How To Make A Scorpio Woman Jealous?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Scorpio woman and her jealousy issues!

If you feel that she’s straying away from you romantically or emotionally and you want her attention back by making her a little jealous…then you are in the right place! In this section, we will also provide details on how to make your Scorpio woman jealous!

To make your Scorpio woman jealous you must make her overthink and doubt herself you can do that by mentioning your ex-lovers to her or by showing her how women are obsessively attracted to you. This will make her incredibly jealous!

Your Gorgeous and sultry Scorpio woman is the eighth sign of the zodiac wheel.

She is the second water sign in the wheel which is embarked by her deep and controlled nature. Unlike Cancer who shows emotions upfront similar to an Aries, this water sign has evolved to conceal her true nature, emotions, and personality.

She is intense and powerful but she doesn’t show all of her cards so she might be perceived differently by the people around her.

Ruled by Mars and Pluto and is a fixed water sign. The Scorpion represents Scorpio. The sign rules the eighth house which covers the themes around sex, death, rebirth, transformation, occult, hidden wealth, and mysticism. The overall vibe and energy of Scorpio are dark yet fascinating and alluring.

This will make your Scorpio woman incredibly intense and sexy!

At a surface level, Scorpio’s sun traits exude strength, power, and control. Often having a fiery temper just like the fire signs but deep inside the Scorpio woman longs for goodness – a good life where he can be with people who truly understand her and love her.

She longs for truly faithful and lasting relationships that go infinity.

But one thing’s for sure she is described as attractive and mysterious! This woman has heavy Mars and Pluto energy that makes her vibes alluring and irresistible. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and Pluto is the modern ruler of the sign.

Both of these heavy and influential energies play a part in making this sign the way it is.

Sometimes these energies often overrule the soft-heartedness that the water element brings. This makes your Scorpio woman a unique water sign because unlike Cancer and Pisces who are often perceived lightly because of how soft-hearted and feminine they may seem to be.

A Scorpio woman’s energy highly resonates with the fire sign sisters (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)! But your Scorpio woman isn’t even a fire sign!

Remember that these three signs rule the element of water which in Astrology covers the aspects of deep emotional and thoughtful processes. Scorpio women are inclined to feel and think by their emotions but their fixed Plutonian nature gives them adept control of themselves and the situation.

She is a formidable opponent and she knows it well herself. She is powerful but restrained she will speak her mind but only if it’s necessary.

Your Scorpio woman is a quiet observant who does not take things lightly. She loves the idea of gaining power and control but that does not mean that she also craves real friendships and emotional intimacy from a faithful passionate partner.

The way a Scorpio thinks differently from her sister water signs is that she decides when and where to express her emotions which she does not! She projects a sexy, confident, intimidating aura and she certainly hides a great deal of pain, trauma, and deep emotions beneath the icy surface.

Her warm and tender heart often is resided for the people closest to her and the people who she can deeply trust.

Your Scorpio woman is a force to be reckoned with! All of the traumatic experiences and the painful past she had made her powerful over time! The power she holds and exerts comes from her ability to control and restrain her inner demons inside her and that makes her control the external environment around her.

This is why she is mysterious and secretive, unlike other signs who work in the light and like to be the center of attention your Scorpio woman plays her cards right backstage, in the darkness where nobody can see her. She maneuvers people and situations carefully so that it goes along with her plan.

She is careful, strategic, and analytical, she doesn’t go around being impulsive. She is passionate about her career and pursuits in life. Alongside that, she exudes fearlessness, boldness, creativity, disciplined, purposefulness, and loyalty.

Although seen as intimidating or evil everything a Scorpio woman does is to protect herself.

She has been so hurt in life that she learns how to instinctively protect herself no matter how it takes.

She will also do everything not to be seen as weak or fragile. She makes sure her sensitive and loyal heart is guarded and protected from all the people who might take advantage of it. 

At best your Scorpio woman is a determined, brave, loyal, honest, straightforward, ambitious, long-term planner, intense, assertive, decisive, and a powerhouse for intuition, psychic abilities, and persuasion.

At worst the shadow sides of Scorpio women can come off as resentful, extremely jealous and secretive, brooding, manipulative and cunning, domineering and overtly competitive.

In a relationship she is sweet and intimate closed doors, she is loving, emotional, sensitive, and sacrificial to her lover. But that also means that she’s an extremely jealous lover which makes her possessive, and suspicious especially if another person comes and tries to flirt with her partner.

It is important to be careful when you are doing this process of making her jealous! Your Scorpio woman’s emotions are not to be trifled with and it can cause some serious problems if you ever do! So take this precautionary warning before trying to make her jealous just so you can gain her attention.

With all of that said let’s tackle more on your sultry and mysterious Scorpio woman and her jealousy issues. Let’s find out how does the intense and passionate Scorpio woman express jealousy and how does she act upon it? What are the obvious signs that she is jealous? 

Let’s jump right in!

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How does a Scorpio Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Scorpio woman is extremely jealous! Extremely jealous that any slights against her or the relationship will make her go full stingy mode!

Like other water signs, your Scorpio woman intuitively feels whenever something feels off about the person so she will automatically become suspicious of the person. She will do this to further instigate protection on your part and her part.

She acts mysteriously so you will never know her actions 

She knows it is a dark and dangerous world out there and that love and relationship are a game that one should master. She deeply knows if a woman is out there becoming a snake to steal other people’s partner so you will notice that she will instinctively become intimidating and mean to the person she is jealous of.

Alongside that, she will be extremely possessive of you! She might ask you what your schedule is at work and will certainly be overprotective about you.

