Gemini Woman Kissing Style

When you get the chance to be with a Gemini woman, you will notice that she is the best when it comes to her kissing game. If you want to know the kissing style of a Gemini woman, you have come to the right place.

A Gemini woman’s kissing style is soft, and she focuses on gaining pleasure from both sides. She will also tease you to leave you hanging and give you a little taste of what’s about to come. A Gemini woman would also be giving you small and short kisses throughout the day.

Read further to know more about the signs when a Gemini woman wants to kiss you and what it means when she does!

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About The Gemini Woman

She has a nervous energy that hinders her confidence, gets bored easily, loves relationships but detests an overly clingy partner, and places a high value on independence. She occasionally gets into more trouble than she can handle and can be a little forgetful, but she is someone you won’t soon forget.

She is probably the reason why her peers saw or listened to that certain film or television program, song, or book. She constantly learns new stuff and imparts it to her friends. She is the zodiac’s messenger.

She is an endless source of information and experience, and she welcomes everyone who has an open mind and a desire to learn. Her goal is to encourage others to learn new things and develop within.

Kissing Style Of A Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman can be a slow kisser who can do everything softly. She is an excellent kisser because she enjoys giving and receiving pleasure. To put it simply, she’s really sexy when she gets into a heated make-out session, and she will simply enjoy using her mouth to explore.

She might tease you a little and offer you a taste of what’s to come later, and your Gemini woman might occasionally leave you wanting more.

A Gemini woman occasionally loves a quick, short kiss. She enjoys experimenting, so she is not always interested in kissing someone in the same manner. You must kiss her several times if you want to keep her intrigued and leave her wanting more.

During a makeout session, you can vary between quick kisses and long kisses. While you two are kissing, engage all of a Gemini woman’s senses rather than just quick pecks.

Is The Gemini Woman A Good Kisser?

Because her kisses are passionate and she is skilled at what she does, a Gemini woman is a very good kisser. Since Mercury is also her ruling planet, it indicates that she enjoys exploring and trying new things. Hence, she also typically opens her mouth and uses a lot of tongue when she kisses.

She kisses her partner to stir him on and arouse him, which could result in a more heated activity in bed. A Gemini woman can, however, also kiss slowly and smoothly at the same time.

In essence, a Gemini woman is a multi-talented person. This sign will probably seek out a partner who can kiss as quickly or slowly as she does.  She has a weakness of being easily offended if her partner does not kiss as passionately as she does. The fact that a nice conversation with her partner might also lead to her giving him a short, passionate kiss is another surprising and intriguing characteristic of a Gemini woman.

What It Means When A Gemini Woman Kisses You

Your Gemini woman is trying to gain your affection by kissing you, especially if your relationship is just getting started. She attends to every detail and makes an effort to make you feel at ease and joyful with her.

This sign may be checking to see if you two are attracted to one another in the same way. A Gemini woman is also looking for indications that you’re not just being a pushover; rather, you’re interested in her.

A Gemini woman can flirt with you in a variety of ways, but one of her favorites is hugging her man close and giving him a long, deep lip lock. She wants to make you feel like the only guy in the world and give you the best kissing experience you have ever had.

A Gemini woman also wants to know if you’re prepared to move your relationship forward by taking this step toward getting to know you more intimately.

A Gemini woman is a total romantic who likes surprising her partner with her passion. A woman born under this sign enjoys exploring and trying out new things. Thus, rather than sticking to the same old monotonous pattern.

She’ll strive to liven things up by showing you love at different times and in unexpected ways. These green signals are a complete giveaway that a Gemini woman likes you and is falling madly in love with you.

Signs You Should Kiss A Gemini Woman

She initiates the kiss

If you’re not sure what to do when you want to kiss a Gemini woman, she will most likely notice it and initiate first. She is a little experienced when it comes to kissing, so a bit of tongue in kissing is a turn-on for her.

When she initiates more than a simple smack on the lips, don’t hesitate to kiss her back. One of her preferred kissing techniques is French kissing, and it would benefit you if you try to match her style.

If you want to make a Gemini woman crazy, insert a little tongue into your kiss. Expect her to initiate a French kiss fairly frequently and you should do the same as well. If you want to enrage your Gemini woman, try gliding your tongue across her lips. She won’t be able to hold back when you do this in the middle of your make-out session.

She teases you

One of the ways a Gemini woman shows her love is by teasing. You will notice that she’ll probably make fun of you a lot when you two are in a heated make-out session. She might also tease you by snatching the kiss away just as it becomes intense and steamy.

Also, just before a Gemini woman needs to run off to work, she might offer you a long, passionate kiss.

Sometimes, your Gemini woman could leave you wanting more. She could tease you a little bit by making you wait and offering you a sneak peek at what’s coming up later. A Gemini woman can also tease you by leaning in for a kiss before abruptly canceling it. If you want a kiss from a Gemini woman, she could make you chase after her a bit.

Signs A Gemini Woman Wants To Kiss You

She is playful

A Gemini woman can be fun and innocent, and she never takes himself too seriously. Her kissing technique reflects her fun and playful attitude. When a Gemini woman starts to move away from you or when she kisses you unexpectedly, she may tease you by nibbling on your lips.

Take a cue from the Gemini woman and don’t take yourself too seriously if you want to impress her with your kisses as well. She thinks kissing is intended to be pleasant and enjoyable, not nerve-racking and somber.

You may also kiss her at unexpected hours and places, and don’t be hesitant to vary your kissing techniques. A Gemini woman will be entertained as well as on edge.

She initiates sex

A Gemini woman would frequently kiss you to start sex, even though she is content to kiss you without any other intentions. She probably desires intimacy when she pulls you close for a makeout session while you’re cuddling in bed.

For a Gemini woman, sex and kissing go beyond simple bodily impulses. She truly longs for the connection and closeness that sexual contact brings. Know that this sign won’t always want to limit herself to kissing when you’re alone with her.

A Gemini woman will kiss you to signal that she wants to be close to you, and she will want to get even closer by having sex.

Gemini woman kissing style, final thoughts…

When a Gemini woman kisses:

  • She is soft
  • She teases you
  • She gives short kisses
  • She leaves you hanging



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