Where does a Sagittarius Woman Like to Be Touched?

Do you know where your Sagittarius woman’s erogenous zones or pleasure spots are? Do you want to know how to utilize these pleasure spots of hers and use them to your advantage? Make her more obsessed and lusty over you by being experienced in the way you touch and caress her.

Do you want to know how to successfully turn her on in foreplay by touching her? Are you ready to amaze her with your moves and power? Where does your Sagittarius woman like to be touched and how does she want to be touched?

Do not fret! In this article, we will tell you all the insiders on how to touch, massage, and caress your Sagittarius woman’s pleasure spots! We will tell you the different effective techniques of touching and massaging to make sure your Sagittarius woman feels utmost pleasured and relaxed!

We will also give you insights into your Sagittarius woman’s body and how to properly utilize it for a more pleasurable experience for both of you! So sit back relax and listen carefully to the information we’re about to give to you!

Let’s jump right in!

Sagittarius women are positive and straightforward. They’re also sex-positive and open-minded so even if they’re not the most sexually active sign they still know that sexual desires and pleasure are intrinsic in the human psyche.

With that said your Sagittarius woman will like being touched and caressed if she sees you are enjoying it. Flirt and tease with her as you touch her body and this will give instant chills down her spine!

It is incredibly arousing for a Sagittarius woman to see that you are enjoying exploring her body.  Sagittarius is most sensitive around the thighs, the hips, the whole legs, and even the lower back!

Sagittarius rules these body parts so it is known that these areas are extremely pleasurable and sensitive to touch.

Sagittarius women are the philosophical, big-picture-oriented, extroverted, fun-loving, travel-loving, intelligent, honest, caring, and free-spirited women of the zodiac wheel! The 9th sign of the zodiac wheel represents the final remaining days before the renewal of the season begins.

Sagittarius is an extremely complex sign known for its good and bad signs. Some people say Sagittarius is indecisive, overtly opinionated, too flighty, or non-committal some say Sagittarius is extremely loving, and protective and can show love in magnanimous ways.

This can be entirely different for everyone depending on the type of mood your Sagittarius woman shows to you but one thing is for sure. Sagittarius women are truly complex individuals and their fiery disposition knows no bounds!

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system and Astrology Jupiter gives a person an immense amount of luck and success! This means Sagittarius women and people with heavy Sagittarius placements are highly blessed! No matter what happens luck will always be in your favor!

Sagittarius women are fun, optimistic, bright, extremely friendly, and sociable, and this gives them an advantage. Many people like them and admire them! Sagittarius is represented by the Archer or the Centaur.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and is the last fire sign on the list! This makes her incredibly philosophical, spiritual, and “airy” than the other fire signs.

Deeply philosophical thinkers and unconventional travelers by heart, Sagittarius women are lovers of freedom, they usually aren’t fixed and just go with the flow of life which is essentially their motto!

They’re brightly optimistic about life and it seems like life takes them to essential places where they need to “experience” things. Sagittarius may not be the most abundant or richest sign materially but these individuals are rich in “experiences”.

Sagittarius season starts from November 22 to December 21. If your wife, girlfriend, friends with benefits, or significant partner is born under the Sagittarius dates then surely your man will be heavily influenced by the energy and personality of this sign as she has her Sun in Sagittarius.

Other placements can tweak or amplify the Sagittarius energy.

Sagittarius is wild, free-spirited, and fiery like a horse running in an open field, Sagittarian energy is characterized as a wildfire spreading. Being a mutable fire the energy can be chaotic and sporadic.

Similar to how chaotic a Gemini’s energy is a Sagittarius can be easily bored and indecisive. Alongside that their fiery disposition can make them careless and brutal in situations.

Sagittarius has mutable modality. This means that she is more fluid than the other fire signs (Leo and Aries) who are more stubborn. Sagittarius usually do not give a damn and they’d rather run away and never see you again if you’re the problem.

They also do not like the idea of being restrained, controlled, or being told what to do so for the relationship to work you must give them freedom and space.

With that said, your Sagittarius woman can sometimes be known for her non-commital and flighty nature, especially in relationships but this is just a misconception. True love where the relationship is fulfilling for both parties can make your Saggitarius woman settle.

