7 Things A Gemini Woman Does When She Likes You

Symbolized by the twins, dealing with a Gemini woman is like dealing with two different women. With that, it can be a little hard to tell whether she likes you or is just being her friendly self. However, if you are looking to find out whether your Gemini woman likes you or not, you found the perfect article.

When a Gemini woman likes you, she talks to you on a regular basis. It’s either she’s texting or calling you. She makes time for you, and she plays with her hands a lot. She also asks a lot of questions to get to know you. She teaches you things she knows. She gives you gifts and includes you in her experiences.

There’s a lot more to learn about a Gemini woman and when you continue to read this article, you will know what a Gemini does when she respects you and what to do when a Gemini likes you. So, read on!

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When A Gemini Woman Respects You…

If you have gained the respect of a Gemini woman, you might have done something that really impressed her. Your Gemini woman is known to be very picky, and these include people she will give her respect to. She is known to be very good at communication.

And you might have had a very good conversation with her in the past.

When she respects you, she is going to be actively listening when you are talking. You are going to notice that she can be a little tense. She gives you enough to really elaborate on what you want to say. She is also going to compliment you on how well you explain things.

She will also make use of the time you gave her to learn from you.

7 Things A Gemini Woman Does When He Likes You

She talks to you on a regular basis

Again, your Taurus woman is known for her communication skills. She is in fact one of the masters of communication because she is ruled by the planet, Mercury – the planet of mind and communication. So, she could be working in the field of communication or interested in it.

However, even if she likes to talk and express herself, she does not talk to just anyone. Again, she can be very picky.

But if a Gemini woman is constantly in contact with you, know that she is very much into you. She is going to respond to your social media posts even and will constantly want to text. You need to recognize that she will want to communicate with you every day and every night.

She makes time for you

Because your Gemini woman is an intelligent being, it makes sense if she has a lot going on for her in life. There could be a lot of things in different areas your Gemini woman is busy with. She can be busy with her job while volunteering.

Also, you need to remember that your Gemini woman is symbolized by the twins, so expect that dealing with her is like dealing with 2 women.

Because of how friendly she is, she could be out partying every night, and she may be talking to someone from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep. And there is no need to hold this against her. Remember that this is in her nature already.

But if she wants you to be around everywhere and anytime, she is definitely into you. If she responds to your texts quickly, then know that this is a sign.

She plays with her hands a lot

Aside from oral communication, your Gemini woman also communicates through her body language and some of the things she does unconsciously. The first thing that you can notice is her posture. You might notice that she faces you differently now. And of course, you will also notice these things on her hands.

The hands are the body part that a Gemini rules. So, you will notice that she likes to hold hands a lot and get stimulated through her hands.

And as awkward as it might sound, she is going to stare at your hands a lot. You are going to notice that she gets a little nervous talking to you when she’s looking and playing with her hands a lot.

She asks a lot of questions

Again, your Gemini woman is very picky and the fact that she is symbolized by the twins means that you will be judged by two different women. How stressful is that? Kidding aside, when a Gemini woman is into you, she is going to ask you a lot of questions on a lot of different things.

You might get asked about your views on the different facets of life.

Prepare your answers to things that are sometimes hard to explain. But of course, the most basic questions will never be forgotten like “What’s your favorite color?” or “What’s your favorite movie?” Again, she is an intellectual, so, to get to her heart, get to her mind.

She teaches you

When a Gemini woman likes you, she is going to impress you with how intelligent she is.

She is the first air sign in the zodiac and so, she wants to gain knowledge about things. And when she is interested in a specific topic or idea, she will try her very best to learn it. And you know, your Gemini woman can know everything.

And when she finally learned these things, she is going to want to share them with somebody. She is going to attempt to gain your interest in these things and will explain them to you. And she only does this to people she is close with. So, if she does this to you, there is no doubt that she likes you.

She gives you gifts

When she likes you, you may have undergone the interrogation stage with her. She might have bombarded you with questions. And one thing that you should know is that she takes notes. She remembers what you like and prefers, and she will use this information to choose a gift for you.

There will be a lot of creative gifts when a Gemini woman likes you. They will be unique that you will think to yourself, “I never thought of anything like this”. So, basically, she is going to tailor that gift to you.

She includes you in her experiences

Your Gemini woman can also be adventurous and would want to do things a lot of things in life.

If she likes you, she is going to invite you to enjoy these things with her. She is going to want you to go with her and check if a number or two is on her bucket list. She is going to want to spend a lot of time with you enjoying life.

What To Do When A Gemini Woman Likes You

Well, we have learned that when a Gemini woman likes you, she is going to teach you a lot of things according to what she learned and what she is interested in.

So, the first thing that you need to do is listen to her. Look her in her eyes to send a signal that you are intrigued and want to know more about what she’s saying. Just let her talk. It would be best if you ask her questions too. This will mentally stimulate her.

You also need to communicate better with her. Thank her for everything that she does for you and the experiences she shares with you. Compliment her on how intelligent she is and just enjoy the ride! It’s very easy to like a Gemini woman!

Things that a Gemini woman does when she likes you, final thoughts…

When a Gemini woman likes you:

  • She talks to you on a regular basis
  • She makes time for you
  • She plays with her hands a lot
  • She asks a lot of questions
  • She teaches you
  • She gives you gifts
  • She includes you in her experiences



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