Virgo Man Kissing Style

Since he makes all of his romantic encounters unforgettable, it’s no wonder that you would want to know how a Virgo man kisses. If you want to know the kissing style of a Virgo man, you have stumbled upon the right article.

A Virgo man’s kissing style is sensuous, passionate, and romantic. He is not the type to be very dominant and he doesn’t like to be dominated as well. A Virgo man will be attentive to your needs and prefers to keep things under his control in a slow and steady way.

It is also important to know the signs when a Virgo man wants to kiss you and what it means when she does. Read further!

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About The Virgo Man

A Virgo man is one of the most dedicated men you will ever meet. He will give it his best and will give you his whole heart because he is a very dependable and loyal partner in a relationship. When he decides to make a commitment, you can count on him to follow through.

A Virgo man regularly shows empathy and consideration for the feelings of others.

The Virgo man is naturally attentive, understanding, and compassionate. Together with his desire to see the best in people, he is consistently pleasant and eager to help those in need. A Virgo man is kind, sympathetic, and loving. He is able to support you when you need it and offer a helpful shoulder or a word of encouragement.

Is The Virgo Man A Good Kisser?

The kisses given by a Virgo man are passionate, smooth, and sensuous. He focuses his kisses on his partner in order to provide his significant other with the finest possible experience. Because he also pays attention to the little things, his kisses are more meaningful and appropriate for the current situation. A Virgo man would follow your direction and take into account your requirements and preferences.

You’ll experience joy, gratification, and an increasing yearning for more after kissing a Virgo man. You’ll realize the urge to be with him more after kissing this sign. While a Virgo man’s kiss only lasts a short while on your lips, it lasts a lifetime in your heart.

You won’t be able to forget this experience, not even with your best efforts. You should consider yourself lucky when a Virgo man kisses you. He is afraid of being rejected, thus he can’t directly profess his love, and the most secure approach to subtly declare his love is with a kiss.

Kissing Style Of A Virgo Man

A Virgo man gives a clean, gentle, satisfying, and articulated kiss. Giving his other half the best experience is more important rather than being reckless about it. The precision of a Virgo man’s kisses is enhanced by his attention to detail.

He would start out gently and sluggish before picking up the pace. His kisses are sensuous, passionate, and romantic. You can tell a Virgo man whether you want it to be soft or hardcore, and he will follow your direction.

When it comes to intimacy, a Virgo man’s attention to detail is a big plus. Although he might not always feel passionate when kissing you open-mouthed, he will nevertheless like to kiss the surface of your body. Also, a Virgo man will probably like kissing every part of you. He will take his time and make sure to kiss your hands, arms, neck, and even ears.

A Virgo man will not try to dominate you, but he does prefer to keep things under control, so he’ll want to start kissing slowly and steadily. He hopes you learn to like his way of kissing because he won’t try to kiss you right away with his tongue.

He won’t want to be wild or ferociously dominating when you two are making out. The best thing about kissing a Virgo man is that he is very attentive to her partner’s needs.

What It Means When A Virgo Man Kisses You

A Virgo man can be happy on his own, therefore he only enters a relationship when he is fully dedicated to it. He dislikes one-night stands since he won’t sleep with someone until he is serious about doing so. A kiss indicates that you have entered a Virgo man’s heart, which is the key to his bed.

In a relationship, a Virgo man takes things gently to make sure he’s with the proper person. In order to avoid having regrets, he would take his time. If he kisses you, it could also signify that he is determining whether he and you are compatible.

Remember, a Virgo man can’t stay in a relationship with the wrong person; if he discovers there is a problem, he will tell you right immediately.

Signs You Should Kiss A Virgo Man

He needs to loosen up

Even when a Virgo man begins to relax and exhibit his affectionate, laid-back side, he will not be carried away by passions. Be ready to wait a while for him to kiss you even if you notice that he is interested in you.

His desire is not to recklessly give in, but to build chemistry naturally. Over time, a Virgo man will open himself to you after he makes sure he truly feels safe with you.

Additionally, a Virgo man is ensuring that you uphold his exacting standards. He is serious about keeping his promises but he will need you to be patient. He will make sure he sees the possibility of a relationship with you before he opens up to you to the point of vulnerability, which may include kissing. Hence, when you realize that your Virgo man has finally opened himself to you, kiss him.

You’re in private

A Virgo man will lead you to a private place when he’s ready to kiss. Expecting him to passionately hug and kiss you in a crowded theater or restaurant is unrealistic. The good news is that it’s more probable he’s ready to get intimate the more he requests to see you in private settings, like his or yours.

A Virgo man might be gathering the strength to decide when the moment is appropriate. He is probably laying the groundwork for when and how he will proceed with the relationship’s following steps. When he is ready to spend more alone time with you, don’t hesitate to make the first move and kiss him.

He is shy

Even if he wants to kiss you, a Virgo man is considered to be extremely shy, so he might be resisting. He can be afraid of being rejected or uncertain that you feel the same way about him. You might need to initiate the kiss with a Virgo man in order to get him to do so. There is no reason for you to wait if you connect with him and are itching for him to kiss you.

Lean in, grin, and close your eyes when things are becoming heated between you and your Virgo man. Go a little bit over his midway point and then let him finish the job. A Virgo man is probably relieved that you took the initiative. He most likely desired to, but he lacked confidence in himself to make the first move.

Signs A Virgo Man Wants To Kiss You

He makes eye contact

A Virgo man clearly appreciates your presence and finds it impossible to look away if he is locking eyes with you frequently and for an extended period of time. Also, it is a hint that he wants to kiss you or he wants you to take the hint and make the first move. A Virgo man who is not interested in you or who wants to leave a date will never look you in the eye.

Instead, a Virgo man will look around and be unable to concentrate for more than three seconds on anything. You’ve got him, though, and you should get ready for your first kiss with him if all of his attention is on you and your face. A Virgo man is shy, so this could also be a hint from him that you should kiss him.

He flirts with you

One of the most obvious signs that a Virgo man wants to kiss you is if he flirts with you the entire time. Most of the time he is still trying to see where you draw the line and how you respond to his advances. But if your Virgo man goes out of his way to flirt with you, it is a sign that he wants to kiss you.

Take attention to a Virgo man’s facial expressions, the way he says things, and the words he speaks. He might make an effort to conceal his thoughts and emotions, but his body language will reveal all.

He seems nervous

It can be scary to give someone your first kiss, so if you see your Virgo man fidgeting, pay attention. He will feel much more uneasy with you if you appear uncomfortable, which will inevitably result in awkward silences throughout conversations.

A Virgo man will probably run through several scenarios in his thoughts, such as if you’ll turn your head away, how his breath tastes, and whether you’ll appreciate the way he kisses you. One indication that a Virgo man wants to kiss you but is hesitant to initiate the kiss is if he suddenly looks nervous around you.

Virgo man kissing style, final thoughts…

When a Virgo man kisses:

  • He is sensuous
  • He is passionate
  • He is romantic
  • He isn’t dominant
  • He is attentive
  • He is slow and steady



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