5 Signs A Sagittarius Woman Is Using You

Although a Sagittarius woman can provide security in a relationship, it will only happen when she is ready to commit. If you want to know the signs that a Sagittarius woman is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Sagittarius woman is using you if she ghosts you and will always ask for space whenever you reach out to her. She will also openly flirt with other men even if she just told you how much she loves you. A Sagittarius woman will also avoid emotionally connecting to you because she doesn’t want to commit yet.

In this article, you will also learn about a Sagittarius woman’s weaknesses in a relationship and how to keep her interested. Read further!

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Signs A Sagittarius Woman Wants To Break Up

She is rude

A Sagittarius woman has changed her feelings for you if she is constantly rude to you. When you try to show her affection, she will only ignore you. She can start to forget significant events like your birthday and anniversaries all of a sudden.

If a Sagittarius woman doesn’t want to continue the relationship anymore, she won’t have any trouble treating you badly.

A Sagittarius woman may be preparing to end the relationship if she begins to disregard your feelings. You may tell she no longer cares if she completely ignores you after you tell her that she has offended you.

A Sagittarius woman will also do this on purpose because he believes that doing this will ultimately make ending the relationship easier.

She starts arguments

A Sagittarius woman might be prepared to call it quits if you notice that she picks fights with you all the time. She might even be attempting to get you to cancel the plans for the future. During arguments, you might observe that a Sagittarius woman becomes angrier.

She might carry on arguing even if she didn’t start it after you’ve cooled down.

After a disagreement, a Sagittarius woman normally withdraws to give you both some space to collect your thoughts.

You will notice that she becomes irate for days on end over even the smallest argument. This is because a Sagittarius woman thinks this would be easier for the both of you after she finally ends things.

5 Signs A Sagittarius Woman Is Using You

She is inconsistent

A Sagittarius woman is unpredictable and difficult to read, but once she senses your feelings for her, she won’t think twice about using them to stroke her ego. She will start to take advantage of you because she loves the kind of attention you’re giving him.

Your Sagittarius woman is not interested in you in the way you think she is if she acts the majority of the time inconsistently.

Your Sagittarius woman is having the time of her life since she knows that there will be no consequences for anything she does. If she even exhibits a hint of regret and showers you with her deceptive declarations of love, she knows that you’ll welcome her back with open arms.

She needs space

A Sagittarius woman hates the idea of being bound to one person, one location, or living out her days in a mundane routine.

This archer frequently uses the justification that she needs some alone time while she is engaged in another activity or with someone else. If it turns out that a Sagittarius woman just enjoys being away from you, don’t be shocked.

You should respect your Sagittarius woman’s request for space and whatever boundaries she sets. However, it’s a significant warning sign that she doesn’t care about you as much as you think she does when you see that she prefers to spend time alone than spending time with you.

She ghosts you

A Sagittarius woman will decide to ghost you in place of her self-assurance and arrogance. Every time you encourage her to do anything enjoyable with you, she usually begins by offering an explanation.

You should be aware that you shouldn’t wait for her to change her mind or believe her because it’s all made up. A Sagittarius woman simply wants a quick exit from the relationship, but you shouldn’t allow her to enjoy knowing that she offended you.

You should be aware that a Sagittarius woman might surprise you because of her unpredictability.

She might decide to stop ghosting you in the middle and extend an invitation to hang out. A Sagittarius woman will suddenly pursue you until she succeeds, and once she does, there’s a strong possibility she’ll lose interest in you.

She flirts with others

This archer enjoys seducing men and making them fall in love with her by utilizing all of her charms.

A Sagittarius woman won’t usually stop flirting with other men just because you ask her to, in most cases. She doesn’t believe that what she’s doing is improper, so don’t be shocked if you see her complimenting another man in front of you.

It’s a significant warning sign that a Sagittarius woman isn’t only going to stay dedicated to you if you’ve discovered that she’s making other men laugh as well.

She doesn’t anticipate remaining devoted to you for very long, which is the reason why she does this. Imagine what she could be doing behind your back if she’s flirting with other guys while she’s out with you.

She avoids committing

A Sagittarius woman backs off whenever you bring up commitment since she doesn’t regard you as a potential love partner.

She is most likely already aware of your emotions and is making use of them to leave and return whenever and however, she pleases. Hence, you should know that a Sagittarius woman’s intentions are solely physical.

If you find that your Sagittarius woman pulls away every time you try to interact with her emotionally, it’s a good clue that she doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship with you.

She will work so hard to make you feel like the only man in the world and sweep you off your feet, but you two won’t really click as a real couple.

A Sagittarius Woman’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

It can be intimidating for a Sagittarius woman to think of tying herself down and following the rules of a relationship because she is fiercely independent and adventurous.

She will always follow her passions and is constantly looking for excitement, which makes her prone to becoming bored if required to stay in one area or do the same thing for an extended period of time.

A Sagittarius woman requires a partner who gives her enough room to be herself in order to establish a healthy relationship. She must learn to properly express her demand for freedom to potential partners in detail and constantly talk about how to uphold the trust because she can feel easily restrained.

How To Keep A Sagittarius Woman Interested

You’ll need to raise your charm game if you want a Sagittarius woman to keep her interest in you. You should be playful with her, gently tease her, and start a steamy conversation to keep her going. A Sagittarius woman will like the attention and crave constant proximity to you.

She’ll be overjoyed to have found someone so daring, and she will keep coming back to you.

A Sagittarius woman will be curious as to why you like her. Be honest about all the reasons you like her, and give her lots of compliments because she will love it.

Choose comments that feel unique to her, such as her amazing sense of humor, her unrivaled sense of adventure, or her stylish, avant-garde appearance. A Sagittarius woman will eventually come after you in an effort to get more compliments from you.

5 signs a Sagittarius woman is using you, final thoughts…

If a Sagittarius woman is using you:

  • She is inconsistent
  • She needs space
  • She ghosts you
  • She flirts with others
  • She avoids committing



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