Where does your Scorpio Woman like to be touched?

Do you wish to know where your Scorpio woman likes to be touched? Do you wish to know where her erogenous zones lie? Do you know how does she like to be touched? Do you know how to work your way through it?

Should you massage, caress or touch these pleasure spots? What should your preparations be in massaging these particular areas of sensation? What extra efforts should you do to make her feel pleased and comforted?

Do not fret! In this article, we are going to answer the question of where does your Scorpio woman like to be touched! We will show you the proper way to caress, touch and massage these significant spots where she feels utmost pleasure and sensitivity.

Alongside that, we will give you insight as to how you can turn her on by touching!

Let’s jump right in!

Scorpio is direct when it comes to sex. She knows what she wants and she will not stop until she gets it! That’s why it’s already a warning for you! Triggering and arousing your Scorpio woman will surely get her going crazy!

Do not touch her if you have no intention of making love to her! She will want it if you trigger her long enough by touching her! Scorpio rules the genitals so her crotch area will be the most erogenous zone of the body.

Scorpio Women are the mysterious, alluring, magnetic, and powerful women of the zodiac wheel. The eighth sign of the zodiac list is a fixed water sign.

She is ruled by Mars and Pluto both incredibly powerful planets that give Scorpio women an edge, beauty, and intimidation. Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion and is the second water sign on the list!

Determined, dedicated, passionate, intelligent, and self-reliant. Scorpio women are known to be powerful individuals as they are gifted with immense power and control by Pluto. Plutonian energy gives them a sort of dangerous yet alluring aura that can attract or repel people.

Alongside that Scorpio women are incredibly blunt and straightforward and these can rub people in the wrong way but Scorpio doesn’t give a damn – she is relentless and does not care about other people’s opinions.

Scorpio season starts from October 23 to November 21. If your girlfriend, wife friends with benefits, or significant partner is born under these dates then you’ve got a lovely Scorpio woman to love and cherish! 

Persuasive defends the helpless, genuine, and honest, Scorpio woman who has a significant amount of self-control and is capable of feeling extreme rage and violence. Your Scorpio woman is one of a kind.  Her beauty and appearance are otherworldly and gothic.

Almost as if Vampiric in aesthetics and beauty. She dons a dark and powerful appearance and has an air of mystery around her.

In romantic relationships, your Scorpio woman is loving, emotional, deeply protective, and possessive, she is romantic and is the epitome of intense burning love and passion. She is self-sacrificial and extremely devoted to her partner and she likes her partner to do the same to her! 

She may be private in matters of love and relationship but she is extremely emotional and touchy behind closed doors. She wants you to love her intensely and she wants you to deeply value the relationship you both have. This sign doesn’t do well with hookups.

She wants the real thing. Real love, passion, and commitment. she wants you and she wants all of you — your mind, body, and soul. 

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of what your Scorpio woman is like let’s now dig deep into how does your Scorpio woman like to be touched? Where does your Scorpio woman like to be handled during foreplay? Where does she like to be massaged for maximum relaxation? Let’s find out!

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Where does a Scorpio Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Scorpio woman is mysterious and alluring! She is powerful and exciting and when it comes to love she can be extreme and intense in the way she shows it!

Whether it’s the intimate kisses or the sex your Scorpio woman gives her all and this shows in the way she truly manifests her love and affection for you! With that said your Scorpio woman can be an extremely private person. 

She might not even share the intimate moments of her love life but she will surely be touchy and clingy to her partner! This means you’ll have no problem touching and caressing her as she will have no aversion towards it! She will deeply crave it from you! Even if its a foreplay or not your Scorpio woman likes to be touched!

She is gothic and vampiric in ways and appearance and this can be appealing to you and other people. Not only that the intensity of her love and affection can be extremely overwhelming so it is best to get used to the amount of love she pours on you!

In Astrology, Scorpio rules the genitalia – the penis and the Vagina. Both are very obscene words and topics in the public view but to a Scorpio, this is a powerful and regenerative part of our body. The genitals are a powerful and sacred organ that can create another life.

