How To Get A Sagittarius Woman Obsessed With You?

Are you fawning over a Sagittarius woman and you want her to look at you romantically and sexually? Worry no more because in this article we are going to tell you exactly how to make a Sagittarius woman obsessed with you!

We are also going to tackle your Sagittarius woman’s obsessive tendencies and how does she develop them?

The Sagittarius woman is the 9th sign of the zodiac wheel incredibly fierce and wild, she is represented by the Archer or The Centaur. A wild animal that is running wild in an open field. She represents higher travel and higher philosophy. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that is ruled by Jupiter.

The power of Sagittarius comes from the inquisitive nature that makes her ready to explore the world around her.

Unlike other zodiac signs who are more grounded and realistic a Sagittarius woman relishes her ability to think far ahead, she prefers to be optimistic about the situation no matter how negative the situation is.

The Sagittarius women are born from November 22 up to December 21. This fiery sign is at the height of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Passionate, sympathetic, understanding, wise, yet forceful, aggressive, blunt, and beyond gifted at social and intrapersonal skills. 

Passionate about life as a whole The Sagittarius woman knows how to live life to the fullest without being bothered by other people’s opinions or expectations of her. She is a wild child who is full of surprises! She truly is a delight to be with!

In terms of love and relationship, she can pour out all of her passion to her lover which makes the relationship sexy, fun, and exciting. She despises anything that dulls down her relationship or her energy so she’ll try to make the relationship as fun as possible.

Her obsessive tendencies towards a person of her desire can be random and sometimes fluctuating, being a mutable fire sign. She is always ready to have fun and flirt with the person if she needs to be. The obsession can be mild to severe depending on how long she’s been infatuated with the guy.

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius as a sign, let us dig deep into her psyche. What are her obsessive tendencies? How does she get obsessed with someone? And what are the things she does when she’s obsessed? 

Let’s find out!

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Sagittarius Women and Obsession Tendencies

Your Sagittarius woman falls in love quickly like a swift of wildfire! She tends to idealize and overtly romanticize the object of her desire. She is a hopeless romantic behind closed doors and she relishes the idea of beautiful and exhilarating romance!

She is more optimistic in welcoming the feelings of love when it comes and this means she expresses it in a positive and lively manner. She will be open to sharing what she truly feels and her unfiltered thoughts and opinions will be heard by her friends and family.

She may even share it on her social media, she will be happy and bubbly about the fact that she’s crushing hard over someone! This also makes her a risk-taker! She will be unafraid to show off her emotions and might even take the first move if it feels right for her,

As far as it can go, however, her obsession tendencies can be pretty quick and fluctuating unlike other zodiac signs such as Scorpio or Taurus who can be obsessive to one person for years.

A Sagittarius woman’s passion tends to fluctuate over time. It can be intense and fiery this week then cold and icy the other week.

It is pretty safe to say that her obsession tendencies don’t tend to last long as she moves on from one crush to the other. This will also depend on how deeply magnetic the man is and how intense the sex appeal of the man is.

The Sagittarius woman is attracted to strong athletic types who are good with the sports they’re undertaking or have good physiques. While your Sagittarius woman is attracted to confident, funny, and light-hearted guys who are capable of showing her a good time.

Explorers and wanderers are also the guys she finds insanely attractive!

She loves a confident man who knows how to make fun of himself and doesn’t take life too seriously. A man with skills and effort and a man who is fun and exciting to be with! Although looks are an important factor for her.

The main attractive trait that can make or break her attraction is a man’s understanding and perception of the world around him.

If a man is shallow and only thinks linearly it can be a huge turnoff for her. A Sagittarius woman she deeply longs for a man who is wise enough to know the knowledge of the world. The one who knows common sense and other interesting facts in different fields of life. 

Looks can go as far as a simple stare of admiration from your Sagittarius woman but she is wise enough to know that if she’s only gonna after the looks of a man then the whole relationship will be doomed to fail.

She wants someone she can talk to with deep philosophies of life, someone she can connect to through traveling and by sharing experiences. This is the kind of man a Sagittarius woman will be obsessed with!

How to Get Your Sagittarius Woman to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Show her you’re having a good life!

The first key step in attracting your Sagittarius woman is that you need to show her that you’re having a good time in your life! Show her that you are a fun and independent man who knows how to live life the right way!

