How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Woman

If you have a Gemini woman in your life and you want to seduce her by talking dirty. You’re in the right place, in this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to a Gemini woman!

To talk dirty to a Gemini woman, you must be descriptive to keep her mind stimulated because she is a quick-paced sign, you must communicate to her 24/7 with variety, dirty talking must be fun and humorous and a bit raunchy, you must be able to keep up with her restless mind,  while dirty talking, keep it light and fun!

Gemini women are witty, fun, talkative, social, and highly social butterflies who are adept at communication and socialization.

She is a great communicator who loves sharing her thoughts and ideas with her partner and other people, she can be a fun partner too as she loves variety!

In terms of relationships, this woman enjoys flirting even in the relationship, she probably is more into teasing and dirty talking than any other sign!

Due to being ruled by mercury which is all about communication, this sign ravishes the idea of being turned on by talking dirty, she loves being talked dirty by her partner and likes seducing her partner too through words.

In this section, we’ll find out how to turn on your restless Gemini man through dirty talking, let’s find out!

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How to turn on a Gemini woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Woman?

To turn a Gemini woman on while dirty talking you must be fun and conversational when doing the dirty talk, you must match her frantic and quick energy, especially while flirting or dirty talking with her.

Because she is ruled by the fast and agile Mercury, she loves to dirty talk to her partner which means she’ll have an easy time recognizing you are talking dirty to her and she’ll go along with it.

“If you want me, keep talking to me!” that is the main key point in dirty talking to your Gemini woman.

Do all the dirty talking until you reach the point where her mind is stimulated enough for arousal because she craves a mental connection to her partner,

Dirty talking and fun flirting help her achieve those, making the relationship stronger…

You must be direct in expressing your desires to her when dirty talking, be upfront and wild about it, and tell her what positions you’d like to do with her.

You can also tell her how great her body is and how great lovemaking with her is, be descriptive and creative in expressing your desires, and remember to always be genuine, she can smell a lie from a mile away.

Overall, to dirty talk a Gemini woman you must match her talkative and fast-paced energy, you must be direct and upfront on the way you dirty talk to her.

Limit subtle hints as much as possible, instead, get descriptive and creative in your language.

How to talk dirty to a Gemini woman through text?

Tell her how badly you want her at the moment

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Woman?

Message her how badly you want her at that moment, message her things like, “I wish you’re here with me right now.” or “I badly crave your presence right now”.

This makes her feel wanted and at the same time, she’ll have those naughty thoughts running around her because she feels she’s wanted at that moment – making her highly aroused and imaginative.

Tease her with Kama sutra positions

Variety and spontaneity turn on a Gemini woman pretty quickly, as such inviting her or alluring her to try different kama sutra positions can be a great way to talk dirty to her!

Not only that she will feel there will be variety in fun and lovemaking, but she’ll also be deeply curious about the different positions you might try out with her.

Sexting is the key!

This sign loves to sext more than any other sign! Send explicit messages and materials to your Gemini woman!

Try to send her videos, and ask her if she wants it to be done to her, this greatly turns on a Gemini woman because it means that you deeply understand her to want for variety.

Also, be fun! If she reciprocates and you receive and sexually explicit message or material, be sure to positively comment on it and tell her how fun and wild she is!

Arouse her with voice messages

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Woman?

Arouse her with voice messages, be sure to tap into your inner masculine voice which is deep, rouge, and sultry, and be seductive in telling her what you want to do with her body and how you like to be pleasured.

Tell her what different sets of things you’d like to do to her before and after sex.

Be random and do not do this always, make this every once in a while to keep the mystery in, this will turn her on and make her curious.

Compliment her body in a flirtatious way

Because you’re texting and there is no physical contact involved, you must keep the fun in the conversation by staying carefree and fun in messaging your thoughts.

Keep the conversation light and fun and always remember to say things positively about her, compliment her beauty, her body, her intellect, or whatever it may be as long as it is sincere.

Surprise her

Love her as much as she wants you, surprise her with early morning getaway rides, random showing up at the doorstep kind of thing, the key here is to make sure she gets curious enough to keep going…

Surprise her with a love gift with a nice message on it, get her a good morning text with a long and descriptive paragraph on how lucky you are to be with her,

Send her a nude photo and see how she’ll react – the key is to surprise her, and keep her interested which is the doorway to her arousal.

Offbeat, inappropriate jokes with subtle sexual hints get on her…

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Woman?

Send her inappropriate humor or corny jokes that imply sexual things, because she’s smart and adept at sexting, she’ll quickly reciprocate and the conversation will turn into a long one!

Make sure the jokes are humorous and raunchy, this keeps the fun in and the seriousness away, and keeping the conversation in banter keeps the Gemini woman aroused throughout.

Be flirtatious throughout…

Be a flirt throughout, match her talkative and communicative energy, if she keeps on texting you, make sure you double text her, feed off her communication hunger, and at the same time have fun in the process!

Dirty talking with you Gemini woman final thoughts

Your Gemini woman thrives on the interaction of ideas and communication!

She will thrive in a relationship where she feels communication is an important aspect to keep you both in the same direction – this makes her open to your dirty-talking advances.

No matter how erotic or “dirty” a conversation is, communication is the key!

It keeps her mind mentally stimulated and it makes simulation to her feel unconstricted, that’s why when you talk dirty with her or flirt with her, make sure you have fun in the process!



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