How To Get A Gemini Woman Obsessed With You?

In this article, we’re going to tell you the tips and tricks on how to make your Gemini woman obsessed with you! Alongside that, we will also give you an insight as to how a Gemini woman gets obsessed with a romantic interest! 

Let’s get started!

Gemini woman is the third sign of the zodiac wheel, In Astrology Gemini is represented by the twins and is a mutable air sign.

Women born from May 21 up to June 21 are born under the sign of Gemini. This makes them intrinsically mercurial as their ruling planet is Mercury making them quick, agile, intelligent, spontaneous, and carefree!

Clever, witty, funny, charismatic, and full of surprises are certain attributes that your Gemini woman will certainly have. Extremely well-known because of his social skills your Gemini woman is a lover of the social scenes as the interaction and exchange of ideas between people fuels her mind, body, and soul!

In a romantic relationship specifically in dating and crushes your Gemini woman will have a natural inclination toward men who have good social and flirting skills.

They value extroversion and as such are inclined toward men who show more confidence in their tone of speaking and interaction with other people! In other ways, your Gemini woman thrives when the man is good at socialization…

Let us tackle more on your Gemini woman and her obsession tendencies, what makes her tick, and what she looks for in a man that makes her completely in lust with the man she is hyper-fixating on!

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Gemini Women and Obsession Tendencies

Gemini women are rarely the type of women who get fixated and obsessed with their love interest, probably due to their mutable nature which makes them hop in from one desire to the other. Your Gemini woman can only get infatuated and obsessed if she deems you worthy enough of her love and affection.

This can only happen if you are the type of man who she deems to be exciting – smart, clever, funny, and full of humor while still having a sense of physical attractiveness that makes you stand out from other men.

With this, it can be an incredibly dynamic journey because your Gemini woman will often question her thoughts about the situation.

Gemini woman is attracted to a guy who knows how to work his way with people, a funny dude nobody takes seriously but is a clever master of tricks.

A guy who knows how to show his wild and adventurous side while still seeing the good in people. Carefree and spontaneous!

Either she will deny it or she will go and pursue you! Either way, her obsession tendencies are rare but once it gets into her head she will go crazy about it! 

The level of chaos in her mind is something most people wouldn’t comprehend and as such her obsession tendencies will go from social media stalking to actual stalking you in public.

Remember that your Gemini woman gets easily excited and when you successfully crack her you’ll see how much of a giving person she is!

Let’s tackle more on how to get your Gemini woman to obsess over you! Remember to take precautions on these key tips as they are powerful and will change your Gemini woman’s perspective on you!

How to Get Your Gemini Woman to Obsess Over You? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Embody the “Pete Davidson” energy

A well-known guy Pete Davidson has been known for numerous instances of dating the most beautiful and popular women in Hollywood, although there’s nothing that stands out from his physical appearance it is his chill, laid-back personality accompanied by funny humor that makes him stand out from the rest of the population.

To embody the Pete Davidson vibes you must be cool and confident about yourself and get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable…this means getting in touch with your physical vulnerabilities and using them as a tool.

For instance, he has been criticized for being a pale skinny guy who looks dead inside.

Instead of being hurt by these jokes he used them as an advantage to make fun of himself. The point is not to get too caught up in yourself and realize that everyone’s got their mind. Live from your viewpoint and you do you!

2. Be sociable and friendly

Be sociable and friendly! Show her that you are a likable person by interacting with as many people as possible and by showing her that you get along with everyone regardless of how different they can be from other people…

Remember that your Gemini woman is one of the most accepting and understanding zodiac signs and that makes her accepted in different circles and groups of people, regardless of race, sexuality, or religion you’ll surely see your Gemini woman thrive with all sorts of people!

Whenever you are showing that you are just as kind, friendly, and understanding as her you are branding yourself as the perfect “boyfriend” material! This makes you insanely attractive to her and this ups your chances of getting with her!

3. Share with hearing your experiences

Whenever you are close to her be sure to show off confident body language then you can initiate small casual talk and let your confidence seeth through. A huge party or social gathering can be a great way to initiate a conversation with her!

Be sure to not bore her with your hi’s and hello’s instead try to be as humorous as possible whenever talking to her!

Funny jokes and casual banter are a good way to keep her on the edge of her seat. If the conversation blossoms, you can move to talk about other things such as your experiences at work, travel, or hobby. 

Remember that your Gemini woman loves to talk and gossip! As such she will look for a man who can hold off the good conversation and a man who can share different valuable things in life!

4. Work on your appearance!

 The fourth key step that you should do to have your Gemini woman become head over heels for you is that you should be physically attractive yourself! You can’t deny the power of looks in this modern-day age and as for your Gemini woman, an eye candy guy will surely get her extremely excited!

To do this you must first work on your attitude and personality, and build healthy self-esteem and confident body language. From then on work on your hygiene, use a fragrance that suits you, and wear fit clothes that accentuate your body shape. Alongside that workout and eat healthily!

By having a healthy lifestyle you are improving your appearance and by improving your appearance you are showing your Gemini woman that you are hookup and long-term relationship material and that you are a person she should look up to!

5. Match her energy levels!

Match her level of craziness! Get acquainted as friends then show her your fun and humorous side! Be a happy-go-lucky person and genuinely show off your lovely personality!

Whenever you hang out and make her feel happy, wild, and ecstatic you are showing her that you can match her crazy side and this is extremely attractive to her!

6. Do adventurous things with her

The sixth key step in making sure your Gemini woman gets obsessed with you is by showing her that you are just as fun and adventurous as her! You can do that by asking her to do jam-packed adventures with you!

Whether it’s a late-night drive or a beachside afternoon or maybe even a planned trip from another area or country!

Whatever it may be doing adventurous things with her will make sure that your Gemini woman stays in love and connected with you! Not only that she will be insanely attracted to you because she will see you as a long-term partner!

7. Show her you don’t need her to be happy! (push and pull method)

The last key step but the most important one on the list is that you need to give and take your attention to her! This is important as you are appealing to her nature as a whole! Remember that your Gemini woman’s mind goes from one idea to the other. 

She is restless, active, and impatient and that makes her crave more spontaneous action in your life by being hot and cold you are signaling to her that you are a fun person and that she needs to do extra measures to get time and attention from you!

You can show that by using the push-and-pull method! Show quality time and affection then the next day withdraw it from her, this shows detachment and independence to the highest level and this is insanely attractive to her!

Give her enough attention to get hooked then the next day tell her that you are busy and that you can’t hang out with her, you can fake it but it is also best to have a life of your own besides her. This goes to show how much of a value you are and she will surely go for you no matter what happens!

Gemini: The Fun and Carefree Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Gemini woman is a truly fun person to be with! A fun and carefree lover full of stories to tell she is a powerhouse of excitement, adventure, and mind-boggling ideas! You’ll surely never tame her wild within as she lives in the moment and she enjoys life as much as you do!

When you’ve successfully had her hooked! You’ll surely live a life like no other!

Always remember to follow the tips said above but do not forget to be genuine to yourself as the real attraction will come if you stay true to who you are and what your passion in life is! 

Remember getting her obsessed is just a bonus the real deal is how you can have a happy and successful life independently!

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