How To Win A Cancer Man’s Heart?

How To Win A Cancer Man’s Heart

If you want to win a Cancer man’s heart and make him fall hard for you to like no other girl did to him then you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to show you to win over the Cancer man’s ocean-like heart and make him fall in love with you like no other!

To win over the heart of a Cancer man you must mimic the love his mother has shown him, because this man has strong familial roots, especially to his mother, be sure to exhibit caring, loving, and homely qualities such as being able to cook tasty meals for him, being compassionate to pets or plants, and having an overall lovely and warm persona.

The Cancer man is the reserved, shy, complex, and tenacious man of the zodiac sign, you might not really know what he’s thinking or feeling as he often hides away great amounts of emotional energy behind his shell, nevertheless, the overtly emotional nature of this man is often frowned upon not knowing the hidden inner strength this man has.

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at what makes a Cancer man special… then, we can review the ways to win his heart!

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What makes a Cancer man so special?

How To Win A Cancer Man’s Heart?

Please take note that these apply to men born with their Sun in Cancer as well as men who have heavy Cancer placements in their birth chart most especially the inner planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus), if you do not know his birth chart it is best to find out by asking his birthday and his specific birth time.

Cancer energy along with Scorpio and Pisces (Water signs) often manifests differently depending on where the Cancer sign is placed on his zodiac sign, he might have a Cancer moon which makes his personality extremely different from a guy with Cancer Sun.

Nevertheless, this is a general overview as to why a Cancer man or a man with heavy Cancer placements is so special…

The Cancer man is ruled by the Moon which makes him extremely attuned with his emotions, this can make him emotionally perceptive and caring for other people because his modality I cardinal and element water, he can be the “mom” of his group circle.

This doesn’t make him effeminate or weak, this just usually means that he takes an extra effort in making sure his friends and loved ones are in a safe and comforting place because he is attuned to the emotions of others and can be a great loyal friend.

Supportive and caring all throughout, this guy loves to love and be loved, he might not show it, depending on how thick his shell might be, but this guy is a genuinely good-hearted person who has familial energy to him – this attracts a lot of people as Cancer energy is very comforting.

What makes a Cancer man so special isn’t just the fact that he is a kind and good-hearted person deep down, it is the fact that a Cancer man’s complexity and mysteriousness hold on a lot of deep emotions.

He can be emotional yet strong, he can be timid but still have the drive to stand up for himself, and he can be a leader yet a follower, this complexity is tied to the Moon’s ever-changing phases, and he can be seen as a changeable man but the truth is, he is strong for being fluid.

Alongside that, the Cancer man is gifted with emotional insight and almost empathic energy that makes him a psychic, he can feel things that other people might not notice, he can notice if there’s a seething argument between two people in a room, he can almost feel what you feel, he understands and he perceives well!

This sensitivity is often overlooked as some sort of weakness but the truth is it is the Cancer man’s greatest power!

Overall, this man is emotionally intuitive and involved, caring, and loving, he has a lot of emotional depth in him which makes him a great husband and father to your future kids! So if you want to win his heart you must keep up with some of the things we’ll be mentioning to you…

What are your chances with a Cancer man?

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Let’s find out how to win a Cancer Man’s heart!

6 Ways to Win a Cancer Man’s Heart?

Be loyal, loving, and caring

How To Win A Cancer Man’s Heart?

The three simple attributes you must partake in if you really want to win over the Cancer man’s heart because he is loyal, loving, and caring, he’ll also look for someone who can embody those traits perfectly.

You don’t have to fake it, sincerely warm your heart to him whenever you are around him, he’ll genuinely feel it and will take action to make you feel loved and important too!

Be soft-spoken and feminine

When you’re talking to your Cancer man be sure to talk smooth and soft-spoken, use your feminine graces to win him over, and do not be overly loud or proud, he likes traditional women who embody a demure lady attitude.

Be sure to look beautiful instead of sexy and tacky, dress according to the occasion, and be polite and kind to others, in doing these you’re showing him that you are a potential long-term partner!

Send him kind and romantic gestures

Whether it’s a small cupcake or a little keychain from where you’ve traveled recently, showing his kind yet sweet small gestures like that makes him known that he is important to you! He will utterly be in love and clingy if he knows you are too!

Cook for him!

How To Win A Cancer Man’s Heart?

Cook for him, give him sweet treats when he comes over, and make a nice specialty only you can cook for him, this makes him fall in love like no other! Showing him that you’re offering him warm cooked meals makes him instantly remember the cozy love he’s longing for and he’ll definitely associate it with you!

In no time he will surely fall in love with you like no other!

Get close to his family, especially his mother!

The Cancer Man is all about deeply connected family association, he’ll be strongly attached and connected to his mother, and as such making the time to meet and bond with his mother is a surefire way to win him over!

Be polite and friendly, offer a warm and helping hand, and tell him and his mother fun stories where both of you can bond and cherish each other, when you’re winning him over you’re not just acquiring a man, you’re also acquiring his whole family!

Show him your emotional depth

Because your Cancer man has an extremely deep emotional depth that he hides from the surface, he extremely hates it if you just show the shallow parts of your life as a whole, random parties, or being a social butterfly won’t win him either.

Get into your emotional side and show it to him, it may be showing a random baby picture of you and telling a story about it or taking him to a place where he’s never been and telling him a deeply emotional story about how you and your friends used to gather there, remember that familiarity is your greatest ally in winning him over!

Share with him your secrets or vulnerability…

How To Win A Cancer Man’s Heart?

If you reach that level of closeness with him it is better to be an open book rather than the one detaching and hiding his own feelings from his partner, be genuine in expressing whatever emotions it may be – no matter how sad or ugly the emotion he can take it and will understand you deeply for it.

Only in that way both of you can truly connect to each other and show passionate feelings, when you get to that point allow yourself to tap into the hidden emotional depth you have too, this is comforting for both of you, allowing it to happen.

Surely by doing these, not only you will win your Cancer man’s heart and soul, he will also be attached to you in eternity!

Get more details about your Cancer man!

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Win a Cancer Man’s delicate, strong, and complex yet emotional heart, final thoughts…

Dedicated to the person he loves the most, the Cancer man loves hard and wants nothing more than to be loved and be shown affection in many homely ways possible, with that said you must embody the things said above in order to fully win his heart…

In order to fully understand his personality, it is best to fully know his birth chart and look for his Mars and Venus sign to fully know his love language, what he wants romantically, and how she likes to make love to his partner so you can establish some sort of similarities to him!

For more information about the zodiac signs, click the link down below for more information!



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