The relationship must be fun, exciting, adventurous, dedicated, and openly honest. 

In romantic relationships, your Sagittarius woman is romantic and touchy behind closed doors. She can be extremely caring to the person especially if she wants to return the favor. She is quite adventurous in her pursuit and will be the person who will quite “show you the world”.

Her idea of romantic dates consists of just the two of you traveling to some strange place. She is a traveler and explorer by heart and when she wants you to come with her it is an intimate way of saying she trusts you and she deeply loves you.

She can also be quite public when it comes to matters of love and relationship and can be pretty magnanimous in the ways she shows her love for you. She might show love in a multitude of ways and she will show off her relationship on her social media!

Your Sagittarius woman is naturally flirtatious so her mode of loving you will be in a fun and flirtatious way. It’s almost as if every day she teases you. Playful banters are an essential part of her love language you! 

Your Sagittarius woman at best is a truly philosophical, intellectual individual who can hold good conversations! She is loving, caring, deeply independent, and can do tasks without you helping her. She is optimistic, bright, friendly, sociable, accepting and understanding, open-minded, and deeply empathetic. 

On the downside, she can be quite argumentative especially if she likes her point to be viewed as accurate or correct. This makes her bashful and opinionated. She can also have quite of an ego which can make her off-putting or standoffish sometimes.

Alongside that, she has the habit of running away from her problems and she can also be indecisive and easily changeable.

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of what your Sagittarius woman is like let’s now dig deep into how does your Sagittarius woman like to be touched? Where does your Sagittarius woman like to be handled during foreplay? Where does she like to be massaged for maximum relaxation? Let’s find out!

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Where does a Sagittarius Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Sagittarius rules the thighs, legs, hips, and lower back. When you think about it these essential body parts are interchangeably acting to move a person. These body parts allow a person to walk, run and move from one place to another.

This is the essential core of what makes a Sagittarius woman a Sagittarius. She truly loves exploring the world and even in love, sex, and relationships she wants her body to be explored as much as she wants to explore her partner’s body.

When touching your Sagittarius woman to initiate foreplay you must consider their erogenous zones namely: the hips, the thighs, the whole entirety of her legs, and sometimes her lower back.

These are the main erogenous zones that you should touch, massage, or caress to fully arouse her and make her feel comfortable towards you!

Whenever you have the time playfully begin by randomly touching her hip area behind her back. Whisper nice things into her ear like compliment her body or tell her how badly you need that body right now.

Then touching her hips with a full grasp of your hands as you go all the way down to her butt and her inner back thighs.

This will be incredibly arousing for your Sagittarius woman who probably has no idea of what’s she getting into!

Also, it is important to note that when you are touching her hips and thighs, you still need to incorporate the vibe and aura where “I am intimately playing and teasing you and the only thing you can do is fight back about it”.

Competition can be quite an arousing thing for your Sagittarius woman. She will have no choice but to “fight back” or flirt back with you. 

Whenever you are doing this you are already engaging in rigorous foreplay with your Sagittarius woman remember that you must show her you are having fun in the process of teasing her.

If she sees that you are only doing it to just arouse her it will not be as effective compared to her knowing you are treating it like an exploration and adventure.

When things get a little exciting and rough work your way and manhandle her. Asserting your dominance over her body to make her more aroused than she is before. Then begin to kiss her as you touch her hips and legs. Stroking it gently back and forth.

After doing those things begin to smile and tease her heavily. The more pissed off she might seem the more aroused she is on the inside continue to caress her legs and thighs playfully seducing her while not touching her genitals.

This will give her enough sensations and pleasure to initiate the lovemaking process with you. Remember that the foreplay itself can be a more fun and dynamic experience than the actual lovemaking. Be fun and seductive when touching your Sagittarius woman to add more flavor to the experience!

Surely your Sagittarius woman will appreciate the effort you are putting in!

This is extremely effective if you want to seduce her during foreplay! However, if you just want her to be relaxed due to heavy workload or stress you can try massaging the said erogenous zones to give her maximum pleasure and comfort.

When you are massaging her thighs, legs, or lower back you can use scented oil. Begin massaging with light pressure using the palm of your hands to create circular motions on the tensed muscles. 

