Why is your Cancer Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to tackle Cancer men and their jealousy so buckle up! We will specifically tell you all the tell-tale signs that your Cancer lover is jealous of someone while in a relationship with you and we will also tell you things to do to resolve the problem!

Let us get started!

Happy Cancer Season! We are currently under the crab’s constellation! With that said our lovely Cancerian Man is the center of attention in this section! The Cancer man ruled by the Moon and is a cardinal water sign is an overall loving, sentimental, and emotional person who is deeply intuned to his surroundings.

He is all-loving, especially to his close friends and family! He is fairly traditional often pursuing long-term relationships rather than spontaneous romantic flings. He is deeply protective of his loved ones it is one thing that shows that this man is truly kindhearted.

He is also extremely caring about his home life and can be a bit of a home buddy himself!

The Cancer sign is corresponding to family, homes, tradition, motherhood, and the feminine cycle so you have to remember how delicate your Cancer man can be no matter how tough he might seem. Remember that your Cancer man is soft on the inside and tough on the outside!

When he gets jealous, however, it is a very different story, he becomes all-out protective to the point of being aggressive to the point of being violent! A Cancer man is deeply faithful and expects his partner to do the same! With all of that in mind let’s tackle how really jealous a Cancer man is!

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How Jealous Can Your Cancer Man Be?

Jealousy level: 8.5/10

Your Cancer Man is highly jealous! He wants what he wants and he will stop at nothing to preserve whatever his possessions are in this case his partner is his possession. Whether you like it or not your Cancer man deeply values his partner and wants the relationship to be strong and stable.

Whenever there’s something or someone that is trying to threaten the stability of his romantic relationship he becomes aggressive to the point of being violent! Your Cancer man is a deeply jealous sign!

Possessive and extremely aggressive when cornered, this cardinal water sign may look soft-hearted and cutesy but do not underestimate him! This man knows how to fight and he fights well!

Just like a mother protecting the safety of her child it is the same energy that many Cancerian men possess the almost seemingly parental role they take in the relationship almost seems comforting to some or exhausting to the ones who don’t want to be restricted.

Also, remember that his mood levels are fluctuating so his jealousy will wax and wane just like the Moon, we will tackle more on the signs that your Cancer man is jealous in the next section although always remember to keep yourself open-minded in the next things you’re about to hear!

Signs Your Cancer Man Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. He becomes suspicious and might stalk on you

The First and foremost sign that your Cancer man is jealous is that he becomes devious in his actions, the soft-hearted Cancer man can turn dark when he’s given the utmost task of preserving his romantic life. With that said, he will become suspicious and might stalk you.

He’ll spy on you and your actions including the person he’s jealous of and he will do everything in his power to find out everything about the person and that person’s relationship with you, if you have nothing to hide then good but better watch out! He will always find out those secrets you buried deep!

2. He becomes aggressive to the person he’s jealous of

Another Cancerian trait that is on the negative side of the spectrum he becomes extremely Aggressive toward the person he’s jealous of! This can be scary because arguments will arise and can turn physical! Always remember to watch out for signs of aggression, especially toward the person he’s jealous of!

3. He will get moody

He will get moody and he will do it a lot!

Whether it’s intentional or not you will always notice that your Cancer man is irritable and frustrated all of a sudden, his emotions will be through the roof and he will try as much as possible to contain them but he will explode even more.

Being moody is a sign that there are things not getting along his way and in this case his jealousy towards that person!

Always remember that your Cancer man will have difficulty controlling his emotions, unlike other signs who would have a problem expressing their emotions due to them being dry or in general lacking deep emotions, your Cancer man will have a problem stopping the faucet of running emotions.

4. He becomes manipulative

After everything, I’ve done for you? After all that we’ve been through? Aren’t we family? You’re just like one of them? Why would you do this to me?  Sounds familiar? Your Cancer man will usually turn darker once he starts playing the victim to manipulate you.

Manipulation is a commonly used tactic by your Cancer man to truly make sure he’s yours, this toxic trait of him usually stems from childhood whenever he doesn’t get what he wants he assumes the role of the vulnerable baby to get what he wants.

5. He takes drastic measures to “Protect” you!

The most shocking sign of all! Cancers are known as the sweethearts of the zodiac so it comes as a shock for everyone whenever he starts acting like a White Knight saving a damsel in distress! In this case, his irrational thoughts play out to take extra measures in making sure you are safe.

6. He will tell you directly he is jealous!

The sixth sign that your Cancer man is that he’ll tell you directly that he is jealous of that person! The only helpful sign on the list! Usually, when he tells you who he’s jealous of it’s him telling you to stay off or cut that person off from your life!

7. He will tell directly to the person to stop hanging out with you!

This is a flat-out obvious sign that your Cancer man is not on good terms with someone you might know, he’ll tell the person to back off or to stay off from you. He will do extra measures to make sure the person backs off. An admixture of physical and emotional intimidation will be usually done by your Cancer man.

How to stop your Cancer Man from being Jealous!

 To stop a Cancer man from being jealous have a deep heart-to-heart talk with him, a good conversation tackling the issue of the problem is the first ad foremost cure that will rid of his jealousy.

Be open and understanding, let him rant out his thoughts and you’ll be pretty surprised how he easily connects the dots of the situation and what things led there.

After letting him vent out, tell your side of the story, tell him that you have always been faithful and loving to him, reassure him by reaffirming your love for him, tell him how much you mean to him, and that there was no competition in the first place.

Do not brush off his irrational thoughts of him instead tell him that even you in that position would feel the same way.

Mutual understanding is the key to solving the problem in this relationship, in this case making both parties understand that there is no competition in the first place and that there would be no problem in the first place because his jealousy of him is just an irrational thought that lingered in his mind.

While opening up to him it is also best to take more time and attention in making sure he feels loved and safe, incorporate lots and lots of kisses and physical intimacy, you clingy Cancer man loves it and you’ll thank us later!

Cancer Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Cancer man is a jealous man this goes to show that he truly wants and desires you whenever he’s jealous he acts in a way that he follows his own emotions.

You must be there and understand that your Cancer man will have difficulty stopping his emotions from outpouring and letting the situation turn worse.

His jealousy can be compared alike to Scorpio, Taurus, Aries, and Leo, these signs, in general, are more powerful in terms of expressing their emotions and as such, there needs to be emotional regulation of some sort, especially for Cancer.

Cancer men in general can be easily moved by their own emotions which can cause plenty of relationship problems.

Remember the things aforementioned above such as having a good flow of conversation that tackles the issue as well as paying more time and attention to him! Also, do not forget plenty of words of reassurance and love!

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