What Body Type Does A Virgo Man Like?

A Virgo man tends to overlook a lot of flaws when he is in love, so his ideal body type is more than what you think. If you want to know what body type a Virgo man likes, you have stumbled upon the right article!

A prefers someone who is physically fit and strong eats clean and exercises regularly. He also appreciates it when his partner has good hygiene and a clean appearance. A Virgo man will be attracted if you know how to take care of himself, especially how you present yourself.

In this article, you will also learn about the ways to attract a Virgo man sexually and how to keep him hooked. Read on!

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A Virgo Man In Bed

As an Earth sign, a Virgo man has rooted in sensuality and values the act of having sex rather than seeing it as a race to the end. By nature, he is a caregiver and will take his sweet time engaging in foreplay in bed.

With his deft hands and mouth, he will open you up while slowly moving around your body. While some people might perceive his slow-moving sexual nature as insecure, in actuality, a Virgo man’s prolonged approach is a planned strategy to arouse you with care and attention.

A Virgo man is acutely conscious of every little aspect that contributes to a pleasurable sexual experience.

He’ll think about every little detail to make sure he and his partner have a good time. He is a committed partner who is determined to focus on you and maintain the appropriate atmosphere during your encounter.

A Virgo man will be paying attention to how you look and how clean you are, so take care of yourself before getting into bed with him.

A Virgo man can be extremely perceptive when it comes to how you feel in bed. He’ll be taking notes of your every move, to see how you react. Thus, don’t be hesitant to express your feelings through moans, words, and your body’s response.

He enjoys learning every detail about you, so let him know of your preferred methods and positions as well as any novel ideas you have. Provide specific details because this will pique a Virgo man’s interest even more.

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What Body Type Does A Virgo Man Like?

A Virgo man is more drawn to women who value physical fitness and health-related issues since he is a sign that is most closely tied to health and wellness. One approach to communicating your concern for your health to him is to demonstrate your healthy eating habits, regardless of your size or shape.

This is not to say that a Virgo man won’t date persons who have a disability or who are ill because health can mean different things to different people.

A Virgo man simply wants to see that you care about your own health and he wants to see that you make every effort to maintain your health. Because there are many different ways to be healthy and many different ways to be fit, fitness is subjective.

Often, a person with the strength a Virgo man needs will be healthy and fit. Show him your strength by keeping going through hard work days or going on a hike. A Virgo man is attracted to bodies that don’t get tired easily.

On the other hand, you need to make sure that you are able to maintain good hygiene. The Virgo man likes to know that his girlfriend has excellent hygiene and is always well-groomed because he is one of the cleanest signs of the zodiac.

He will eventually be drawn to the woman who always has a clean manicure, well-kept nails, a pleasant perfume, and well-maintained skin. A Virgo man is attracted to those who have a neat and clean appearance because he values good hygiene more than anything.

Ways To Attract To A Virgo Man Sexually

Let him lead

A Virgo man is generally flexible and willing to make any adjustments to make you happy, but he can also be very bossy and domineering.

This sign will enjoy taking the lead, so let him lead you in the bedroom. He often exhibits a cold, distant, and disconnected demeanor when he senses that something is not right. Hence, allow your Virgo man to take the lead and let him show you his skills in the bedroom.

A Virgo man will feel respected, appreciated, and understood as a result, increasing his sexual attraction to you.

This way, he will be watching your every move to see what pleases you and what doesn’t. Hence, it is important for you not to fake your pleasure because your Virgo man is capable of making you the kind of love you’ve always desired.

Praise him

Reassure your Virgo man in bed all the time, and compliment him. It will never advance your cause to criticize him because it will just undermine his confidence. After all, your Virgo man is working very hard to make you happy.

He will feel appreciated and useful if you tell him that you love his techniques. Hence, a Virgo man will go to any lengths to ensure that you have the best possible sex life with him.

A Virgo man will also enjoy himself when he thinks he is making you happy. While he lifts you to new heights, he would want to gaze into your eyes and make the act more passionate. More than anything else you can think of, this will make him want to be with you sexually.

So allow a Virgo man to indulge you slowly and praise him for his efforts.

Be vulnerable

Your acceptance of your vulnerability and lack of fear of it is the deciding factor in sexually appealing to a Virgo man.

He is a person who observes the world purely from emotion, so everything is either black or white in his eyes. When a Virgo man sees a woman who is not ashamed of her fragility, flaws, or faults, it fascinates him sexually.

To a Virgo man, this is one way of building an emotional connection to make sex a more passionate experience.

Hence, don’t try to hide your vulnerability, mistakes, or problems if you want to attract him sexually. He will be drawn to you, respect you, and appreciate you much more if you are open about them. Moreover, it will assist you in winning a Virgo man’s attraction and trust.

Ways To Keep A Virgo Man Hooked

A Virgo man sincerely desires to have an honest woman in order to sustain a long-term relationship. Hence, if you want to keep this sign hooked on you, you should demonstrate your sincerity by being who you are.

Your Virgo man’s infatuation would most likely distance themselves from you if you pretend to be someone or something you are not. Also, your Virgo man will undoubtedly find out if you truly believe you might change into someone else for the rest of your life.

One of the keys to keeping a Virgo man hooked is understanding how he thinks and behaves. He places high importance on appearance, and a woman’s appearance is what initially draws his attention.

The ideal partner for a Virgo man is a woman who takes pleasure in herself without being ostentatious or extravagant. You should therefore dress to highlight your curves and have neatly manicured, painted fingernails and polished hair.

What body type does a Virgo man like? Final thoughts…

A Virgo man prefers:

  • Someone who is physically fit
  • Someone who is strong
  • Someone who has good hygiene
  • Someone who has a clean appearance



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