When you do focus on massaging it is important to emphasize your Sagittarius woman’s thighs as these are her main erogenous zones. Use gliding and stroking motions as you move back and forth to the muscles of her thighs.

You can even massage her whole legs just using the thumb-pressure technique where you use both of your thumbs to create incision pressure on the muscles of the legs.

Overall, Your Sagittarius woman likes to be touched around the lower portions of the body: namely the thighs, legs, lower back, and hips. Massaging these areas will also prove to be beneficial as it will help her relax her mind and calm herself from stress and anxiety.

Massaging her erogenous areas will also give health benefits such as more blood stimulation in those said areas which means more nutrients and oxygen goes into the erogenous zones of your Sagittarius woman.

Quick Overview: Sagittarius Woman’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage her lower back 

Massaging her lower back is a great way to alleviate her stress levels and get her more in tune with her body! To do this begin by setting up a comfortable room, and light up a scented candle or incense to soothe her smell, using scented geranium or lavender oil begin to spread the oil upwards using your hands.

Begin to stroke upwards and downwards the lower portion of her back. You can also use gliding movements to glide up the oil in the lower back. 

Gently use pressure on the lower back and use your thumbs and index and middle finger to create thumb pressure on the muscles. Move in circular motions and always pay attention to how she reacts. If the pressure is too much she might feel uncomfortable but if the pressure is just the right amount she’ll be calm and sleepy.

2. Massage her lower back legs

When you massage her lower back you can also begin stroking his lower back legs afterward. To do this use gliding and gentle palm movements and strokes that incorporate a heavy set of pressure to stimulate blood flow in the area.

Ask her if the pressure you’re putting feels nice or if it is too heavy in this way you can adjust the amount of pressure you are putting into her leg muscles.

Alongside that, another effective massaging technique called the squeeze and knead method can work wonders in this particular area of the body.

The method is easy just wrap the fingers of one or both hands then work your way up to her leg. Like a crab “pinching” his meal apply pressure using the tips of your fingers to create immense sensations in her legs

“Squeeze” the skin and muscles with your fingers and effectively reapply pressure using your thumb. Continue and prolong it for a minute or two then repeat on the other leg this will ensure your Sagittarius woman feels relaxed and pleased throughout the rest of the session. 

3. Touch her hips

Touching her hips can be one of the most effective ways to make her aroused! As mentioned beforehand begin to insert your hands into her hips as you approach from behind or front. Firmly grasping her hips as you maintain strong eye contact and a devious smile that denotes sexual attraction and lust.

4. Touch and lick her thighs

Touching and caressing her thighs is another important thing to do to make sure she feels utmost pleasured and relaxed! To do this lay her down in bed and then gently stroke her thighs, especially her inner thighs.

You can even use your tongue to do the extra magic! Down from their lower legs begin to lick her skin up to her inner thighs! This will create an immense sensation in her body and she will have no choice but to act on that arousal!

5. Slap her butt and thighs

Last but not least! Slapping her butt and her thighs is a good way to stimulate her erogenous zone and at the same time assert your dominance towards you! Slap her butt and thighs from behind as you tease her by saying dirty words in her ears!

The more aggressive the slapping the more aroused your Sagittarius woman will be! Remember that your Sagittarius woman likes aggressive and rough lovemaking so incorporating this into your foreplay will make sure the passion is through the roof!

Touching a Sagittarius Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Sagittarius woman is a wonderful partner in bed and life! She likes aggression and pent-up flirtation and banter. Alongside that, she is the kind of woman who is down to explore all sorts of things in love and bed. Your Sagittarius woman is truly a keeper!

To truly make her feel loved you can incorporate touching and caressing as part of your routine to truly strengthen your bond with her!

Alongside that, your Sagittarius woman can be easily bored due to her mutable modality! Be creative in your words and way of flirting with her and tweak you’re touching a little bit! Surely by making your Sagittarius woman surprised every time she’ll be committed to you like no other!

Overall, the most sensitive areas that you can utilize to make your Sagittarius woman feel relaxed and aroused are

  • Her thighs
  • Her lower back
  • Her legs
  • Her butt

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