How to Get a Gemini Woman to Chase You

How to Get a Gemini Woman to Chase You

Spontaneous, outgoing, and easily bored. These are some of the main characteristics of a Gemini woman. Making her fall for you is easy. What’s hard is keeping her.

Here are a few tips to get your Gemini woman to crave and chase you.

To get a Gemini woman to chase you, spoil her with surprises. Flirt with her and bombard her with compliments. Be bubbly. Do not be boring in conversation. Make her smile all the time. Be romantic and do not be ignored because she doesn’t like that. Respect her in all aspects of her life.

Now you might think this will be a challenging adventure, especially if you’re a Taurus guy. Being someone who is organized and follows a routine, you’ll find that both of your personalities do not conform. But no worries, things will go smoothly if you follow the tips that I’ve included below…

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A Gemini Woman and What She Is Like

These are not really required, but these could help you to woo your ideal Gemini woman. Pursuing her can be much easier if you know how to handle her and her entire personality.

If you are someone who loves organizing his life, following a set schedule, or abiding by your set rules, then pursuing a Gemini woman would prove to be actually an ordeal. They are the type of people who always love adventure and do not easily settle for anything boring.

To them, anything new or out of the ordinary is exciting and worth trying.

Traditional things do not delight a Gemini woman and she will most likely lose interest in things (or people) that are monotonous rather than exhilarating. So you might want to take note of that if you’re really set on keeping her or making her yours.

However, if you possess similar qualities and interests, then sweeping her off her feet is just like doodling. It’s child’s play.

Make Her Pursue You with These 8 Tips

Excite her, surprise her

How to Get a Gemini Woman to Chase You

Being a Gemini woman, she always loves surprises. Spur-of-the-moments events will surely excite her and joining her at her game will steadily warrant her full attention. If you want to get your Gemini woman, you have to have several tricks up your sleeves.

Try doing things that are new or unannounced such as going to a newly-opened theater or tourist destination. But before doing so, make sure that your “unplanned” planned activity aligns with her interests, likes, and fancies.

Like she loves watching movies or eating pasta and hates ice cream or horseback riding. Stuff like that.

Make it look like it would appear that you are unconstrained but at the same time thinking of what her needs and wants are.

Flirt with her like your life depends on it

This is an exaggeration but it is really helpful. A Gemini woman loves getting affection as well as attention, and flirting with her could help you win her heart at a faster pace.

Someone with her type of personality could mean her changing love interest more often than usual which is why it is essential for you to flirt with her consistently. Keep her coming and wanting you more and more each day. Reinvent yourself in as many ways as you can.

Appreciate her, compliment her

Being a Gemini, she always adores hearing compliments and appreciation. We all do, openly or secretly. May it be a small win or a big one, it would be a healthy practice to habitually compliment her.

She is a woman who acts and talks frankly. If she wants you, she will eventually radiate her feelings towards you so if you feel the same, never forget to remind her of that.

Showing her that you notice every beautiful thing that she does is a big thing for her and she will value that gesture of yours.

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Be bubbly but lovely

Just like what they say, there is never a dull moment when you’re with a Gemini woman. She is the type of woman who enjoys conversation but not just any conversations. Talks that are sensible and intellectual attract her and so it might be helpful to keep a few relevant topics in your threshold.

If you are an introvert, then it is time for you to get out of your comfort zone because one thing that Gemini women hate is being in a boring conversation. She will just end up leaving and not even making a glance back.

Here are a few tips on how you can be conversational with your dream woman. Try stalking her social media account to see which topics or things interest her then have some research about what you’ve gathered. Mentioning them on one of your dates is guaranteed to keep her talking and talking.

Make her smile

How to Get a Gemini Woman to Chase You

This would be an easier task because her personality is the type to be easily pleased even by just simpler things. Just giving her flowers bouquets, or chocolates could already paint a smile on her face. Just make sure that you do something to surprise her.

If you can make her smile, then you can make her fall for you as well.

This is a foolproof statement and so you must give emphasis on this. She loves to enjoy her activities when she is outside so whenever you’re with her, make sure you don’t make her feel like she is being restricted or limited. Remember that she’s spontaneous so chaining he would only turn her off.

Be romantic

A Gemini woman would fall to her knees over someone who is a romantic. If you have those witty yet cheesy pick-up lines, it is time for them to be released from their cage and throw them at her because she sure would love to hear them.

Giving her flowers, taking her on a date, or holding her hand, anything romantic, she will cherish them. It will be helpful if you can find out what she likes or what things excite her and which ones she dislikes.

When a Gemini woman likes someone or is interested in someone, it will be hard for her to not show it so reciprocating her feelings for you goes a really long way.

Do not be ignorant

Given that she is a highly intelligent woman, and someone who is always open to learning, she despises an ignorant man. Someone who does not know how to educate himself and does not accept constructive criticisms would only cause her to stay away.

If you want to make a point known to her or make her realize something, you must always be ready to stand your ground and make sure that you are fighting for the right cause or reason. This is not even a joke. She hates unsophisticated people who only believe what they want to believe in.

Fighting with her and finding out that you are incorrect could only lead to your heartbreak.

Respect her in all aspects of her life

How to Get a Gemini Woman to Chase You

Be chivalrous when you’re wooing her. Making her feel that she is respected and regarded is important to her. Respect the fact that she cannot stay idle. She is an adventurous woman, you can not contain her.

Respect her wants. As much as you would like to be respected, she would also want to feel the same. In every relationship, respect should be another foundation, aside from love.

If she feels that she is valued and that her feelings matter to you, then it is highly likely that she will give you her recognition and respect as well. Always respect her, her decisions, and even her mistakes.

Now that you have these guidelines to help you with your courting journey, it is time for you to execute them and see just how effective these tips are. You will be surprised at how fast you can get a Gemini woman to be chasing you.

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Get your Gemini woman to chase you, in a nutshell

For a Gemini woman to chase you:

  • Surprise her
  • Flirt with her
  • Give her compliments
  • Be bubbly
  • Do things to make her smile
  • Be romantic
  • Do not be ignorant
  • Respect her

Happy chasing and… being chased!



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