery, lying and being dishonest can end your relationship. Ensure that you are being honest and trustworthy by not hiding anything from her or engaging in any side relationships. Like many other women, a Scorpio woman dislikes playing games. Don’t ever make this woman wonder how essential she is to you; she doesn’t want to.

Even though she is fiercely independent, a Scorpio woman still likes to feel comfortable in a relationship, which is frequently why it takes her so long to find a partner. If you like her, don’t pull a prank by ignoring her calls or texts or by disappearing for extended periods of time. Tell a Scorpio woman you will not abandon her and that she is a priority.

5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Scorpio Woman Crush

“I’ll tell you next time”

You won’t want to put everything on the table right away while dealing with a reserved Scorpio woman. She won’t open up to you totally right away, so while you wait, you might as well keep her interested by maintaining your own aura of mystery. Give a Scorpio woman a reason to spend another time together and a cliffhanger so you can develop an even greater bond.

She may become anxious to meet you again after exchanging a few amusing back-and-forth messages. When you’re texting, a Scorpio woman doesn’t want you to enquire about her thoughts or divulge your deepest secrets right away. Instead, hold your cards close to your chest since she wants to be fascinated and intrigued by you.

“Let’s hang out”

A Scorpio woman would appreciate it if you were straightforward and honest with her as opposed to being uncertain about what you desire. Tell her you want to spend time with her and that you would love to fit into her hectic schedule. Don’t be scared to be honest with a Scorpio woman because she is attracted to an aggressive initiative.

A Scorpio woman will be able to sense if you are nervous or not trying very hard if you don’t appear confident and interested in her. This sign is noted for being bold or even aggressive in her pursuit of those she is genuinely interested in. Match that enthusiasm and put yourself out there if you’re quite certain that she might feel the same way about you as you do about her.

“You’re so clever”

You should know that a Scorpio woman has a unique way of thinking and sees things from a perspective that many others overlook; if you enjoy something about her, don’t be hesitant to tell her. If you can persuade her to talk to you about one of her interests, you could find that you share that interest and can have in-depth conversations about it.

A Scorpio woman enjoys being praised for her intelligence, so if she has you thinking in a novel way, she’ll be eager to hear about it. She will really value your creativity and innovative ideas for retaining her interest in the relationship. Once a Scorpio woman realizes that you are on the same page, she’ll put more effort into developing your relationship.

“You can talk to me”

A Scorpio woman is a water sign which is characterized by emotionality, moodiness, and solitude. She frequently doesn’t effectively process her emotions because she has a tendency to keep them to herself. It can take a while to get a Scorpio woman to open up to you, but if you show that you’re willing to listen to her, you might find that the two of you click right away.

A Scorpio woman places a high value on loyalty, so showing her that her secrets are safe with you and that your lips are sealed will mean a lot to her. It can be beneficial to show that you trust her in order to gain her trust because she highly values openness and honesty on both ends.

“I miss you”

Connect on a deeply romantic level with a Scorpio woman through texting. You’ll decide when you may meet in person based on how much you let her know how you miss her. A Scorpio woman enjoys passionate relationships that make her feel completely taken in. Send her enticing messages without hesitation, and make an effort to project confidence and interest in her.

Be honest with her since, as I’ve already said, a Scorpio woman is impressed by a bold initiative. She is great at reading non-verbal cues, which is why she typically prefers face-to-face communication. Never attempt to have a lengthy, in-depth conversation with her when you do send her a text. Instead, arrange a date or flirt with a Scorpio woman before meeting up through this type of communication.

How To Keep A Scorpio Woman Interested

Tolerating a Scorpio woman’s unpredictable emotions is a necessary part of loving her. She frequently experiences major mood swings and is capable of doing so fast. Love for a Scorpio woman demands endurance. Be ready to listen to her and be there for her when she is overcome by overwhelming feelings. When your Scorpio woman exhibits mood changes and strong emotions, try to comprehend her perspective.

A Scorpio woman is honest when it comes to her emotions, yet she also wants to keep some things to herself. She may be unafraid to share some aspects of her life, yet she may keep some things inexplicably hidden from you. If you want her to appreciate and be interested in you longer, try to respect and understand this. Moreover, push yourself through these barriers if you tend to be more reserved and analytical.

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5 flirty (and dirty) things to say to your Scorpio woman crush:

  • “I’ll tell you next time”
  • “Let’s hang out”
  • “You’re so clever”
  • “You can talk to me”
  • “I miss you”