How To Get A Scorpio Woman Obsessed With You?

Are you looking for ways to attract a Scorpio woman in your life? Worry no more! In this article, we are going to talk about how to make your Scorpio woman obsessed with you! We are also going to talk about your Scorpio woman and her obsession tendencies in love and relationship! 

Let’s get started!

The Scorpio woman is the eighth sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the deadly Scorpion, Scorpio women are fixed water signs both co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Women born under the dates of October 23 up to November 21 are instinctively under the rule of The Scorpion – passionate, strong-willed, emotional yet driven.

Women born under this sign are alluring and magnetic, unlike other light-hearted zodiac signs who use charm and wit, Scorpio women use their intense dark energy to attract and seduce others. Their hidden power comes from their deep emotional depth and a clear understanding of the world around them.

The Scorpio woman is passionate and full of vigor, one might think that Scorpio is a fire sign but think again! This water sign can match the fiery passion of the fire signs and her emotional depth and deep connection with the psychic and emotional realm makes her dangerously powerful!

This makes her incredibly intense in love and relationship! Love and lust can be amplified and doubled! Yet this also applies to her obsession! Her obsession tendencies are more dangerous than all the other signs combined! Her fixed persistence to get what she wants is a trait that can be admirable or feared.

Scorpios are known for their unrequited love, it may be hard, and painful but they know the true essence of love doesn’t just come from a lasting romance. Your Scorpio woman knows that love can transcend even lifetimes. This is why it is incredibly important that you do not play with your Scorpio woman’s heart.

You might think making a Scorpio woman obsessed with you is a fun game but think again! Make sure your intentions are right when setting to begin this journey! Scorpios aren’t for the weak heart!

Now that we’ve talked about your Scorpio woman for starters let’s delve deep into your Scorpio woman and her obsession tendencies. What makes her obsessed with someone? How does her obsession tendency toward someone play out?

And what are the things that make her extremely attracted to a man?

Let’s find out more in this section!

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Scorpio Women and Obsession Tendencies

Your Scorpio woman falls hard and gets obsessed easily! Whether it is an unhealthy obsession or infatuation the intensity of feelings a Scorpio woman feels is powerful enough to change a person’s life.

The stalking will be inevitable usually done through social media, the stalking will then move into something else.

Like other water signs, casual daydreaming will be done by your Scorpio woman and she will try to use her imagination to think of the ways she can get closer to you. A Scorpio woman’s obsession holds no bounds! She will open the gates of hell just to get to be with the person she’s insanely obsessed with!

This also means her obsession with a certain person can last for years! Being a fixed water sign that is ruled by Mars and Pluto your Scorpio woman will do everything in her power to get with the person. She’ll try to lure him into her world with her sex appeal.

Your Scorpio woman is incredibly attracted to a man who exudes power and strength, a dangerous man who has control over himself yet isn’t trying hard to look good or powerful. Your Scorpio woman is attracted to a man who has a sex appeal but does not rub it on other people.

She is attracted to a man who has a passion for his life and has his life under control, a man who is building a future where he can be seen as successful in his own right, a strong dynamic man who is unafraid but also genuine with other people.

This is the personality trait of a man that insanely attracts a Scorpio woman, to her looks only come second, she is looking for a man she can match her energy with. In short, she’s looking for a man who she can vibe with in terms of aura and personality.

A man who can be his equal in terms of power-seeking and control.

How to Get Your Scorpio Man to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Work on your sex appeal!

The first key step in attracting your Scorpio woman is that you need to work on your sex appeal!

Work out and gain more upper-body muscles! Work on your sexy facial expressions and smile. Try to test and see what fragrance works best on you, and work on improving your body language and your outfit inspiration!

Being attractive and sexy isn’t easy! It takes a lot of work, especially for a man of this day of age.

You need to be competitive and you can do so by working on yourself and by improving your quality of life! Remember the more physically appealing you are the easier it is for you to attract all kinds of women including your Scorpio woman!