This is why your Scorpio woman rules death, rebirth, and transformation. Sex is a very transformative part of a relationship that can strengthen the bond the soul tie.

For your Scorpio woman her genitals are the main erogenous zone of her body, her thighs, lower back and other muscles near her genitals only come second in sensitivity and pleasure-inducing so you must emphasize touching and caressing this part of her body to give her maximum pleasure.

Scorpio rules the genitals and therefore careful and gentle genital stimulation which includes stroking, and light pressure touches using your fingertips accompanied by sensual hand movements in her genital area will surely make her pleasured, relaxed and comfortable!

You have to remember that your Scorpio woman’s genitals are her innermost pleasure spot. This also means that she will be extra sensitive there than any other sign in the zodiac which could also mean why she loves sex so much! She gets too much pleasure using this part of her body!

This can make her have more of a high sex drive than most women in the zodiac wheel! Scorpio is the sign that represents sex and lust!

When you are trying to touch, massage, or caress her you must center your focus around the genitals and the perimeter where her genitals are near. This means you can also massage her inner thighs, lower back, and lower abdomen.

If you are going for the relaxation route then you can perfectly massage the thighs and the abs even the back if she wishes to! You can do hard pressure massage on the back and light to medium massages, especially on the thighs!

The thighs have muscles that are deeply connected to the Vagina which can give her immense pleasure and sensations.

When touching her you can begin touching her hands or her face as you build rapport in showing how much you truly love and cherish her. Be loving and tender when you touch her body.

Usually, any part of her body feels good to touch as long as there is passion and intent in the way you work your hands toward her.

When you are seducing her and getting it on during the foreplay you can begin touching her in different parts of her body and touch her crotch area the last! This will help build sexual tension which will arouse both of you!

However, if you are just going for the relaxation route then you can go ahead and massage the muscles near her crotch area namely the thighs, the lower back, and the lower abdomen.

Lightly massage her back or her thighs. Then lastly you can begin touching and stroking her genitals as you work your gentle circular and vertical strokes to make sure he gets the utmost pleasure!

When massaging or stroking her genitals you are deeply activating raw sexual energy that is innate to your Scorpio woman. It is dangerous, powerful yet fulfilling so you should be brave for what comes next after. Your Scorpio woman can be a little frisky if you arouse her long enough.

Quick Overview: Scorpio Woman’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage her upper back

Begin to let her lie down in a comfortable position, using scented geranium or lavender oil begin to spread the oil upwards using your hands. Using your palm or the whole of your hands begin to use gliding movements and strokes as you gently glide up the oil in the lower back.

When you are gliding upwards, you are stimulating the flow upwards, which can be incredibly beneficial in making her feel calm, relaxed, and pleasured. 

When you massage her upper back you are also showing her your love and effort so pay attention to her whimpers and whispers. Ask her if the pressure you’re putting on her back is too much or enough. Ask her what part you should focus on more when you are massaging her back.

Letting her communicate what feels nice is best to make sure she gets the most pleasure during the massage!

2. Begin touching her hands

Touching her hands is an essential component to show how much you truly love your Scorpio woman! As much as she likes words of affirmation that confirm your love for her!

Real love for your Scorpio woman shows how you deal with her and what your body language is! Touching her hands is another way of telling her how much your love her and care for her!

Touching your Scorpio woman’s hands is a way of endearment and this can be a great way to bond with her! Touching her hands can be a sweet intimate way of initiating contact with your Scorpio woman. It is sweet and delicate yet sends a signal of lust and attraction.

When you are trying to initiate contact or foreplay you can being by grasping her hands and touching her with feelings. Hold her hands or her fingertips as you work on your eye contact with her! Clasp her fingertips with your fingertips and do not show any signs of malice but rather show love!

When you delicately touch her hands you are showing love to your Scorpio woman this subtle way of saying “I love you” is incredibly pleasing and relaxing to your Scorpio woman and not only that she will also be relieved and feel loved! Being touched intimately is incredibly relaxing for your Scorpio woman!

