5 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Using You

Although it may be impossible to think that an Aquarius man is playing you, there is still a good chance that he is. If you want to know the signs if an Aquarius man is just using you, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius man is using you if you notice that he is distancing himself from you and is unresponsive whenever you reach out. He also won’t try to compromise and will be inconsiderate towards your feelings. An Aquarius man will also be rude to you because he doesn’t care about how you feel.

It will be helpful for you if you know what an Aquarius man’s weaknesses are in a relationship and how to keep him interested. Read on!

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Signs An Aquarius Man Wants To Break Up

He is unreliable

An Aquarius man can become untrustworthy after he no longer wants to keep the relationship going.

This will be the first sign you should notice since he is not the type to break promises and leave you hanging. An Aquarius man typically won’t tell you openly if he stops being interested in you or if you harm him in some way, so he does this.

An Aquarius man might neglect to call you when he said he would cancel last-minute commitments, or otherwise make it plain that your relationship is less important to him than his other pursuits.

You will never meet a person who is more sociable and outgoing than this sign which is about to end a relationship. An Aquarius man will use his desire to spend time with his friends as a justification for not being with you.

He loses interest

An Aquarius man loses all interest in generosity once he wants to end his relationship with you. In general, he quits doing everything that is not in his best interest, including buying you items, inviting you on insane outings, and more.

A Pisces man also stops attempting new things with you after he loses interest in you or feels like he’s done with you.

An Aquarius man typically won’t tell you openly if he stops being interested in you or if you harm him in some way. When he starts to lose interest in your relationship, he will no longer be eager to do this with you or for you.

An Aquarius man instead becomes less communicative and more aloof. Worse yet, this sign will start acting in a way that irritates you even more than before.

5 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Using You

He is unresponsive

A few texts from an Aquarius man can go unanswered if he’s trying to test you.

He occasionally responds slowly for legitimate reasons as well, so that alone does not indicate that he is manipulating you. It’s possible that an Aquarius man is using you if he never answers to you, not even regarding serious matters.

If an Aquarius man is unresponsive in person, then it’s much more probable he’s not interested in you. There must be something wrong if you observe that he ignores you when you speak because he is typically good at listening to his friends and companions.

An Aquarius man is likely to demonstrate his discontent in a relationship by paying less attention to his partner’s needs.

He is distant

An Aquarius man will begin to distance himself from you if he starts to lose interest in you. He might continue in the relationship for his own reasons, but he’s not going to keep you emotionally close to him. If an Aquarius man suddenly withdraws after you two used to be quite close, there may be a problem.

An Aquarius man may not be interested in a relationship if he never tries to get close to you. He might be keeping you around for no other purpose than for something temporary to get what he wants.

This sign has a tendency to be emotionally cold, and he might only require a little bit of time to get used to you if your relationship is new. When an Aquarius man withdraws, there may be a problem in your relationship.

He is inconsiderate

An Aquarius man is only using you if you tell him that something he did upset you, and he ignores you because he doesn’t care about how you feel. If, after talking to him about the behavior he exhibits, he keeps engaging in it, it means he doesn’t care about you.

When asked, an Aquarius man is typically more than willing to try to become a better person and to treat others better.

However, even the most devoted Aquarius man can occasionally hurt your feelings unintentionally. Watch how he responds when questioned about his actions because he will apologize if he cares about you, and he’ll make an effort to improve in the future.

He is rude

If he’s using you, an Aquarius man could be downright rude to you because he could not be concerned with your feelings if you’re just a fling. Although he can sometimes treat the people he is dating poorly, being absolutely disrespectful to you is a surefire sign that he doesn’t see the relationship lasting.

If an Aquarius man is in a bad mood, he might inadvertently say something nasty occasionally.

He might simply be ignorant of his impolite behavior, which is something you should call him out on. An Aquarius man cares if he apologizes and makes an effort to make it up to you, and he doesn’t care when he ignores you and keeps acting in this way.

He won’t compromise

Even while he might not always want to give up his freedom, an Aquarius man will be prepared to make an exception for someone if he cares about them. If he won’t compromise, even in tiny matters, he’s not genuinely engaged in a deep connection with you.

An Aquarius man won’t treat you badly or completely abandon you, but he won’t take as much care of you as he would for a loved one.

An Aquarius man may become more inflexible about issues he would otherwise compromise on when he no longer likes you.

If he’s merely using you, you’ll undoubtedly notice this sign’s stubborn side. An Aquarius man probably doesn’t like having you around if he won’t listen to you, even when you’re talking about something significant.

An Aquarius Man’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

As an air sign, an Aquarius man is all about concepts, intelligence, and interpersonal relationships. However, his logical and analytical outlook on life can occasionally come across as heartless or disinterested in his partner’s feelings.

Being emotionally unavailable all the time might occasionally lead others to believe that an Aquarius man is a cold and distant sign.

Although an Aquarius man is known to be eccentric and free-spirited, he is also one of the fixed signs of the zodiac. He may therefore be obstinate, rigid, and self-righteous when it comes to his viewpoints or perspectives.

Since an Aquarius man has a strong sense of self, it is challenging to convince him to change his mind or accept that he is at fault.

How To Keep An Aquarius Man Interested

An Aquarius man is cold and emotionally detached.

You should not scare him away with your emotional instability if you want him to be obsessed with you. So, take it easy, and don’t hurry him towards experiencing strong feelings for you. Do not lash out and avoid being clingy because you want him to see you be carefree, joyful, and lighthearted.

An Aquarius man will be attracted by your easygoing attitude, and he’ll start pursuing you.

Being content and self-assured will help you draw in this sign and make him smitten with you. He is the zodiac sign that is the most independent and self-sufficient, and he looks for a companion that shares his ability for independence.

5 signs an Aquarius man is using you, final thoughts…

If an Aquarius man is using you:

  • He is unresponsive
  • He is distant
  • He is inconsiderate
  • He is rude
  • He won’t compromise



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