2. Seduce her

Your Scorpio woman has unnatural sex appeal so chances are there are a lot of men sending her unsolicited come-ons, this can be incredibly irritating for her, instead of doing the common way of flirting of saying hi’s and hello’s work on having good one-line conversation starters that can fuel the conversation.

Flirting is an incredibly delicate art, always try to present yourself in a good manner without looking like you’re trying too hard. Start with initiation and then move on to the next part, when presenting yourself it is important not to look like you’re having a hard time expressing yourself:

for example, if you’re talking about your hobbies instead of saying “I like surfing” say something like “I’m keen on surfing, something about the warm air and the breeze of the ocean just makes me feel something…”

This makes the conversation more interesting and less dull. Trust us! Your Scorpio woman will be obsessed with you!

3. Be straightforward

The third step in making sure your Scorpio man gets obsessed with you is that you have to show you are blunt and straightforward, especially with the way you deal with her. When conversing with her it is best not to sugarcoat things or just compliment her because you deem it so. 

Instead, show what you feel, when talking to her it is best to look and appear as if you are in control of the situation, casual banter can happen now and then but always look to be more serious than usual. This helps in the attraction process.

4. Look powerful, play powerful

The fourth key step is embodying the strong masculine archetype! This is a great way to highly attract your Scorpio woman and make her obsessed with you. One must be able to embody the energy of a strong alpha male and show it through rough and dominant body language.

Dress the part! Opt for black clothes as it has been researched that wearing darker clothes makes you seem more dominant, powerful, and intimidating.

You also need to work on your serious stoic face. It may be hard to believe but a Scorpio woman finds it more sexually attractive if a man has a more broad stoic “unfeeling” face rather than a man who has a bubbly, smiley face.

Always walk in an entourage, and look powerful by having a good body posture, and by using a deep yet thoughtful voice in communicating with other people. You can emulate a powerful man in their presence!

5. Show her your options

Competition is necessary for a Scorpio woman the number of girls that are highly interested in dating or shagging you is a true indicator of how high value a man you are. It is always important to show your Scorpio woman that there are plenty of women who are romantically interested in you.

You can tell this to her by casually saying it to her in a conversation or by showing that you are having fun with other women while she sees closely, the more attractive you are in the eyes of other women the more your Scorpio woman will relish on her inner demons just to pursue you more.

Do this and see the magic happens!

6. Show off your passion

Whether it’s a path in your career, sports, or just about anything you’re taking, it is always best to show your Scorpio woman that you have dreams for yourself and that you have something in your life that you’re leading up to!

When a Scorpio woman realizes that the man he’s obsessing over has no dreams or passion in life and just lives because he exists she’ll be turned off instantly!

Having passion is a sign of power and power is an incredibly important aspect for your Scorpio woman, she craves it and desires it, like a mother longing for her lost child. Showing her your passion can instantly make her more attracted to you!

7. Gain her trust

Last, but not least, it is important to be a good confidant besides your Scorpio woman, you can never go wrong with a Scorpio woman who truly trusts you and wants you to be by her side.

You can do this by building an emotional connection through sharing your pains and experiences and by being vulnerable every time she’s at her low point.

It is always good to try to be a good confidant and friend to him nevertheless, the flirting and sexual tension can wait, a truly long-lasting relationship with a Scorpio man starts with emotional connection and trust. It is always important to be there whenever he needs help or someone to talk to.

Accept her without any judgments, the more she trusts you the more the relationship between the both of you can turn into something more powerful and magical!

Scorpio: The Female Fatale Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Scorpio woman is incredibly intense and passionate, a one-of-a-kind female lover who will do anything for her lover and that means her love, obsession, lust, and possessiveness are deeply intensified! She is true power in her own right!

Remember that following these steps mentioned above will surely get your Scorpio woman obsessed with you! Although you’ve to go to be careful! Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned! This applies twice to a Scorpio woman – dangerous, alluring yet deeply sensitive and emotional…

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