3. Massage her lower back

Another great way to make her feel relaxed is by deeply massaging your Scorpio woman’s lower back!

The genitals which are her main erogenous zone are tightly connected to her lower back which you can utilize and massage greatly to help her alleviate stress and at the same time make her feel aroused without touching yet her genitals!

Massaging her lower back is essential so you have to make sure to have your scented oils on hand to prevent rubbing friction when massaging her!!

To massage, this part lets your Scorpio woman deep breathe in and out to let the tension out. Let her lie down on the bed with his face leaning towards the bed. Let her feel relaxed as you gently put pressure on her lower back.

Sink the palm of your hands into the muscles and beg to clutch your way in. 

Rub circular motions and vertical motions into the muscles of her lower back. Feel the muscles as you work through it and notice tense parts. If there’s any tightness in the area put hard pressure on it. It may be painful to your Scorpio woman but it will deeply help her alleviate stress and anxiety.

4. Massage her inner thighs

Her inner thighs are the muscles that are deeply connected to her main pleasure point which is her genitals. With that in mind you can deeply massage this area to make her feel relaxed and at ease with the situation.

Begin the massage by letting her lay down, Using a scented oil use your thumb and your index finger to use point pressure as your press all the way into her inner thighs.

When you massage her inner thighs you can also use the sink-your-palm method in creating heavy pressure points in the muscle. As the name suggests you can sink the palm of your hands in the targeted muscle and work on putting heavy pressure on the thighs.

This can be incredibly attractive to you Scorpio woman who’s probably tensed and stressed due to a heavy workload.

5. Stroke and caress her genitals 

Your Scorpio woman’s main pleasure spot is her genitals. The vagina is an extremely sensitive pleasure spot that can provide numerous sensations to your Scorpio woman!

Save the best for the last! When you are trying to seduce her come up to her behind her back and begin to dominate her by touching her back then to her breasts then down to her genitals.

Then begin to whisper things into her ear as you carefully touch and caress the cloth that is hiding her genitals. Begin to address carefully what she wants and ask what she truly desires. Then let your masculine dominance overpower her feminine energy as you begin to control her body with your hands.

Perform light touches and strokes as you go up and down to her genitals. When you want to arouse a Scorpio woman you can also do some teasing with kisses, strokes, and finger play around this area. Gently stroking back and forth this part of her body and seeing how she reacts to it.

By stroking and caressing her genitals you are deeply immersing in her feminine sexual energy and this is highly arousing for both of you!

This can be a great thing as you immerse yourself into having a more romantic and sexual relationship with your Scorpio woman!

Just remember to be light and gentle when touching and caressing this part of her body as you need to induce less friction when rubbing this part to make her feel pleasured and relaxed.

Touching a Scorpio Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Scorpio woman is a powerful, alluring, mysterious, loyal, passionate, complex individual capable of great love or hatred. She is the sign of extremes so it’s all or nothing! Showing her your love through touching and caressing is a powerful way to show your love for her!

It shows you are intimate and you are deeply attracted to her! Physical touch is often a love language Scorpio is all too familiar with so making sure she gets it is a good way to keep the relationship healthy and long-lasting.

Your Scorpio woman has only one main erogenous zone, so work well on prioritizing this pleasure center by using different techniques of strokes and touches to stimulate this pleasure spot.

Your Scorpio woman is insanely magnetic and beautiful and surely you’ll have no problem pleasuring her because of how sexy she is!

Mysterious and powerful, it may seem all have an affinity with dark and morbid, rules sex and death…Your Scorpio woman may seem to have an edge of intimidation but her real complexity lies in how intense her emotions are!

She loves hard and this shows through her loyalty and commitment like no other! 

Overall, the most sensitive areas that you can utilize to make your Scorpio woman feel relaxed and aroused are

  • Her genitals (gentle strokes and touches)
  • Her lower back and inner thighs (light to medium massage)
  • Her Upper back (deep massage)
  • Her hands (caressing and touching)

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