Tarot Readings are Not Set in Stone and Here’s Why

tarot readings are not set in stone, here's why

Every so often, you’ll participate in a Tarot reading only to realize that you don’t like the predicted outcome. When that happens, most people start wondering if they can influence the future or change what their reading predicted. Are Tarot readings set in stone? 

No, Tarot readings are not set in stone. Your outcomes are based on the energy the reader senses at the moment, and there are several possible outcomes that could happen after that moment. If you don’t like the predicted outcome, you can work on shifting your energy to influence the prediction. 

Since there isn’t much information available on the Internet today that covers how you can influence a Tarot reading, we created this article to help you out. Below we’ll discuss how you can use free will to change the predicted outcome of a Tarot reading.

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Are Tarot readings set in stone?

If you’ve ever participated in a Tarot reading (click here to check pricing for Tarot decks here) and didn’t like the predictions, you’ve probably wondered about changing that outcome. Remember, readings reflect on where you are at within the moment your reading was completed.

So, the Tarot reader is tuning into your energy as it is in the moment of the reading. The Tarot reader uses your energy and tells you about possibilities that could play out because of your state then. So, Tarot readings provide you with a glimpse into a possible future.

Those that read Tarot cards generally believe that the future isn’t set in stone. When a card shows up in a future position during a reading, it represents one possible future outcome among several.

The card clues you into a possible future event that could happen based on how you are acting in the present. So, if a card predicts outcomes you want to avoid, you can change your future because of free will.

Many people turn to Tarot cards for advice because they get some tips about their personality and how they are acting in the present, and how it can create issues in the future.

You can also figure out parts of your personality that aren’t working for you in the present by using Tarot readings. With Tarot cards, you’ll learn what might happen, but you’ll also have the chance to change the future.

Some cards in the Tarot deck work as a warning to us and tell us about potential outcomes that could throw us off track if we don’t fix ourselves. Because of this, many individuals find Tarot readings empowering.

Through Tarot readings, many people feel they learn more about themselves and can more easily figure out how to alter poor behavior patterns.

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Outcomes and Quantum Physics

So, how do you change a result when it comes to a Tarot reading? Quantum physics has a lot to teach us when it comes to outcomes. For example, when we observe a particle, we know that our observation can change the way the particle acts.

In Quantum physics, that’s known as observational energy. Within the bounds of observational energy, all matter is energy in a waveform, but there are exceptions at a specific frequency.

Taking a look at Quantum physics tells us that altering our own “frequency” level when it comes to a future outcome allows us to change the outcome and create something different. So, it’s possible to change the result of the future after a Tarot reading by merely acting differently.

Readings and Empowerment

Tarot readings exist to empower us, but those readings are never set in stone, even if they are incredibly accurate. Under the rules of Tarot, the outcomes of your life are all about your beliefs, giving you the ability to alter your future with your energy.

For example, one of my friends, Sally, visited a well-known astrologer from Las Vegas, where Sally used to live. The Tarot reader told Sally a few things that were very disheartening for Sally to hear about her future life.

Sally was told she would never marry, and she was already in her 40s and unwed. Of course, Sally didn’t want to hear that assessment because what she wanted out of life were marriage and family.

So, Sally took out some time to consider her position at that moment. She realized that her current actions and the way she treated men were driving her away from her opportunities.

Once Sally came to this conclusion, she was able to alter her approach to men and eventually married at 44, having twins at 46. So, you can see, through the example of Sally, how you can alter your actions and improve your outcomes in life.

Finding the Right Path

Because Tarot readings aren’t set in stone, you can use them to find the right path in life. A good Tarot reading can teach you about some information you need to process, so you’ll avoid an outcome in your life you don’t want to experience.

Tarot empowers people to change long-term patterns and revise elements about their lifestyles that might be preventing them from success.

So, if you’ve had a reading that suggested an outcome you’d like to avoid, you might be bouncing around and wondering what you should do.

At this point, it’s best to stop worrying. Now that you know about the outcome, you need to shift your energy away from the result and trust that you’ll be able to achieve what is best.

How to Change an Outcome

We’ve mentioned that changing an outcome you don’t like requires you to make a change in your present life. You can make changes by shifting your energy, taking action, and learning to let go.

First, you need to shift your energy to change the outcome of a reading. By doing that, you’ll demonstrate that you know your future isn’t set in stone. Since you have free will, use it and do something positive with it.

Second, take action to make a change. For instance, if you’ve recently experienced a breakup and you’re trying to woo your ex back, you don’t want to text or Email your ex like crazy, or else that person might pull farther away from you.

Instead, start investing your energy into other aspects of your life that give you joy, like your friends and your job.

If you are meant to be with your ex, then that person will come back. If not, then you’ve focused on the positive to create another positive change in your life.

Tell yourself that you are right where you are meant to be and that everything will work out for you. By accepting the situation as the right situation for you right now, you can change your energy to the positive.

Last, you need to learn to let go and trust in yourself and your life. If you can let go of an outcome, you’ll wind up traveling a road that’s full of raw potential and plenty of possibilities.

Not obsessing over a potential result means we open up our minds and hearts to see other future options. Also, by letting go, you’ll be reconnecting with your inner voice, which will help guide you to make better decisions.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that Tarot card readings aren’t set in stone, you can use those outcomes you don’t like to change your current pattern of behavior. Learning to avoid possibilities means you’ll be able to create new potential options, allowing you to take a better path in life.

Using your Tarot readings to change your behavior will open up new possibilities in your life. Thus, by learning how to use Tarot card readings as a guide to your future, you can work on creating outcomes and a future that you want.

Life is a journey. The journey happens at the moment. This moment. This moment. When we focus on the moment and forget about the past and forget about the future, we can be more centered.

We can feel the inspiration to act in the moment for our best interests and allow life to unfold before us.

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