How To Attract A Gemini Woman?

How to attract a Gemini woman?

Gemini is the first sign of the Zodiac where the air element appears.

Ideas that have been born in Aries and materialized in Taurus, now expand and spread through the power of communication. Twins are all about being heard, being understood, and uplifting other people through their street-smart or operative thinking style.

To attract a Gemini woman, you will need to “outsmart” her in her own field, by showing yourself as someone way more adventurous, and humorous, but also spiritual and pure-hearted. 

It’s important to note that a young Gemini woman and a mature Gemini woman will be attracted to different characteristics.

Gemini women are youthful, their mind is always in working mode, and she wants to persuade, spread joy and “upgrade” their environment. Understanding the characteristics of a Gemini woman will help you to attract her.

With this, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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Is Gemini woman talking too much?

There is a common misconception that a Gemini woman is able to drown somebody to death by talking. However, this is so far from the truth. In most cases, a Twin woman will fully open up just to her closest siblings. In a romantic relationship or committed relationship, she will be a very good listener, too.

In astrology terms, a Gemini woman is a cosmic messenger. And as such she will always be intellectually stimulating, and in a way, she will never grow up. Not in the sense that she will be immature because this is not the case with her at all. This is more about being curious and willing to learn until her last breath.

Therefore, her body will remain in good shape and look young even when she gets truly old.

But at the same time, her mind will remain marvelously agile. And she will be the rare senior who will dare to try some new things and fully enjoy the little pleasures of this world, like exploring chocolate tastes, salsa styles, and so many inspiring activities.

This happens because the ruler of the sign of Gemini in astrology is Mercury, the planet of communication, trade, and cooperation. However, for a Gemini woman, her natal Mercury can be placed in Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer.

And this position will show her precise traits when it comes to communication, especially talking.

If her Mercury is placed in Taurus, she will be a great listener, most likely a talented writer, and also someone who will successfully trade with foreigners. Also, she will be so far away from talking too much. Oppositely, when her Mercury is in Gemini, words will be the purpose of her life.

However, if she is clever enough she will use those words to make connections, increase her influence, increase income, and change the world. If this is not the case, then, yes, she might be boring or too talkative.

And in the case, her natal Mercury is in Cancer, then she will just appear calm and silent most of them.

In the back of her mind, all sorts of business combinations will be created non-stop, and she will be the master of home-based work, by creating something out of nothing, or she will use her family tradition to create wealth.

What are the main traits of a Gemini woman?

Cheerful and sympathetic, a Gemini woman spreads liveliness around her and radiates optimism. She has a sharpened intelligence, and her multiple interests make the conversation interesting and witty, although, she can often lack a greater ambition. And she loses her interest in everything fast.

She is positive-oriented by nature, and she knows how to be compassionate, and how to feel strong compassion towards all those who suffer.

Her negative traits are fickleness and instability, and she can be the gossiping type if the negative aspects of Mercury are expressed in her natal chart. Everything is easy for her to get excited about. However, she quickly leaves any activity that requires more persistence and sacrifice.

What a Gemini woman cannot get right away, losses significance for her, and then she will quickly turn to other goals, exposing her life to bursts of great happiness, and then to deep dissatisfaction.

In any case, she always possesses a strong sense of humor, loves change, flirting, and sensations, and simply is not able to tolerate monotony.

How to pursue a Gemini woman?

The only proper way to seduce a Gemini woman is to outplay her in her own game. This means that you shouldn’t pursue her directly, but behave more like a trusted friend. Also, you will have to show her that your life is filled with many creative activities and that you know what you are talking about.

A Gemini woman loves flirting and always has a large number of fans, and she will usually have to choose between two or more men in her environment. She is fickle as a child and finds it difficult to build a peaceful and regular sentimental life.

The Twin girl falls in love easily, looking for the “one”, but she is also restless, and it is difficult for her to settle down.

When circumstances force her to live a peaceful and monotonous life, she has the impression that she is suffocating, and consequently, a strong desire for something will appear, and she will break the existing relationship because, above everything and everyone, she loves the change itself.

Therefore, if you want to attract and keep her, you must act like you are not so interested in the beginning. And also, it’s necessary to sway her with your adventurous spirit and various skills, and traveling experiences and show her that you handle ideas and words better than she can.

This will be the ultimate aphrodisiac for her soul.

How to attract the younger Gemini woman

If you want to attract a younger Gemini girl you have to become a guru, an instructor, or a passionate preacher of the things you practice. Even if you are younger yourself, you have to clearly show her that you are skilled in many things, with various interests, and seduce her on a mental level.

In a Gemini girl chart, the romantic partner is seen through the planet Mars, which could be placed anywhere in her chart, so you shouldn’t depend so much on masculine traits. On the other hand, her area of partnership naturally falls in the sign of Sagittarius, and it’s ruled by the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter can also be placed anywhere in the chart. However, this planet carries the traits of being spiritual or uplifted in a spiritual manner regarding anything. This type of individual is passionate, yet calm, humorous, and sometimes sarcastic, and this person knows a lot about everything.

She will generally fall for guys with a lighter complexion, eyes, or hair. But, in any case, those guys will have to be knowledgeable, so don’t try to parade in front of her with your muscles if you don’t know to explain how muscles form, what type of nutrition or exercises is needed for the perfect body, and so on.

Also, when explaining, because words are of utmost importance, you must present your story in a lively and interesting way. And the same applies to any other subject under heavens.

How to attract a mature Gemini woman

To attract a mature Gemini lady, you will have to show all of your diplomatic skills, have a wide social circle and some sort of public influence, and also, stand beside the common crowd of people with your unique ideas. It’s enough to be special, and she will approach you first.

The fact of the matter is, when a mature Gemini woman is in question, life had taught her that everything that flashes is not gold, and now she strives for the real influence or the real impact she can have in the world, or standing by the influential partner.

This is why her area of romance and talents, placed in Libra, becomes highly activated.

But, at the same time her area of spirituality and higher education, positioned in Aquarius, gets stronger, too. In this sense, she will feel strongly attracted to all those individuals who are creating a real impact, like the world of politics or law.

The person she will find respectful and therefore worthy of her attention will have to behave with manners and know when to become silent or keep secrets.

On the other hand, this same person of her interest will have to possess some genius ideas, be connected to all sorts of people, and have established connections with all of them.

This individual will have to seduce her through ideas, and those ideas should revolve around social improvements, protecting and providing for those in need, or some technological breakthroughs.

In this case, she will feel intrigued, filled with respect and admiration, and nothing will stop her innate need to stand beside so fabulous partner and help using her skills and network. The clear mission will be the strongest aphrodisiac in this case. 

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