This is how a Scorpio woman reacts whenever she feels someone is trying to get her away from her she instantly becomes threatened and you will notice that she will do these simple gestures just to watch you out and make sure you are heading where you told her you are heading.

She uses her power and control to exert dominance over the unpleasant situation she is in. She instantly uses her powers of manipulation to gain more information about the person she is jealous of. This is just in case she can use it for future use. 

She will not show that she is jealous! Unlike other signs who are upfront and impulsive about expressing their emotions, your Scorpio woman is strategic about when and where to express it! You will certainly get a knockdown argument with her where she will be scaringly calm about it!

She might ask you questions and the best thing to do is not to break down and match the level of calmness she has.

If she ever does this it is her way of “testing” you out.

She is a master manipulator and knows all too well about a person’s body language and psychology. She will know if you are hiding something or not so the best way to counteract this is to remain cool and unbothered by the mind game she is playing against you!

You have to remember your Scorpio woman is a master of mind games so making her play your own game you must be wary that she can play it better!

If you make her jealous on purpose she will do it worse on you to the point that you might regret ever making her jealous! It is important to be careful and controlled whenever you’re gonna do things just to make her jealous!

Now with all of that in mind, we will give you the most effective ways how to make your Scorpio woman crazy obsessed with you by making her extremely jealous!

How to Make Your Scorpio Woman Jealous!

Look attractive and feel attractive!

The first sign on the list! If you want to make your Scorpio woman jealous you must make her feel that you are becoming more “attractive” than her and that you are outshining her in terms of looks scale! You can do that by working on your external and internal attractiveness!

To look good on the outside you must have an active lifestyle and work on getting a lean muscular physique! By working out you are automatically a hundred times better than the average man who is lazy and doesn’t do anything to improve himself!

Alongside that, you can also improve your appearance by taking good care of your skin by practicing a healthy skin care regimen!

You also need to look for a haircut that suits your age and face shape! Alongside that, you must develop good hygiene and a good set of outfits that you can wear in your everyday life!

Good shoes are a cliche but they can instantly make you attractive because the clean and decent shoe of your choice makes you look presentable and powerful!

To work on your inner attractiveness you must practice self-confidence affirmations and believe in your power! You must be positive and humble at the same time! You must also try to be more subtle and mysterious in your interactions with other people.

By doing this you are subtly attracting her back into your life by being magnetic and at the same time, more women will also admire you which she will energetically feel! Making her more protective and possessive towards you!

Mention your ex-lovers to her

When you mention your ex-lovers to her you are hurting her ego and making her instantly think about the past experiences you went through with your exes making her jealous and crazy obsessive! She will be infuriated by the fact that you still remember the things you had with your exes.

Make a story up of how you run through with your ex in the coffee shop or the groceries. Mention how flirtatious your ex has been and nothing has changed with her ever since you broke up with her! This will rile her up and make her instantly jealous and protective towards you!

Be friendly with other women!

The third effective way to make your Scorpio woman jealous is to be friendly with other women!

When she is near you try to make her jealous by being friendly in your approach toward other women! When she sees that other women are flying around you like a vulture preying on its meal you are turning on her jealousy and making her more possessive towards you!

Be sure to just be friendly though! Flirting is another devious tactic that will relish hell upon you!

Alongside that to your Scorpio woman flirting with other women in front of her is an automatic turn-off because it shows that you’ve got no loyalty toward her! Just be sure to have a fine line of difference between positively interacting with other women and flirting.

Withdraw the affection you give to her

The fourth key step in making your Scorpio woman jealous is to withdraw the time and affection you give to her! This is common and effective in all other zodiac signs! Because time and affection are important to build the relationship making her crave it will make divert her attention towards you.

You also need to remember how much your Scorpio woman craves deep emotional connection and intimacy and withdrawing it from her will make her devious and suspicious. Just be a little indifferent towards her or say that you are busy and up with something.

When you withdraw yourself from her she will have no choice but to miss you and miss the affection you give to her.

Tease her by doing better than her!

Show her anything she can do you can do better! This is a teasing act that shows the power dynamics between the both of you! Maybe she is straying away because she feels she’s more dominant in the relationship…

Then show that whatever she can do you can do better! Is she out with her friends on a Saturday night? Then be with your friends on Sunday! Is she excelling and making more at work? Show her you double the money without working hard! 

By showing a few of your fangs you are telling her you are not to be trifled with and that being underestimated is the biggest mistake a person can have with the perception of you! Be a little aggressive if you need to be!

Be unavailable sometimes to make her overthink!

Become independent and aloof that she will have to rethink your whereabouts as of this moment! Have a life of your own to show that your time is important and that you are successful in your own right and that you don’t need her to be happy!

Be so busy that she won’t even find out where you are and who you’re hanging out with.  You can try posting your travel adventures in your story or a post! The more you become unavailable in her life the more she will value it and the more she will have the time to initiate contact with you!

When you become unavailable you are making her overthink and she will have no option but to stalk you and ask you about your whereabouts! This is an incredibly toxic tactic but certainly effective in making her jealous!

Making A Scorpio Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Scorpio woman is intense and passionate so her straying away from you could mean that there is less passion in the relationship than it used to be before.

Instead of playing mind games with her which will take you only to a certain extent of attention, it is still important to have a heart-to-heart interaction with what happened with the relationship.

Chances are if you are making her jealous just to get her attention it means you still want her in the relationship. If that’s the case it is best to talk things out with her and tackle the root of the problems as to why both of you have suddenly grown apart together.

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