5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Cancer Man

A Cancer man can be hard to seduce which is why you need to be cautious about the things you want to say to him. If you want to know the flirty and dirty things to say to your Cancer man, you have come to the right place.

A Cancer man will appreciate it if you ask him first when you suggest something to ensure that he is comfortable about it.

Telling him how much you miss him and complimenting him on how good he looks will also help you in seducing this sign. However, it’s also important to give him space and leave him wanting more.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface of your Cancer man.

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That said, let’s first take a look at what he is like in bed.

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What A Cancer Man Is Like In Bed

If he thinks he already has the right person, the Cancer man will look for passion and closeness. This sign is always looking for nurturing affection and he appreciates taking the lead in bed. A Cancer man will therefore focus very hard in order to ignite his intense closeness with you.

Because of his romantic outlook and desire to create a deep connection through intimacy with his partner, he will enjoy a sensual and rough night. Under the covers, the Cancer man is strong, charming, and comforting. Not to mention, this sign also performs his passionate role with a lot of fantasies.

How To Flirt With A Cancer Man

Be affectionate

Don’t try to hide your nice, soft side when you’re flirting with a Cancer man.

He tends to stay away due to his emotional fragility and fear of being rejected, but he will be receptive to your initiation. Also, keep in mind that physical closeness causes physical explosions in a Cancer man’s body, but it also fosters emotional connection.

He will probably notice it rather immediately because a Cancer man has a high intuition ability and is perceptive to your body language. At the same time, this sign can be a little intimidating if you come on extremely hard and get overly handsy.

You must strike a balance between a Cancer man’s sensitivity and his demand for affection.

Be sincere

Express your intentions and feelings to your Cancer man. Mention your desire for a committed partnership and make it clear that you aren’t looking for a one-night stand. On the other hand, if that is not what you want, don’t make a Cancer man think there might be a chance for a relationship.

You may also express your interest in this sign by giving him sincere compliments. A Cancer man, like most people, has a need for praise, but he can easily spot a forced or insincere compliment.

Just remember to keep it authentic and honest, even if the complement is fairly straightforward. When a Cancer man notices that you are forced to compliment him, it will make him leave.

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5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Cancer Man Crush

“Are you free?”

Instead of asking him something random that doesn’t need an answer, it is more probable that you will receive a response when you ask him directly. A Cancer man will want to spend as much time with you as possible when he is also interested in you.

This sign simply enjoys being with you and wants to take every chance to get to know you.

However, it is still important to leave hints that you are interested in developing your relationship. Be careful with your choice of words because he will not be attracted to you if you start telling him vulgar comments right away.

Instead, tell your Cancer man that you’re excited to hang out with him and that you’ll dress in something he’ll like.

“You look so good”

Complimenting a Cancer man is the simplest approach to flirting with him. A compliment has the power to completely increase his confidence and can give him the impression that you really are interested in him.

A Cancer man will feel good if you compliment him and this will not only make him feel better about himself but also closer to you.

Let him know how much you are interested in him by expressing your admiration for his hair, his outfit, his book preferences, or really anything about him especially if you are just starting to know him.

Flattery does wonders when dealing with a Cancer man because he’ll become more self-assured and take bigger steps to spend more time with you.

“Can I kiss you?”

Ask him first whether he feels comfortable doing this if you want to improve your flirting game. Telling your Cancer man a more explicit suggestion may seem like something anyone would want, but it’s not.

This will make him see you as a sexual object rather than a loving companion because it is too aggressive for his taste. Your assertiveness might even turn a Cancer man off, causing him to remain silent.

To win over this gentle and loving sign, avoid using too explicit terms, reverse psychology, or teasing him too much. Although passionate, a Cancer man is a bit hesitant to react when a woman is acting overtly sexual.

If you gently ask him, he’ll want more of that kind of attention from you and you’ll have him eager to see you again.

“I miss you”

You might try to say this to your Cancer man to see if he reciprocates and to make sure he thinks of you every day, whether or not he contacts you first or the last thing every day. It ensures he will think of you and at the same time makes him feel special.

A Cancer man will get weak in the knees just by thinking about how much you long for him.

Keep your text flirting basic, sweet, and honest if you want to know how to get a Cancer man to chase you. Say how much you’re looking forward to another movie night with him and cuddling with him at your place.

Better yet, tell him how much you enjoyed your morning kiss on him and how you can’t wait to give him more. A Cancer man will recall how he felt throughout those times which will make him eager to see you again.

“See you later”

Be compassionate about him at the beginning of the relationship without invading his personal space if you want to make a good impression on a Cancer man. He might love and appreciate how lovely you are to him, but if you suffocate him too much, he might think you are needy or clingy.

This sign wants to feel special, wanted, and understood since he is a highly emotional and sensitive sign. The Cancer man does need love and affection, but he does not desire someone who depends on him nonstop.

As difficult as it may be, giving him a little space might help because he will miss you and try to get in touch with you sooner.

How To Keep A Cancer Man Interested

If you want a Cancer man to keep his interest in you, consider playing to his romantic side while also trying to strike the right balance between not being too available to him and letting him spoil you.

He requires the person he has eyes on to be open to his advances, but he will only pursue you if you give him the impression that he must always exert more effort with you.

Allow him to spoil you occasionally to maintain his interest in you because a Cancer man enjoys spoiling the woman she is in love with. However, this sign will want the woman in his life to assure him that he can be himself around her.

Your Cancer man will recall your behavior throughout his best and worst moments. If you were patient with him, he will most likely stick around a little longer.

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5 flirty (and dirty) things to say to your Cancer man crush:

  • “Are you free?”
  • “You look so good”
  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • “I miss you”
  • “See you later”