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Is The Aquarius Man Controlling?

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Given that an Aquarius man loves to live his life independently, he would prefer to have a partner who shares the shared trait. If you want to know if an Aquarius man is controlling or not, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius man will never try to control you because his laid-back attitude makes him less interested in doing so. He will not try to dominate you because he needs his independence and does not want to be tied down. An Aquarius man will give you freedom because he knows how bad it feels to be restricted.

You should also take note of the red flags an Aquarius man possesses and how to handle him in general. Read further!

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Red Flags Of An Aquarius Man

A strong-willed Aquarius man carefully considers the views and opinions of others but rarely alters his own. He makes a decision after careful consideration but only adheres to his own convictions. On the other hand, an Aquarius man hates conflicts.

Hence, he might agree with you merely to avoid a direct argument and keep acting in accordance with his moral principles.

The more an Aquarius man is forced or given orders, the more disobedient he may become.

He objects to being told what to do and he doesn’t respect those who try to sway his opinions or actions, even when it’s to his advantage. Convincing an Aquarius man of something difficult because he is so self-sufficient and has a strong desire to be independent.

An Aquarius man favors making choices and putting his trust in his own judgment. With his arrogance and lack of regard for the opinions of others, he may find it tough and hard to ask for help in such situations.

An Aquarius man can be challenging, so if you see any of these red flags, it’s crucial that you determine whether you want to continue dating him and will be patient with his negative characteristics.

Is The Aquarius Man Controlling?

As an Aquarius man who values independence and freedom so much and feels that commitment will tie him down, he frequently experiences anxiety when dating and entering into relationships.

Although he wants continual intellectual stimulation in order to stay with you, he is a faithful lover. You don’t have to worry about an Aquarius man trying to pin you down because he knows what it feels like to feel suffocated in a relationship.

An Aquarius man prefers to be in charge of both his environment and himself. He dislikes attempting to dominate others because he dislikes it when others try to control him.

Hence, he will put up a front even if he is worried or unhappy about something since he dislikes coming across as uncontrollable or overly emotional. An Aquarius man is generally laid-back, lets most things pass him by, and is quite good at masking his true emotions.

An Aquarius man values individuality and freedom. One of the reasons he doesn’t frequently become possessive or jealous in his relationships is because of this. If you try to dominate or demand something from him, that’s when he’ll grow resentful and retake control.

The moment an Aquarius man suspects you are trying to control him, he will immediately leave. If you can, try to be straightforward and honest with your Aquarius man without being overbearing.

Signs An Aquarius Man Is Not Controlling

He is laid-back

An Aquarius man may desire total control over his own life, but his laid-back attitude makes him less interested in exerting power over others.

He doesn’t want to be the boss or have power over the people around him, but he does want the flexibility to work independently and make decisions in his own life. If negative emotions come to the surface, an Aquarius man is good at toning them down.

An Aquarius man believes that everyone should have the freedom to be themselves and lead the lives they want.

He doesn’t wish to restrict anyone’s freedom or allow anyone to impinge on him in return. Because an Aquarius man dislikes being controlled by others, which is why he is unlikely to crave or seek control over anybody but himself.

He needs independence

An Aquarius man feels at ease being alone and views commitment to a partner as a burden that restricts his independence.

This doesn’t imply that he is never going to commit; he simply dislikes having to rely on others in any way. Instead of relying on the kindness or assistance of others, an Aquarius man would prefer to work exceedingly hard to pay for his own expenses.

Don’t belittle an Aquarius man by implying that he is dependent on anyone besides himself. The independence of his partner is something that he appreciates the most, thus he won’t do anything to control her.

An Aquarius man believes that you have every right to do what you want without him, so he won’t feel jealous when you go out with others.

He gives you freedom

An Aquarius man gives his significant other a lot of independence in return, especially because he will also need a lot of space from her. Give him lots of room and avoid being too needy if you want to keep a man born under this sign in your life.

To be at an Aquarius man’s best while he is with you, he needs time alone to recharge.

In a committed relationship, an Aquarius man has entire faith in you.

If you are as sincere and committed to the relationship as he is, he won’t ever worry about where she is going or who you are with. One of the indications that an Aquarius man is interested in you is when he compliments your independence and confidence.

How To Handle An Aquarius Man

Whatever the circumstance, maintain composure and common sense around your Aquarius man. Keep in mind that he is not sentimental; in fact, he has a reputation for being emotionally cold.

He doesn’t like getting involved in any drama and will go to great lengths to avoid conflict in every aspect of his life. Be careful to make decisions that are based on logic and reason whenever you are with an Aquarius man.

An Aquarius man seeks a partner that is independent and persistent in pursuing her goals. This sign likely has a strong sense of independence, and he values this way of thinking. Hence, you must lead a separate life and engage in the active pursuit of your hobbies.

An Aquarius man will waste no time and leave if he detects any emotional dependence or clinginess.

If you try to hasten the relationship, an Aquarius man will get scared because he needs some time to warm up romantically.

He won’t rush into a committed relationship straight away, and if pressure is applied to him to do so, he won’t stay. In this case, you shouldn’t pressure him into anything and give him time to get to know you. Strive to generate some curiosity about yourself, and an Aquarius man will keep coming back for more.

An Aquarius man won’t open up to you until he feels like you understand him well enough. Never try to force him to speak because that never works for a man like him. Instead, put your Aquarius man at ease and express your feelings.

Moreover, after you’ve finished, give him some space while attempting to focus on yourself in the meantime. Give an Aquarius man adequate space to gather his emotions rather than pressurizing him with the weight of your emotions when he is acting aloof.

Is the Aquarius man controlling? Final thoughts…

No, an Aquarius man is not controlling because:

  • He is laid-back
  • He needs independence
  • He gives you freedom