By showing that you are a fun and cool person to be around the more she’ll take interest in you! You can show that by sharing your travels and experiences on your social media or by telling it to your friends and acquaintances. Also, show that you’re having a good time with your friends at a club or party! 

The more fun and wonderful your life is the more she’ll be interested to take a glimpse at your life! The more chances of her getting obsessed with you!

2. Share with her your Interests

Your Sagittarius woman is lively, bubbly, and loves to talk! Being an extroverted fire sign she needs to express her ideas and share her experiences as a person as such it is a good thing to be her friend first!

When she’s sharing about something be a good listener and ask the thoughtful questions that make her think!

Alongside that, your Sagittarius woman also loves to hear different stories from other people! You must share with her your important interests or passion. The talking part helps the both of you mutually connect.

3. Be truthful and straightforward

Your Sagittarius woman is extremely blunt and straightforward and she can be truthful in a mean way. Although her unfiltered thoughts and opinions can give her a bad reputation for being a bad mouth she takes pride in it!

As such it is important that the man she’s gonna be with also is blunt and straightforward! Do not be afraid to stand up to your truth! The more straightforward you are the more attractive you are to the eyes of your Sagittarius woman…

4. Be funny!

Have a light-hearted and carefree aura and energy around you! Be sociable ad friendly around people and pull up some funny joke every once in a while. The more your Sagittarius woman sees that you are a funny man who knows how to make people laugh the more he’ll be interested to be with you.

Also, when talking to her it is good to have a friendly, casual conversation with your Sagittarius woman. When both of you are comfortable enough with each other try to pull a joke or two and see how she’ll react.

The more positive she reacts to your joke is a high indicator of whether she’s gonna be interested in you or not.

5. Work on your body!

A strong muscular body is surely an attractive trait any man can have and certainly can achieve through a proper diet and workout routine! Having an attractive body is a huge turn-on for a Sagittarius woman! This denotes that you are attractive and that you are well-trained! 

Having a good body also means that you’ll also look good in the clothes that you’re gonna wear. Remember to wear the best clothes that match your skin tone and your body fit. It is always important to pay attention a little bit more to your looks as this is the first thing people see.

6. Surprise her!

When surprising her it doesn’t mean you’ve got to surprise her with material gifts or dates!

Remember that you are still in the attraction process so this is a seduction game first-hand. One must be able to showcase case your passions and dreams to her to make it seem like you are one interesting man to be with! 

When surprising her ask her to come to accompany you or join you in something you do often, preferably surprise her with a passion you know you do well. For example: If you’re good at playing golf invite her to your golf match. If you’re a DJ at a club invite her backstage to see what you do!

Show her anything interesting in your life! The more exciting and appealing your passion is the more likely she’ll get attracted to you because this passion of yours showcases your personality!

7. Flirt and Flirt until she gives in…

When flirting with her bring a handful of humor into the conversation, remember not to get too cheesy with the flirting process as it can make it painful for both of you. Instead, opt for casual playful banter wherein both of you can tease each other in the process.

Flirting is a delicate art that can make or break an attraction game so it is incredibly important that you do this last step carefully. To flirt confidently and successfully you must remove any fears or doubts about yourself.

Ditch the fears of rejection and appear more dominant and masculine especially when you’re near her.

Play it right! Talk and talk with her while you maintain strong eye contact. Also, remember to keep your beautiful smile in check! Once you’ve mastered the art of flirting the more your Sagittarius woman will get infatuated with you!

Sagittarius: The Cupid Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Sagittarius woman is a Cupid disguised as a Centaur, truly loving and passionate to her lover she is one of a kind adventurous, and fun lover who’ll make your life one hell of an experience! She gets fascinated quickly and when she does it she becomes childish in a way…

In love and relationship, she can be a dynamic lover. Often dislikes dull relationships and as such, she tries hard not to follow the traditional route in a relationship. Her obsession tendencies are like a wildfire spreading easily to catch, easy to burn and flourish yet so easy to distinguish too. 

It is important to follow the steps carefully to make sure that your Sagittarius woman feels infatuated and obsessed with you 24/7! When done properly you’ll be sure that you’ll have your Sagittarius woman’s heart in the palm of your hands!

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